Sunny Hostin of The View is preparing her audience for a Trump nothing-burger with one wild conspiracy theory

The country is in Trump Derangement Syndrome season.

The 2024 election is right around the corner, so Democrats are hysterically raging about Donald Trump.

And Sunny Hostin of The View is preparing her audience for a Trump nothing-burger with one wild conspiracy theory.

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, a George Soros plant, has begun his ludicrous hush-money case against Donald Trump.

Even liberal legal scholars have denounced Bragg’s case, which uses a federal statute to charge a state crime because the New York statute of limitations had expired.

Media setting expectations

The trial will not be on television, which means that the talking heads of the Democrat Media Complex can build the narrative that “the walls are closing in” on Trump even though the case is incredibly weak.

And Sunny Hostin of The View subtly set up her audience for a potential Trump acquittal by suggesting that a secret Trumper could get on the jury and refuse to convict.

Sara Haines kicked off the talk by admitting, “I’m so Trumped out.”

But Hostin was “excited” for the spectacle.

She said, “This is a legal nerd’s Super Bowl. Right? Like, I’m kind of excited about this.”

Hostin is “excited” to see a criminal prosecution of the potential next President on a bogus charge.

She added that jury selection is “exciting to someone like me because 50 people said, ‘I can’t even be impartial,’ which I admire them for their forthrightness and their honesty because you have to be honest when you’re a juror. But I still believe they will be able to find an impartial jury. They are never going to find someone that doesn’t know about the former twice impeached loser president. Right? . . . But what I did find also interesting about my Super Bowl, that the legal teams will be checking the jurors’ social media profiles to see if they can access the truthfulness and intention of what they said during voir dire, which is their questioning.”

No Trumpers allowed

Hostin is vigilant about making sure no Trump supporters get on the jury.

She added, “And I think that’s really, really important because, if you start liking Trump, you follow Trump stuff on social media, are you going to—can you be impartial? I don’t think so. And I think what could happen in a case like this. . .[y]ou get one person that sneaks onto that jury with untoward feelings, that person can hang that jury. . .You lie. You say, ‘I hate Trump. But I can be impartial.’”

So Hostin believes that somebody who hates Trump can be impartial, but somebody who likes him cannot.

Also, in a district where 87% of voters went for Joe Biden, the greater likelihood is that people who despise Trump would lie to get on the jury.

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