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What the Fake News Media did to cover for Antifa will make you sick



Antifa has wreaked havoc across the nation for years.

Yet, the so-called “mainstream” media has done everything they can to ignore their violence.

And what the Fake News Media just did to cover for Antifa will make you sick.

Whenever anybody on the Right goes out to protest, extremists in Antifa are likely to attack.

They bring baseball bats, explosives, and even guns to shut down these demonstrations with intense violence.

And whenever anybody calls out their violence, they themselves become a target.

Tucker Carlson was famously targeted by a mob at his home, which forced him to move in order to keep his family safe.

The Fake News Media that covered it did their best to downplay the disgusting behavior of the left-wing extremists.

But now that there is yet another case of a high-profile figure being targeted, they are simply choosing to ignore the attack all together.

Republican Rep. Nancy Mace was targeted by the extremist group at her home, where they spray-painted slogans, demands, and vulgarity all over her property.

Alongside anarchist symbols, they spray-painted “all politicians are bastards,” which is a play on their infamous “all cops are bastards” chant, along with slogans like “no gods, no masters,” and a big “f*** you Nancy” spray-painted in the street.

As for their demands, they wrote “pass the Pro Act” on her home.

The Pro Act is a bill that would prohibit employers from discouraging employees from joining unions.

While this attack should alarm all Americans, the so-called “mainstream” media largely ignored it.

According to NewsBusters, the vandalism got zero airtime on morning or evening broadcasts of ABC, CBS, and NBC, despite there being an active police investigation.

Fox News did cover the attack, and had Rep. Mace on to talk about it.

Speaking to Sean Hannity, she called the attack “jarring” and “invasive.”

“This is the home where I live. I’m a single mom and I have two kids and I’m sad for my kids because they had – they had to see this. And I’m sad for my neighbors. They didn’t ask for this to happen,” she said. “But this is a Left coming after the Right, coming after us conservatives. And earlier today, I’m conservative, first thing I did was talk to local law enforcement, got them to my house.”

If this had been vandalism on a Democrat’s home, there would be round-the-clock coverage.

But the so-called “mainstream” media doesn’t care about Republicans being targeted with such vile attacks.

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Fake News Media

MSNBC became unglued after Ron DeSantis did one thing they never expected



MSNBC nakedly serves as a platform for the DNC.

There is no separation between the network and the goals of the Democratic Party.

And MSNBC became unglued after Ron DeSantis did one thing they never expected.

Democrats can see Ron DeSantis coming from miles away.

If Donald Trump does not run for President in 2024, the Florida Governor has a great shot of getting the Republican nomination and smashing whoever the Democrats put forward.

That is why there’s such a push from the Left to attack him so aggressively and incessantly in the corporate-controlled media.

MSNBC offered the latest smear campaign against DeSantis when they claimed he was attempting to become a fascist dictator by proposing the creation of a State Guard in Florida.

Unhinged Democrat gubernatorial candidate Nikki Fried appeared on Joy Reid’s show and said:

“[T]his should be alarming, not just to the people of our state, but the entire country, that the governor who is unhinged, who is going out of his way to show that he’s an authoritarian dictator here in our state, believes that he is above the law . . . If we didn’t say it before and if the people of our state haven’t been listening already, this should be the most alarming action and scary action that he has taken thus far in his administration.”

Fried and the Democrats are desperate for anything that will stick against DeSantis.

They tried to nail him for COVID, yet he protected elderly patients in his state, and had similar numbers to California despite having the second oldest population in the country.

Florida currently has one of the lost COVID infection rates in the country, and the state is experiencing significant migration into the state.

And for the first time ever, there are more registered Republicans in the state.

Joy Reid went on Twitter and tried to gain traction with DeSantis’ allegedly “fascist” proposal for a state guard by posting a CNN article on the issue.

But Reid must have missed this part of the article:

“If Florida moves ahead with DeSantis’ plan to reestablish the civilian force, it would become the 23rd active state guard in the country, DeSantis’ office said in a press release, joining California, Texas and New York.”

Even leftist comedienne Sarah Silverman blasted Reid for her ignorance.

The corporate-controlled press has become so embarrassing, even leftists are starting to call them out.

The lies and the hysteria cannot be sustained forever.

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Fake News Media

CNN had an absurd response to their involvement in one Democrat sex scandal



The lies of the corporate-controlled press continue to pile up.

Americans are sick and tired of the fake news being peddled.

Now CNN had an absurd response to their involvement in one Democrat sex scandal.

Disgraced former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo ruined his political career because of a sexual harassment scandal.

Now CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, Andrew’s younger brother, could be looking at the end of his media career because he helped his brother attempt to scuttle the harassment allegations.

Cuomo first issued a mea culpa when he came clean about advising his brother to manage the media blowback, but it was later revealed that Cuomo knew more than he was letting on.

Cuomo leveraged his contacts in the media to find out information about his brother’s accusers and when damaging articles would be published.

The latest revelation forced CNN to put Cuomo on indefinite suspension.

But the network is already covering for him.

Brian Stelter defended Cuomo on his comically titled show Reliable Sources by saying:

“I think what’s going on here is a little bit complicated . . .You’ve got media critics condemning Chris, calling on CNN to take action. You have some colleagues here at CNN who were mad at Chris Cuomo for putting the network in a tough spot and wanted to see action. You also have a lot of viewers, though, who love Chris Cuomo and are now ticked off that he’s off the air, and they want to see him back. So, there’s a mixture of relief, disappointment. It’s a complicated situation.”

There is nothing “complicated” about the situation.

Cuomo violated the tenets of journalism by covering his brother’s scandal while helping him behind the scenes.

He and Andrew had several segments on television that turned into comedy riffs.

That is not news – it’s propaganda.

The problem for Cuomo is that he got caught.

This is just the latest mess Cuomo has found himself mired in.

He got caught touring the build site for his second home in the Hamptons when he was supposed to be locked down with COVID.

He got recorded saying that calling an Italian person “Fredo” is the same as using the N-word.

During the 2020 riots, he arrogantly said protests didn’t have to be peaceful, which suggests he was absent or asleep in law school when the First Amendment was being taught.

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Fake News Media

One Newsmax host just quit and you won’t believe the reason why



In 2020, Newsmax emerged as the conservative alternative to Fox News Channel.

But now the conservative news network underwent a major shakeup.

That’s because one Newsmax host just quit and you won’t believe the reason why.

Trump 2020 campaign advisor Steve Cortes became one of the staples of Newsmax’s primetime lineup.

But now Cortes is out.

Tensions rose to the surface when Newsmax announced it would comply with Joe Biden’s unconstitutional federal vaccine mandate and Cortes declared that would be a deal breaker for him.

“I will not comply w/ any organization’s attempt to enforce Biden’s capricious & unscientific Medical Apartheid mandate,” Cortes wrote.

“I will not be forced into the injection, nor will I disclose my vaccination status,” Cortes added. “No one should be pressured to choose between medical privacy & their job.”

Critics lambasted Newsmax for enforcing a coronavirus vaccine mandate that the network’s hosts and audience opposed.

But after Cortes resigned, Newsmax issued a statement claiming that the network did not fire Cortes over a vaccine mandate.

“Any claims that Mr. Cortes was fired or quit Newsmax over vaccine issues is completely false,” a Newsmax statement read. “Newsmax never has had, nor does it ever plan to have, a vaccine mandate and we have taken every step to make sure staff can easily opt-out of Biden’s proposed OSHA requirements.”

Joe Biden’s federal vaccine mandate is one the most controversial power grabs in American history.

No President ever mandated an injection for the general public.

However, conservatives who watch Newsmax were aghast at the idea that the network would comply with Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate even though court’s ruled Biden could not impose the mandate as legal challenges worked their way through the system.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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