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Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson just exposed why Joe Biden is really keeping troops in Washington, D.C.



Fox News host Tucker Carlson has become public enemy number two for the Left, only behind Donald Trump.

That’s why Democrats in government as well as the media have ramped up their efforts to have him taken off the air.

Now Carlson just exposed why Joe Biden is really keeping troops in Washington, D.C.

Tucker Carlson used a recent monologue to lay out a disturbing reality: the nation’s capital currently is under military occupation.

Thousands of troops have been stationed in Washington, D.C. since the Capitol Hill riot, and Carlson doesn’t believe they’re going home any time soon.

The excuse for the increased military presence was fear of Donald Trump supporters carrying out an “insurrection,” but the goal posts keep moving.

Carlson said, “The troops will never leave . . . As you probably figured out by now, the troops are in the Capitol for political reasons. They’re there to prop up the regime . . . If this were happening in Cameroon, our State Department would complain about it, call it ‘an offense against democracy.’ But because it’s happening here in America, we have been slow to catch on.”

Carlson’s point is valid.

The Washington Post
was even forced to admit that the supposed threat of an attack on March 4th was bogus.

The Biden regime will come up with another excuse as to why the military deployment needs to be extended.

Democrats are not behaving like a party that won the “most secure election” in history.

Biden is fumbling through public appearances and forgetting the names of his cabinet appointees while Vice President Kamala Harris is reportedly taking calls with world leaders.

Biden has all the hallmarks of a puppet.

He’s signing executive orders left and right, but he probably couldn’t explain anything substantive about them.

Furthermore, Big Tech is doing the bidding of the Democrats by increasing their censorship of Republicans and conservatives.

It didn’t end when Trump was banned from every major social media platform.

Boots on the ground in the capital, Trump put before a show trial, and the media apparatus merging with the state to target political opponents.

The Biden administration is exhibiting chilling hallmarks of a fascist regime, and not many Democrats seem to care.

Luckily for the country, Carlson is calling out the naked power grabs while he still can because the Left won’t stop coming for him.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson just pulled back the curtain on these unconstitutional gun laws



Senate Republicans seem to be lining up to see who can sell out the fastest to help Joe Biden end constitutional rights.

Meanwhile, criminal Hunter Biden is wearing nothing but a smile and a gun.

That’s why Tucker Carlson just gave his hot take on both Hunter Biden and these new controversial gun laws.

It’s now part of the very fabric of our society.

Some maniac kills a bunch of Americans in a so-called “gun free zone” (you know, where only criminals are allowed to have guns) and the assault on the Constitution begins.

First, the Democrats and radical anti-gun nuts gleefully use the tragedy to promote legislation taking away the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens.

Then a bunch of RINOs and cowardly, stupid Republicans decide to join in so they can say they “did something.”

Nevermind that nothing they do will save one life, stop one criminal, or turn back one mass shooter.

In fact, what they do will encourage more mass shootings, increase violent crime and result in more children murdered.

But saving children is not what any of this is about – if it was these politicians would not support the mass murder of babies either.

No, what this is about is taking away second amendment rights from law abiding American citizens.

It is about punishing Americans who happen to be conservatives, Christians, Libertarians and anyone else the left disagrees with.

That’s what these so-called “red flag” laws that congress is getting ready to pass actually do.

And Tucker Carlson spelled it all out recently by using the clear criminal behavior of first son Hunter Biden as an example.

As Tucker said on his show, “Red Flag Laws will not end mass shootings, but Red Flag Laws will end due process. Due process is a simple concept, but it’s the key to everything that is good about America.”

The Fox News star continued:

“In our system of justice, citizens cannot be punished without first being charged with a crime. Politicians cannot just decide to hurt you, throw you in handcuffs, lock you in jail, seize your property simply because they don’t like how you think or how you vote. No. Before they punish you, they have to go through a formal process in which they describe which specific law you broke and exactly how you broke it. They have to prove it.”

But under red flag laws, the government no longer has to prove guilt. All that’s required to punish you, and take away your 2nd amendment rights is a complaint, even an anonymous complaint, in which somebody says you seem dangerous.

Not a complaint from a grand jury, a complaint from anyone. A family member, estranged wife or husband or even a political opponent. 

And on the mere basis of that unproven complaint, you lose your freedom and your ability to defend yourself and your family.

Now, how could that possibly happen in this country? Well, the Supreme Court has said unequivocally that it can’t happen here. That’s right, they’ve already ruled, and ruled Red Flag laws are unconstitutional.

But as Tucker Carlson said, “And yet the Biden administration is pushing them anyway. Why? Because they don’t care.”

“Is anyone going to red-flag Hunter Biden, who lied on a Federal drug form, who is a drug addict carrying an illegally obtained weapon? No, of course not, because Red Flag Laws aren’t designed to punish the politically loyal.”

While the courts will eventually rule any such laws passed are unconstitutional, how many Americans will die waiting?

Joe Biden, Mitch McConnell, John Cornyn, Mitt Romney, and the other supporters of Red Flag laws really don’t care, they just want to “do something.”

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson just ended Brian Stelter with one hilarious monologue



Tucker Carlson has been relentlessly attacked by the corporate-controlled media.

But he’s hitting back at the leftists who blame him for all of society’s ills.

And Carlson just ended Brian Stelter with one hilarious monologue.

Democrats are upset that Joe Biden’s embarrassing Ministry of Truth went down in flames.

The Biden administration announced that the Disinformation Governance Board—under the purview of the Department of Homeland Security—was put on “pause.”

CNN’s Brian Stelter was perturbed by this development, and didn’t waste any time blaming the Right for the DGB’s humiliating collapse.

Stelter said, “This Department of Homeland Security board that was gonna try to bring together different parts of the government and what they’re doing to try to stop people from getting tricked by lies on the internet sounded logical, but this thing was doomed to fail. It became a conservative meme, they called it the Ministry of Truth.”

Stelter’s incorrect framing of the DGB did not go unnoticed by Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who roasted him.

Carlson said, “[Stelter] loved the idea of a Ministry of Truth. Why does he like that so much? Then it hit us. Brian Stelter is in fact, assuming he’s a real person, basically lifted directly from the pages of ‘1984,’ the Orwell novel. In the novel, the eunuch is called Tom Parsons. Parsons works as a flack for the Ministry of Truth and here’s how George Orwell, almost 80 years ago, describes Parsons. And as we read this, ask yourself, does this sound like anybody who has a weekend show on CNN? ‘He was a fattish but active man of paralyzing stupidity, a mass of imbecile enthusiasms. One of those completely unquestioning, devoted drudges on whom a more even than on the thought police, the stability of the party depended.’”

Stelter’s role as CNN’s so-called media watchdog is laughable.

The bedrock of his hilariously titled show Reliable Sources is to watch Fox News, and whine about Tucker Carlson.

Carlson added, “Now, we’re not saying that’s a perfect, word-for-word description of someone who currently has a media analysis show on CNN, we’re gonna let you judge. But in case you’re wondering, was George Orwell a prophet? Yeah, clearly he was.”

Stelter is precisely the type of functionary that’s needed for an authoritarian state to thrive.

It’s quite terrifying how the Democrats appear to be using 1984 as an instruction manual.

Pants on Fire Official Polling

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Chuck Schumer was left speechless when Tucker Carlson called out his gigantic lie



Democrats are shamelessly using the horrific Buffalo shooting to attack Republicans.

Chuck Schumer has been one of the worst and most dishonest.

But Schumer was left speechless when Tucker Carlson called out his gigantic lie.

The Fake News Media has irresponsibly smeared the entire Right because of the man who shot and killed ten people at a grocery store in Buffalo, New York.

The Democrats are grasping for any narrative to attack Republicans because they’re sinking in the polls.

They believe they’ve found a golden ticket with the Buffalo shooter.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer even wrote a letter to Fox News demanding they stop promoting “replacement theory,” a conspiracy that a Jewish cabal is spurring mass migration in order to delude and “replace” the white race.

Democrats have been attempting to conflate that conspiracy theory with the actual immigration policies of the Democratic party for nearly 20 years, which is something entirely different.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson, the Left’s prime target because of his hawkish views on immigration, invited Senator Schumer on his show to discuss the topic, but Schumer ran and hid.

He tweeted:

Carlson responded by saying, “Chuck Schumer is a federal official. He is the leading Democrat in the United States Senate and he is calling for media censorship. There was a time 18 months ago that would have been considered a direct violation of the First Amendment. We hear it every day. ‘Let’s throw them in jail.’ We wanted to hear more from Chuck Schumer about this. Invited him on the show tonight as we always do but because he is a coward, this is the only media appearance and history has probably turned down.”

But in reality, it’s the Democrats who have been creepily discussing the decline of the white population in America.

Joe Biden himself pushed the same rhetoric.

Schumer and the Democrats simply want to shut down all discussions of immigration.

The Democrats used to be border hawks on U.S. labor grounds, but they realized that they could bring in mass waves of people who would be more likely to vote for them.

However, the assumptions of the Democrats have not worked out.

Hispanic voters are virtually split on the two parties going into the midterms.

If the Democrats can’t get two-thirds of the Hispanic vote, they are in serious electoral trouble.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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