Democrat-controlled media outlet was furious that the Supreme Court blew up one Joe Biden narrative

The Left are grasping at straws for a winning 2024 election pitch.

They have settled on Donald Trump representing the “end of democracy.”

But a Democrat-controlled media outlet was furious that the Supreme Court blew up one Joe Biden narrative.

The Supreme Court is currently hearing arguments on whether or not the January 6 protesters should have been charged with obstructing or impeding an official proceeding.

The charge has been used to throw J6 protesters in jail for years, even those who did not commit acts of violence and simply milled around the Capitol.

Many were even ushered inside.

The Post forced to acknowledge the truth

Joe Biden and other Democrats have used phrases like “MAGA terrorists” and “MAGA insurrectionists” repeatedly, but those same “extremists” are being let out of jail early because the charges against them were dubious.

The hearing alone triggered an early release for some J6 defendants, much to the dismay of The Washington Post.

The paper where “democracy dies in darkness” reported, “Federal judges have begun ordering the early release pending appeal of Jan. 6 defendants who challenged their sentences even though the Supreme Court is a week away from hearing arguments on whether a key charge brought against them is legally sound.”

During the proceedings, Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar struggled to draw a distinction between January 6 protesters and left-wing protesters who were routinely given a slap on the wrist for identical disturbances.

The case against Trump

The Washington Post added that “[a] Supreme Court ruling against the obstruction charge could also impact the election interference case that special counsel Jack Smith has brought against Trump. Two of the four counts the former president and presumptive 2024 Republican nominee faces are conspiring to and actually obstructing the certification of the election, underscoring the stakes of the high-court review.”

That is the main concern of the Democrats and their media allies.

Their entire case against Trump hinges on obstruction of official proceedings; Democrats know they cannot charge him with insurrection, and they have not even tried.

The Post also reported that “Trump’s obstruction charges are based on allegations that he propagated a flood of lies claiming the election was stolen; attempted to use false claims of massive fraud to pressure state officials, the Justice Department and Pence to change the results; and schemed with others to submit to Congress slates of phony electors from swing states and to get lawmakers to toss out lawful ballots, culminating in the violent assault at the Capitol.”

This is how the Democrats are attempting to daisy-chain their way to charging Trump with obstruction.

Trump said he won and explored novel legal theories, which somehow amounts to obstruction.

Democrats know the argument is flimsy, which is why they are already turning up the heat on Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

Whenever they face a tough legal challenge before the court, they simply attack Justice Thomas and the other conservative justices.

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