Joy Behar of The View spouted one unhinged analysis of Trump

Donald Trump is the most scrutinized man in the world right now.

Corporate-controlled media outlets are following his every move.

And Joy Behar of The View spouted one unhinged analysis of Trump.

Donald Trump’s hush money trial has begun, which means that the Democrats and their media allies are treating it like the Super Bowl.

In reality, even left-wing legal scholars admit that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s case is comically weak, but the press has to pretend that he has a straight flush.

Hiding the trial

Adding to the absurdity of the case is the fact that the trial is not being televised.

Audio recordings are not even allowed.

That means the Democrat-controlled media get to shape the arc of the trial however they want.

New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman claimed that Trump dozed off during proceedings, and Joy Behar of The View used this morsel of information to psychoanalyze Trump from her cozy production studio.

Dr. Behar

Behar said, “Well, the sleeping part is, you know, I mean, between breaking the laws, posing for mugshots, selling bibles, the man is exhausted. But, you know, only a true sociopath can fall asleep in these circumstances. Think about it: he could go to jail, he could go to prison, and he takes a little nap. That requires a psychopathic mentality, in my opinion. . .The guilty person sleeps the sleep of the psychotic.”

Behar’s armchair psychology is likely based on the old saw that the guilty man who’s been arrested sleeps in his jail cell.

However, Trump was not just arrested and put in a jail cell, and anyone who has been in a courtroom understands the tedious legal process.

Also, if Bragg pushes for jail time for this charge, it would perhaps be the most outrageous sentencing in legal history.

Sunny Hostin, the most rabid anti-Trump host on the show, said, “This is a legal nerds Super Bowl. I’m kind of excited about this.”

Behar added, “Where are they going to find a jury of his peers? How many bloated orange psychos are out there?”

RINO Alyssa Farah Griffin chimed in and said, “It does track because I would be in briefings with him on one particular topic, then he would just completely sideline it and take it a different direction. This is like the worst-case scenario with someone with his attention span.”

The “Super Bowl” is just getting started.

Look for The View and other outlets to sensationalize every step of the trial.

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