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This MSNBC host said something truly creepy about Biden’s inauguration



Joe Biden has been in office five minutes and the Fake News Media has already lost its mind.

The fawning press coverage that Barack Obama got for eight years is now transferring to Biden.

But one MSNBC host said something truly creepy about Biden’s inauguration.

MSNBC was one of the most Trump-deranged networks for years, and now they will likely be one of the most Biden-enamored.

Host Joy Reid made a cringeworthy religious comparison between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

She said, “We’ve gone from what can only be called idolatry and false religion almost Baalism under Trump, this worship of greed and this lust for conquest of one American over another, to really what the religion, the true religion is supposed to be, at least when I grew up in church.”

This is a mind-blowing statement for two reasons.

First, it underscores how much the Democrats believe politics is a substitute for religion.

Politicians are not religious figures, and they certainly are not bringers of “true religion.”

Second, it’s ironic that Reid would compare Trump’s presidency to “Baalism” when civilizations of the past sacrificed children to Baal; it’s the Democrats, after all, who consecrate abortion.

New York lawmakers lit the One World Trade Center pink after passing a law that allowed for abortions up until the point of birth.

Reid continued, “We heard that in those last two statements, this idea that…we try to love our fellow man, try to be brothers and sisters, to care about the poor, the immigrant, try to care about those in need. That’s the creed, that is the Christian creed.”

Trump’s message was all about helping everyday Americans, which he did by presiding over historically low unemployment numbers and real wage growth for the average American worker.

As for immigration, Reid was a border hawk only a decade ago and wrote anti-immigration screeds like, “Illegal immigrants . . . are not coming here for citizenship, or freedom, or some other Statue of Libertyesque truism: they’re coming here for cash that they intend to send home to Mexico.”

A Republican commentator would be excoriated for making that statement.

Establishment Democrats and their pals in the Fake News Media are over the moon because they’re back in power, but their power has been greatly diminished.

More people than ever see through the Fake News Media’s lies that have been used to cudgel people into submission.


This top MSNBC host defended terrorists while saying something truly disturbing about Republicans




The Democrats and their media allies have gone fully crazy.

Joe Biden makes hollow calls for unity while the corporate-controlled press is actively ratcheting up political tensions.

And one MSNBC host defended terrorists while saying something disturbing about Republicans.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid is one of the worst anchors on a network that has veered into crazytown.

Recently, RINO Nicolle Wallace floated the idea of drone-striking Republicans on the network.

Now Reid is defending Antifa terrorists while comparing right-wingers to Al-Qaeda.

During a segment with former Homeland Security Advisor Clint Watts and former CIA director John Brennan, the three excused the abominable crimes of Antifa and escalated rhetoric against Republicans.

Reid said, “[I]t says something about one political party when they think that the most dangerous thing are people who are against fascism . . . says more about them than it does about Antifa.”

This is childish. Antifa terrorists call themselves “anti-fascist,” but they define anyone who opposes them as fascists because they’re authoritarian communists.

Antifa has assaulted journalists, harassed public officials, threatened businesses, firebombed federal buildings, and even executed people in cold blood.

They’re truly despicable, and media hacks like Reid have been providing them cover for several years now.

Reid either doesn’t know or doesn’t care that she would be considered a fascist in their view.

And she didn’t stop there.

Reid then compared right-wingers to Islamic terrorists:

“But I wonder if – from your experience, they’re more like Al-Qaeda, because in the case of Al-Qaeda, they are embedded in and have the support of the government . . . [S]ome of the people in the hearings want to defend fundamentally the people who committed the attack on our country because they view them as part of their base.”

This is detached from reality.

Nobody in the Republican Party defended the people who breached the Capitol, but the Democrats and the corporate press are desperate to build the narrative that all Republicans are latent domestic terrorists.

The Democrat Media Complex is actively tearing apart the country with the ever-increasing divisive rhetoric.

Big Tech already banned Donald Trump from every major tech platform, and other Republicans and conservatives are on the chopping block as well.

It seems as though Democrats won’t be happy until Republicans are literally hunted.

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Rachel Maddow left this Democrat Senator stunned with what she revealed on television




Rachel Maddow is the biggest star on MSNBC.

Maddow’s show often provides the voice for the Democrat Party’s grassroots.

And Rachel Maddow left this Democrat Senator stunned with what she revealed on television.

Rachel Maddow was furious with West Virginia Democrat Senator Joe Manchin over Manchin’s opposition to Neera Tanden’s nomination to head the Office of Management and Budget.

Tanden withdrew her nomination after it became clear that there were not the votes in the Senate to support her confirmation.

That enraged Maddow, who attacked Manchin on her primetime show over Manchin citing Tanden’s offensive and outrageous tweets as a reason to block her confirmation.

“The reason this is sticking in everyone’s craw, the reason that announcement that he wouldn’t support Tanden has become sort of a stain on Senator Manchin’s reputation, is not that senators don’t have a choice as to which way they’re going to vote on every nominee. It’s the question of the standard that he’s applying here, because of course Senator Manchin voted to confirm plenty of Trump nominees — all men, of course — who had much worse problems with their online tone than Neera Tanden ever got anywhere near. The reason this is a real problem for Senator Manchin and his reputation is because for some reason, Senator Manchin was only bothered by her tone in her online statements. He was not similarly bothered by the much more inflammatory things said by Republican male nominees who he happily voted for in the past,” Maddow stated.

Maddow claimed Manchin opposing Tanden would be a “stain” on his reputation.

While Tanden is well liked in elite Washington, D.C. circles – she ran the left-wing Center for American Progress and was rumored to be Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff if Clinton won in 2016 – but is actually despised by the left-wing base.

Hacked emails in 2016 showed that Tanden was one of the Democrat Party elites who ganged up on Bernie Sanders to tilt the primary in Clinton’s favor.

Many on the Left were surprised to see Maddow – who is identified with the base – take up for such an establishment figure like Tanden.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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MSNBC just stooped to a new low with a racist attack on Republicans you won’t believe




With Joe Biden in the White House, MSNBC is rejoicing.

But they aren’t claiming victory until their enemies are completely destroyed.

And MSNBC just stooped to a new low with a racist attack on Republicans you won’t believe.

When MSNBC isn’t attacking Donald Trump, they are whining about racism.

They want people to believe that America is a racist country and that all white people are racist who must pay up in order to atone for their sins.

MSNBC host Ali Velshi made that clear with a recent segment where he invited far-left author and co-chair of the group Color of Change Heather McGhee on for a racist anti-white hate-fest.

Velshi began the segment by stating that, “Racism is something that has defined the United States since its very founding. In fact, it infects nearly all facets of American life like health care about which we just heard. But it also affects our politics and our economics.”

He then introduced McGhee, promoting her book, The Sum of Us: What Racism Costs Everyone and How We Can Prosper Together, which he says “examines the self-destructive bargain of white supremacy and how much we’ve lost economically as a country due to racism in terms of a dollar amount.”

According to McGhee’s book, racism has cost America at least $16 trillion in the last two decades.

And her outrageous claims continued on this appearance.

After being introduced, she makes the claim that Republicans, who she seems to believe are all white, are opposed to Big Government because they are racist.

She cites the fact that the largest group of uninsured Americans are white, stating that the only reason they would oppose Obamacare is due to racism.

McGhee said, “The majority of white people have disapproved of the pretty modest idea that is ObamaCare and there’s a huge correlation between racial resentment against black people and the southern, in most cases, states and also Maine which is the whitest state in the nation’s refusal to expand Medicaid under ObamaCare.”

She goes on to state that Republicans’ opposition to Big Government is the belief that government is on the side of “people of color,” stating, “So it’s this idea that government is on the side of people of color and that is why there’s such a fierce antigovernment skepticism and suspicion among the majority of white voters – the majority of white voters who have voted for the Republican Party for president.”

Stereotyping a whole group of people based on the color of their skin is what most people would call racism.

But because she is attacking white people, MSNBC doesn’t mind.

Not to mention the fact that she destroys the Left’s entire “white privilege” argument when she talks about the fact that there are more poor white people than there are poor black people.

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