Taxpayer-funded network in the bag for Biden just laid out his election strategy

The press desperately wants Joe Biden to win.

Democrat-controlled media outlets don’t even try to hide their bias.

And a taxpayer-funded network in the bag for Biden just laid out his 2024 election strategy.

Joe Biden is struggling in the polls.

In 2020, Donald Trump trailed Biden in most of the major polls, but only narrowly lost.

This cycle, Trump leads in the aggregate, which is bad news for the Democrats.

War on babies

But the Left believe they have found a weakness on the Right, which is the abortion issue.

Republicans are reluctant to run on a strong pro-life platform while the Democrats advocate for government-funded abortion-on-demand up to the point of birth.

Democrats are pressing the abortion issue hard, and taxpayer-funded outlet PBS is cheerleading all the way.

During a roundtable discussion, Susan Glasser of The Atlantic said, “What I found interesting is immediately the Biden campaign in the immediate aftermath of Trump’s video, they put out a new advertisement I found particularly powerful of a Texas couple that wanted to have a baby. The woman experienced a miscarriage and she was denied necessary medical care in Texas, sent home, developed an infection, got sepsis, nearly died and she probably can’t have a kid now. It is intimate and powerful and there’s nothing about politics until the end, and the tagline is just ‘Trump did this.’ I think those words will haunt him.”

Abortion lies

First, Democrats have lied about Trump’s position on abortion, which is that it is a state issue.

Second, Glasser’s example does not even make sense.

Democrats are attempting to argue that states with strong abortion laws somehow no longer have prenatal care.

It’s preposterous.

Using a family that wants a child as an example of why abortion is important is a ridiculous argument.

Glasser continued, “If this is a human right for women, to have access to health care, to have access to their reproductive rights, your rights shouldn’t depend on what state you live in. If it’s a right, it’s a right, and it shouldn’t matter that in Texas you have no access to something that you have in California.”

But killing a baby is not a right.

It’s a pagan rite, not a Constitutional right.

She also said the quiet part out loud and explained that abortion is a “great issue” for Democrats even though it is “ghoulish.”

Glasser added, “I saw the Biden campaign estimates that already one in three women in America has lost access to reproductive health care as a result of the Supreme Court’s decision. And so there’s this almost ghoulish phenomenon, right? Like we’re like, well, it’s a great issue for the Democrats or, you know, that it’s really good news. But, of course, in a real sense, these laws are actually going into effect. . .So it’s a weird situation where we’re talking about the political advantage that might come to abortion rights supporters at a time when millions of women are actually losing their rights.”

Democrats have completely lost the plot with abortion.

They no longer even pretend to believe in “safe, legal, and rare.”

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