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This New York Times reporter just got slammed over his lies about Donald Trump and this important issue



Media bias today is so blatant, even The New York Times’ supposed “conservative” columnists spew a steady hatred of President Trump.

And they take every opportunity to attack the President, especially on some of the more controversial policies.

But one New York Times reporter just got slammed over his blatant lies about Donald Trump and this important issue.

David Brooks is considered by some to be one of The New York Times’ most fair and impartial columnists.

The columnist, who it is claimed is one of few “conservatives” in the far left-wing publication, proved his anti-Trump bias when he claimed on PBS that the President’s descriptions of crimes committed by illegal aliens were “bogus.”

In a discussion on the President’s State of the Union address, Brooks said, “He had some of the stuff he has always had, which is these bogus stories of crimes that immigrants have committed.”

Of course, the first problem with that is the people Brooks is referring to are not immigrants. They are illegal aliens. The fact that Brooks refuses to call them what they are shows his true alignment with the Left.

But, it got even worse for Brooks when the Department of Homeland Security decided to set him straight and correct his lie.

“Hi, @nytdavidbrooks,” DHS spokeswoman Heather Swift wrote in a Twitter post Monday, “Saw your interview, where you said POTUS had ‘bogus stories of crimes that immigrants have committed.’ Not true. Let me introduce you to a few. I’m sad to say there are many, many tragic stories of lives destroyed and lost due to crimes by illegal aliens.”

Swift then continued her tweet by discussing the case of Reeaz Khan, an illegal alien from Guyana charged with the Jan. 6 murder and sexual assault of a 92-year-old woman in the New York City borough of Queens. Khan had been arrested after allegedly beating up his father in November, and ICE had requested his deportation in an official order to the New York City police.

The New York City Police Department “denied” it had received the request but ICE actually posted it on Twitter to prove it!

And that fact is, the NYPD has a documented history of ignoring ICE detainers and Homeland Security on these matters due to the policies of Mayor Bill DeBlasio.

In fact, no one is arguing that the victim, a woman named Maria Fuentes, was not sexually assaulted and killed, no matter what Brooks might say.

In fact the guilty party, Khan, admitted to the crime.

That was one of the cases President Trump specifically mentioned in his State of the Union speech and, a case that Brooks’ own newspaper covered. So the question is why would Brooks even try to claim that was a “bogus” case?

But there was more ammo. The DHS spokesman added in a couple more cases for good measure, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt the President’s contention that there is a real problem in this country with illegal immigrants and violent crime.

Usually violent criminals like this would be kept behind bars, but here in America, in a few rogue sanctuary cities, they are set free to rape and kill again and again.

Once again a liberal “journalist” has used his so-called “conservative” credentials to make unfounded claims against President Trump.

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  1. WhiteFalcon

    February 16, 2020 at 4:21 pm

    Never trust the NYT. They are FAKE NEWS through and through. They are good only to line the bottom your bird cage.

  2. Jack Miller

    February 16, 2020 at 4:52 pm

    David Brooks – Just another Hack – Another Sheep in Wolves Clothing – BEWARE

  3. Stan g

    February 16, 2020 at 4:59 pm

    Sadly, until a family member of the MSM is brutalized, raped or killed by an illegal, they will not recognize our laws or sovereignty. If the immigration system is that bad, then Congress needs to have a discussion (what a concept) and agree on new laws that protect OUR CUTIZENS and allow for reasonable LEGAL immigration. Many nations want to know what you can contribute and that you will not be a drain on our society. Lets start there.
    And No BS about our ancestors, they lived under different circumstances

  4. moosegringo

    February 16, 2020 at 5:27 pm

    It’s time for Americans to start suing politicians who are disrespecting our laws. Bring civil and collusion charges against Cuomo and DiBlahBlah. Sue them for millions and maybe some things will change.

  5. Jay

    February 16, 2020 at 6:31 pm

    Hey Jack, I think you meant, “Wolf in sheep clothing. Having said that. I remember an Eastwood movie called,”Hang ’em High.” As bad as illegal entry into the USA is, I think that when Illegals are found guilty of a violent crime they should be left hanging at the border, Maybe then some would have second thoughts about illegally entering our country to continue their criminal acts.

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  7. David S

    February 16, 2020 at 10:44 pm

    The NYT’s will never allow facts to get in the way of their bias. There are NO conservatives at the NYT’s because no self – respecting honorable journalist would allow themselves to be soiled associating with that rag. It is no longer the Gray Lady, but the Harlot of New York. They sold their souls long ago!

  8. Sharon

    February 16, 2020 at 11:45 pm

    As I recall, David Brooks USED to be fairly conservative, or at least moderate. That certainly has changed. I also recall him, maybe a couple of years ago, practically crying to Judy Woodruff on PBS that he had lost all his conservative friends because his politics had changed. I also agree with David S’s comments about the NYT!

  9. Mikey

    February 17, 2020 at 12:26 am

    Come on people …. report facts, not your useless Hollywood like opinions.If news producers don’t start getting wiser nobody will be viewing their crap. I no longer watch the news shows for exactly this reason …… They are crap.

  10. Ernst

    February 17, 2020 at 8:05 am

    David Brooks is one the most hypocritical, dishonest persons in media. Calling himself “conservative” is absolutely dishonest and disingenuous. He is as conservative as Charles Schumer. In fact, he almost always aligns with Schumer on every issue. Brooks and the New York Times are two peas in a stinking, dishonest pod.

  11. Jimed

    February 17, 2020 at 11:48 am

    Newspaper subscriptions are down all over the country. Many newspaper companies are going out of business. Could the reason be their continual fake news reporting has finally caught up with them?

  12. Gary

    February 17, 2020 at 4:33 pm

    News is no longer an honorable profession with dedicated individuals reporting facts to the general public. It has evolved into a opinions games where facts are the least of their concerns. All about gaining favor with the corrupt political mobs that want to control everything!

  13. Lorraine E Blazich

    February 18, 2020 at 3:22 am

    We will always need newspapers so that they can be used in an appropriate fashion. I always use unread newspapers to line the bottom of my bird cages and on the floor around the cages. That is the best use for newspapers.

  14. Paul

    February 19, 2020 at 3:28 am

    I pray that some of these victims family sue the hell out of the city and stater for not following the law. Then sue the mayor, governor, confessman and senators. Maybe that would stop this Mickey Mouse crap. If anyone votes for the Democratic ticket this fall is mentally ill.

  15. Jack

    March 9, 2020 at 2:19 pm

    Just one libtard hack from a very long list… What’s wrong with these people?

  16. Spike

    March 10, 2020 at 3:46 pm

    Unbelievable! Does David Brooks have no caring for the folks in his “own town”?? What is wrong with Americans of this ILK? – they hate the president so much that they will sacrifice the lives and safety of their neighbors in order to oppose him!! Mr. Brooks should have a lot of trouble looking at the man in the mirror!!

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CNN host said four words that will leave you speechless



CNN is at the tip of the spear of the Fake News Media’s campaign to smear President Trump over his response to the coronavirus outbreak.

Fake news CNN will twist any story and misrepresent any set of facts to try and make Donald Trump look bad.

And now this CNN host said four words that will leave you speechless.

White House senior advisor Peter Navarro appeared on fake news CNN host Brianna Keilar’s show to discuss the administration’s efforts to manage the supply chain for crucial medical equipment like ventilators.

Navarro accused Keilar of sensationalizing the issue at hand by showing pictures of New York City hospital nurses wearing garbage bags in an effort to show the administration was not sending needed medical supplies to hospital workers.

This was not true as Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo even stated that every hospital in New York had enough equipment for the immediate future.

Navarro tried to point out that Keilar was distorting the truth by sensationalizing the issue, but Keilar rudely interrupted him.

“I am not sensationalizing anything,” Keilar fired back. “I am tracking in facts here and governors are saying that their states are calling up these suppliers and FEMA’s already purchased everything. So they are siloed from things being allocated and coordinated and they’re trying to spend all of this time and energy trying to acquire some of these things, and they can’t get it.”

Later on in the interview Navarro pointed out another truth – the Trump administration inherited a depleted national strategic stockpile after the Obama administration emptied the reserves during the 2009 swine flu pandemic and never replenished them.

“Don’t tell me we were ill prepared for this,” Navarro told Keilar. “We inherited the system of testing and inherited of stockpiles that was woefully inadequate for this and there was plenty of people to the last two administrations who had wake up calls and they went back to sleep.”

No criticism of Barack Obama can ever go unchallenged on fake news CNN so Keilar insulted Navarro by telling him “you’re wasting everyone’s time.”

“You’re wasting everyone’s time with this,” Keilar hysterically ranted. “It’s 2020. The president was elected in 2016. Can you get to a million ventilators?”

To fake news CNN there is only one story – Donald Trump is allowing the coronavirus to kill millions of Americans.

That is not true and CNN is censoring the real facts to mislead their audience.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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The New York Times just proved their complete subservience to the Democrat Party



The media is a part of the left-wing Democrat machine.

Conservatives have long known the mainstream media is little more than the public relations arm of the Democrat Party.

But The New York Times just proved their complete subservience to the Democrat Party and showed Americans just how far they will go to bend the knee.

If there was any question left in any rational Americans’ minds that the media is nothing more than a tool for the Democrat Party, The New York Times’ recent rare display of honesty settles the issue.

In a recent article The New York Times blasted Democrats for blocking the Coronavirus Economic Stimulus bill in a stunningly honest headline that read, “Democrats Block Action on $1.8 Trillion Stimulus.”

This headline was in response to Senate Democrats voting en bloc to kill the compromise Chinese coronavirus legislation after a deal had been worked out, all because Nancy Pelosi and the radical Left wanted more pork and leftist policy goals included.

The list of items Pelosi and her socialist cohorts wanted included things like mandatory diversity on boards of directors, bailing out the Post Office, money for Planned Parenthood, and a list of union boss power grabs.

Because everyone knows you can’t fight disease without killing babies and promoting diversity by force.

And, it seemed, even the liberal New York Times understood how radical and egregious it was.

Of course, this headline couldn’t stand, not if The Times wanted to remain in the good graces of the socialist billionaires who run the Democrat Party.

In fact, it was not going to stand.

The Times quickly changed their headline to read, “Democrats Block Action on Stimulus Plan, Seeking Worker Protections.”

But even that change wasn’t good enough for their socialist Democrat overlords, so they changed it again.

This time it read, “Partisan Divide Threatens Deal on Rescue Bill.”

The amazing headline transformation seemed complete. It looked like the Democrats and their deep-pocketed socialist donors like George Soros were finally satisfied with this third iteration of the headline.

Of course, it made no difference to them that the first headline was the most factual and newsworthy of the three.

Nor did it matter to The Times, their editorial board, or their Democrat overlords how ridiculous and blatantly obvious this change looked to the average American.

Share your thoughts about this story with Pants on Fire News in the comments below.

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This media outlet is putting lives at risk with one coronavirus fake news scam



Donald Trump and his administration are fighting a war against the coronavirus.

But now the President is facing another enemy trying to undermine him.

And now this media outlet is putting lives at risk with one coronavirus fake news scam.

President Trump delivers daily press briefings where he and his task force update the public on the administration’s progress on fighting the coronavirus outbreak.

The American people appreciate the President laying out his administration’s ongoing plans and preparations to provide a robust federal response to this national public health emergency.

That is reflected in public polls that show the American people approving of the President’s management of the coronavirus outbreak and rising job approval numbers.

But the Fake News Media is furious at these developments after they spent weeks trying to play the coronavirus up as “Donald Trump’s Hurricane Katrina.”

In recent days there have been calls for networks to censor the President’s press conference.

The Seattle National Public Radio affiliate – which receives a taxpayer subsidy – announced it would no longer carry the President of the United States speaking to the nation’s citizens.

No matter whatever excuse the Fake News Media cooks up to not cover Donald Trump’s press briefings, the truth of the matter is this: the President’s poll numbers are going up and the Fake News Media is worried the people will judge the President to have done a good job in covering the outbreak and the press is worried this will lead to Donald Trump’s re-election.

That is why so-called “news” outlets want to censor his press briefings.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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