Elon Musk exposed the eye-popping problem festering at one state-run media organization

Donald Trump exposed the Democrat-controlled media as shockingly biased.

That only angered the press even more.

And Elon Musk exposed the growing problem festering at one state-run media organization.

Republicans have been calling for NPR to be defunded for years.

Contrary to what NPR says, the news outlet gets considerable amounts of money from taxpayers.

That would not be a problem if NPR at least attempted to be fair and balanced in its news coverage, but it does not.

The op-ed heard ‘round the world

Whistleblower Uri Berliner, a 25-year veteran of NPR, wrote an op-ed for The Free Press exposing the bias at the outlet.

He pointed out that the D.C. office had 87 Democrats and zero Republicans in editorial positions.

NPR proved Berliner correct by suspending him, and he subsequently resigned.

But the scandal at NPR appears only to be just beginning.

New NPR CEO Katherine Maher is now under the microscope for her years of comically “woke” public statements and tweets.

Conservative journalist Chris Rufo uncovered Maher talking about her time overseeing Wikipedia where she lamented the fact that a “free and open” internet did not garner the results she wanted, thus she gave up on the concept altogether.

Musk calls out the absurdity

Elon Musk responded to Maher’s comments by writing on Twitter, “That’s literally the point of Wikipedia.”

Maher said, “I started by talking about the idea of ‘free and open’ as some of our founding principles, sort of ‘free and open’ source coming from the idea of the open source community. Well, I have come to the opinion and the perspective that ‘free and open’ was a way of looking at the world that was inherently limited relative to what we were trying to achieve. ‘Free and open’ has the best of intentionality. But in the end, what ‘free and open’ often ended up doing, particularly in the case of Wikipedia, was really recapitulating many of the same power structures and dynamics that exist offline prior to the advent of the internet.”

This is the leftist mindset in a nutshell.

They start with a conclusion, then they are willing to destroy society in an attempt to achieve that outcome.

Maher continued, “And so what we ended up seeing was Wikipedia really rebuilt this idea of knowledge as a whole around what the Western canon—you see the exclusion of communities of languages because of the ways in which Wikipedia is based on reliable sources. The idea of a written tradition and something that is particular to many. . .sorry. . .some cultures and not to others, the ways in which we ascribe notability often really comes from sort of this white male, westernized construct around who matters in societies and who is elevated and whose voices. And so some of these ideas of sort of this radical openness. . .really did not end up living into the intentionality of what openness can be.”


According to Maher, Wikipedia was too “white,” too “male,” and too “Western.”

Leftism is a mind virus, and Maher has an incurable case.

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