Jimmy Kimmel tried to hit Republicans and ended up punching himself in the face

Late-night comedians are the foot soldiers of the Democrat-controlled media.

They try to make DNC talking points humorous.

But Jimmy Kimmel tried to hit Republicans and ended up punching himself in the face.

Democrats are in a shockingly reactionary moment.

They reflexively defend anything Republicans are against.

So when Republicans say they are against literal pornography in public schools, Democrats defend it.

Those darn Republicans

Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel did precisely that when he accused Republicans of banning books.

Kimmel said, “It’s also World Book Day today or as the state of Florida calls it, Bonfire Day. All jokes aside, this World Book Day is a weird one. There are at least 100 bills in various red states, three of which have become law already, threatening librarians with prison for the crime of lending books. Books that aren’t government-approved. Which to me, not only is this the opposite of what our country’s supposed to be about, it’s completely nuts. We’re going to throw librarians in jail for loaning out Huckleberry Finn. This is not what they signed up for. I think it’s disgusting and wrong and anti-American.”

He then showed a clip of librarians speaking out against the book “bans.”

First, Huckleberry Finn and To Kill a Mockingbird have been banned by left-wing school districts because they contain “racial epithets” and perpetuate the “white savior complex.”

For example, Burbank, California removed To Kill a Mockingbird from the reading list.

The second lie was that Judy Blume’s books are being pulled.

In reality, books that depict graphic sex—with illustrations—are being removed.


Authors in their own words

The authors themselves say that the books are not appropriate for kids.

Maia Kobabe, author of the book Gender Queer, which includes illustrations of fellatio, told The Washington Post, “It keeps being called a children’s book. . .but I think that’s coming from a misreading of the comic-book form. ‘Gender Queer’ is a comic, and in full color, but that doesn’t mean it’s for children. I originally wrote it for my parents, and then for older teens who were already asking these questions about themselves. I don’t recommend this book for kids!”

Jonathan Evison, author of the controversial book Lawn Boy, made similar statements.

The Washington Post reported that “Evison said his novel, an exploration of racial assumptions and the failures of late capitalism, is meant for adults. If schools want to offer the text, he said, they should restrict access to older students. ‘Nobody below a teenager is ready for that book,’ Evison said. ‘It’s got a lot of adult stuff.’”

The third lie is that the books are being banned.

They are being removed from public school classrooms and libraries.

They are still available in public libraries, and they are available wherever books are sold.

The issue is over their appropriateness in public schools where parents have far less supervision.

Even Bill Maher has finally come around on the issue.

Maher even said that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was correct, and his rant did not even include a sucker punch that hit Republicans.


Kimmel and other Democrat propagandists will not be able to run and hide on this issue forever.

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