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Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson just exposed why Joe Biden is really keeping troops in Washington, D.C.



Fox News host Tucker Carlson has become public enemy number two for the Left, only behind Donald Trump.

That’s why Democrats in government as well as the media have ramped up their efforts to have him taken off the air.

Now Carlson just exposed why Joe Biden is really keeping troops in Washington, D.C.

Tucker Carlson used a recent monologue to lay out a disturbing reality: the nation’s capital currently is under military occupation.

Thousands of troops have been stationed in Washington, D.C. since the Capitol Hill riot, and Carlson doesn’t believe they’re going home any time soon.

The excuse for the increased military presence was fear of Donald Trump supporters carrying out an “insurrection,” but the goal posts keep moving.

Carlson said, “The troops will never leave . . . As you probably figured out by now, the troops are in the Capitol for political reasons. They’re there to prop up the regime . . . If this were happening in Cameroon, our State Department would complain about it, call it ‘an offense against democracy.’ But because it’s happening here in America, we have been slow to catch on.”

Carlson’s point is valid.

The Washington Post
was even forced to admit that the supposed threat of an attack on March 4th was bogus.

The Biden regime will come up with another excuse as to why the military deployment needs to be extended.

Democrats are not behaving like a party that won the “most secure election” in history.

Biden is fumbling through public appearances and forgetting the names of his cabinet appointees while Vice President Kamala Harris is reportedly taking calls with world leaders.

Biden has all the hallmarks of a puppet.

He’s signing executive orders left and right, but he probably couldn’t explain anything substantive about them.

Furthermore, Big Tech is doing the bidding of the Democrats by increasing their censorship of Republicans and conservatives.

It didn’t end when Trump was banned from every major social media platform.

Boots on the ground in the capital, Trump put before a show trial, and the media apparatus merging with the state to target political opponents.

The Biden administration is exhibiting chilling hallmarks of a fascist regime, and not many Democrats seem to care.

Luckily for the country, Carlson is calling out the naked power grabs while he still can because the Left won’t stop coming for him.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson just got attacked in public for a reason that will infuriate you



Challenging the Left’s lies has dangerous consequences.

Nobody knows this better than Tucker Carlson.

And he just got attacked in public for a reason that will infuriate you.

Tucker Carlson’s evening show, Tucker Carlson Tonight, has become the most watched news show on television.

It is the only show on mainstream media that actually speaks out on topics that the rest of the corporate-controlled press has decided is forbidden.

In particular, he has faced intense backlash from the Left over his coverage of coronavirus, and on the vaccines being touted by every mainstream institution.

Carlson has asked important questions about the necessity of the vaccine for those who’ve already recovered from the virus.

Never once has he told those who feel comfortable with the vaccine not to take it, but has rather advocated for people to have the choice whether they take the vaccine or not.

Despite this, left-wing networks like CNN have spent hours upon hours of their coverage attacking Carlson.

The Never-Trump Lincoln Project went so far as to run television ads stating that Carlson is “helping kill Americans.”

These ads have put a target on Carlson’s back, and when he was at an outdoor store in Livingston, Montana, Carlson was harassed by a crazed leftist in the store.

The video of the encounter has since gone viral.

An Instagram user named Dan Bailey posted the video of him verbally accosting the Fox News host, as he was with his family, where he accused Carlson of “kill[ing] more people with vaccine misinformation,” and of being a “fascist.”

“You are the worst human being known to mankind,” Bailey told Carlson in his video.

Carlson wasn’t phased by the agitator, and told him “I appreciate that” as he was being berated.

He later told the angry man, “settle down, son,” before laughing in his face and walking away.

This isn’t the first time Carlson has been confronted.

In 2018, a mob of Antifa radicals showed up outside his home in the middle of the night, when his wife and kids were home alone.

They banged on the door, screamed outside with megaphones, and vandalized the home with threats.

That attack forced Carlson to move from the suburbs of Washington, D.C. to an undisclosed location.

Thankfully, the latest confrontation was not physically violent.

But considering the violent nature of so many on the Left, particularly among Antifa, he is lucky the crazed leftist who confronted him only used words.

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A CNN host used two words to describe Tucker Carlson that crossed one big line



Without Donald Trump in office, CNN has made it their mission to pick a fight with Tucker Carlson and Fox News.

CNN hosts and reporters attack Fox News because the network doesn’t echo Democrat Party talking points.

And now a CNN host used two words to describe Tucker Carlson that crossed one big line.

Outfront host Erin Burnett continues to read from network President Jeff Zucker’s script that the government should force every American to take the coronavirus vaccine.

Burnett tore into Fox News – and Tucker Carlson – as the supposed main “enabler” of conspiracy theories and so-called “misinformation” about the coronavirus vaccine.

On a recent broadcast, Burnett complained that the only people in the hospital in Los Angeles county were unvaccinated.

“Out front, tonight, cracking down, the White House tonight fighting back in a big way against deadly disinformation about COVID vaccines, much of it coming from Republican lawmakers and right-wing media. Sources are telling CNN that the Biden administration is taking on a new aggressive strategy as the CDC, for the first time since late April, is projecting COVID hospitalizations are expected to spike. Now, in Los Angeles County, every COVID patient hospitalized right now is unvaccinated. Across the country, more than 99 percent of COVID-19 deaths right now are among the unvaccinated. And yet, the number of people getting vaccinated has plunged. Why? Well, in large part, it is because of messages like this,” Burnett began.

Burnett then blamed that on Tucker Carlson and other conservatives as she played a series of clips where prominent figures on the Right asked questions about the safety of the vaccine or why children and individuals with robust natural immunity needed to take the vaccine.

Erin Burnett then hysterically attacked Fox News and Carlson for spreading “complete bullshit” by not towing the left-wing line that vaccines should be mandatory.

“It’s stunning. All of those people are smart enough to know what they’re saying is complete bullshit, and that’s the problem. They should be ashamed. Those lies are having an impact.”

The tone of the coverage on CNN surrounding the COVID vaccine’s taken an ugly turn over the last several weeks.

Their so-called “medical experts” and hosts are fully supporting the idea of banning Americans who don’t take the COVID vaccine from engaging in normal life in an effort to force them to “get the jab.”

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson destroyed a CNN host with these two words



With Donald Trump out of office, CNN has decided to try and turn Tucker Carlson into public enemy number one.

But Carlson is not taking this smear campaign lying down.

And Tucker Carlson destroyed a CNN host with these two words.

Tucker Carlson dropped a bombshell with the story that a government whistleblower approached him with information that the NSA intercepted his emails and text messages with plans to leak them to the press to smear Carlson or force Fox News to fire him.

Axios later confirmed that Carlson communicated with an intermediary to interview Russian President Vladimir Putin and those were the emails and texts the NSA likely intercepted.

The NSA has not denied that it collected Carlson’s emails and text messages, but to CNN the big story is that Fox News is not covering Carlson’s allegations, and not the idea that the Biden administration spied on a journalist critical of its policies.

CNN’s chief Democrat Party activist Brian Stelter claimed in one story that Carlson was furious over a perceived lack of support from Fox News executives.

CNN reported:

Tucker Carlson is furious with Fox News executives for not vigorously defending him amid his evidence-free claims that the National Security Agency spied on him in a conspiracy to destroy his TV show, according to people familiar with the matter.

One of the sources described Carlson as “furious” with network executives, especially the public relations team, “for not backing him up.”

“Tensions are sky high,” the person said.

Another source pointed out that Carlson has “always had tension with” management, but said right now he’s “extra pissed.”

Carlson responded to Stelter’s request for comment by calling the left-wing activist a “loathsome person” and stating that the idea he was mad at anyone at Fox News was a lie.

“I’m not mad at anyone at Fox. If I was, I’d say so. I’m mad at you for lying relentlessly. What a loathsome person you are. Please print that,” Carlson wrote.

CNN wants to protect the Biden administration by shifting the focus of this story to Carlson and Fox News.

But the left-wing network’s first attempt was a failure.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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