Never-Trumper went on CNN and embarrassed himself again with one statement

Democrats and their media allies are doubling down on their 2020 strategy.

That means trotting out RINOs to bash Donald Trump nonstop.

And a Never-Trumper went on CNN and embarrassed himself again with one statement.

Adam Kinzinger lit his political career on fire when he joined the Democrats’ impeachment effort against Donald Trump.

Ironically, it was the Democrats who delivered the coup de grâce when they gerrymandered his district out of existence in Illinois.

Cranky Kinzinger

Kinzinger now serves as a contributor for CNN where he plays the role of “Republican” who bashes Trump and the GOP.

And he recently appeared on the network with Jake Tapper to attack Trump and the Republicans for their rhetoric.

Tapper asked, “How concerned are you that if Trump loses again in November, and who knows what’s going to happen, but if he does, how concerned are you that we can see a repeat of January 6?”

January 6 forever and ever

The Capitol Police officer in charge of intelligence ignored reports that January 6 could be eventful and refused to secure more manpower.

To suggest that it could happen again is asinine.

Kinzinger responded, “Well, I’m really concerned. Now the advantage is Trump doesn’t have the instruments of power but he does have the crowd that can show up. . .For democracy to survive for any self-governance to survive, all you need is this basic compact between Americans that you’ll vote, and your vote counts. Whoever gets the most votes wins and has a certain amount of power. That’s it. That’s all you have to agree on. What Donald Trump, frankly, now, Republicans have done, is convinced a significant amount of the party that even that basic compact, that basic contract we have. . .is invalid and it’s false. And that is really dangerous especially in a country that we’re proud of, the fact that we were founded on revolution. We believed in no taxation without representation.”

Never mind that Hillary Clinton told Joe Biden before the 2020 election that he should not concede under any circumstances.

Kinzinger added, “And now these Republicans are playing with fire convincing their base that in fact their voice isn’t heard. I got to tell you if this goes on for a long time, what we will see will be violence. There is no other outcome of that. And that’s frightening to me and that should be frightening to all Americans.”

Kinzinger had little to say when leftists rioted for months in 2020 as Kamala Harris told them, “Don’t let up!”

Meanwhile, the Democrat-controlled media describe the riots as “fiery but mostly peaceful.”

The propaganda is getting more outrageous, so the Democrats are just cranking up the volume.

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