This Democrat lying about Biden’s economy got busted after being fact-checked in real-time

The Left have been desperate to turn “Bidenomics” into a thing.

It turns out that spending tons of money while kneecapping the energy sector is bad policy.

And one Democrat lying about Joe Biden’s economy got fact-checked in real-time.

Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) is a veteran politician who knows how to spin a tale.

He appeared on MSNBC with Mika Brzezinski to happy-talk Joe Biden’s economy, but it did not go well.

Economy fakery

Clyburn said, “I do believe, just from my own observations, from the conversations I have had with people, there are concerns about things like inflation, but what we’ve got to get them to see is that inflation today is about 40% of what it was when Joe Biden took office. And so, the inflation rates are down, and people’s incomes are up. Unemployment is on the decrease. And although we see the prices at the stores costing more money, people are, in fact, earning greater incomes.”

However, after Clyburn finished his spiel, Brzezinski provided the breaking news that inflation increased.


Economic reality

Financial analyst Andrew Ross Sorkin expounded on the bad news in a piece he co-wrote for The New York Times.

In a piece on the housing market, The Times reported that the “higher-for-longer inflation predicament has hit the U.S. housing market like a thunderbolt. Home prices and mortgage rates are climbing again, dashing hopes that financing costs would fall this year and adding another economic question that could hang over the presidential election campaign.”

Democrats had been hoping for rate cuts in order to give the economy a jolt before the November election.

But Fed rate increases were necessary after a decade-plus of historically low-interest rates intended to spur spending and investment.

Low-interest rates can serve as a band-aid for larger fundamental problems with the economy.

The Times added that a “dearth of new homes and a surge in demand for a more spacious dwelling that fits a work-from-home lifestyle have pushed the average price of a new home to $485,000 — up from $357,000 in 2021.”

A $130,000 increase in the average price of a home is disastrous for “Bidenomics,” which purports to help the middle class.

Biden’s policies are making it much harder for people in the middle class to afford a home.

Clyburn and other Democrats can spin the numbers all they want, but Americans know the truth.

They can see it, and they can certainly feel it.

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