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The View smeared one GOP Senator with this ugly attack



The Democrat Media Complex exists to present the left-wing position as the middle.

That’s why only Republicans get mocked and criticized on news and culture shows.

And The View smeared one GOP Senator with this ugly attack.

Shows like ABC’s The View do a huge disservice.

The show pretends to show a balanced political perspective, but in reality, the left-wing hosts largely get agreement from the “Republican” hosts on the panel.

For example, Ana Navarro has not espoused a single Republican belief in at least a decade, but she still calls herself a Republican.

In that spirit, the hosts went out of their way to smear Alabama Senator Katie Britt, who delivered the GOP response to Joe Biden’s State of the Union.

The response

Giving the State of the Union response is largely a thankless job, so Britt was already in a tough spot.

Her response was criticized by people on both sides of the aisle for being melodramatic, like a soap opera scene.

However, The View took the criticism one step further and said Britt needed medication.

Joy Behar said, “Get some medication, Katie! I haven’t seen acting that bad since my wedding night. So which genius in that party decided that she was the perfect spokesperson? I’ve never seen mood swings like this. One minute she’s like [pretends to cry], then she’s like going to take a knife and stab you! Then she’s laughing like an idiot. What’s wrong with her? She’s like Sybil!”

Of course, Behar and her colleagues would never criticize Biden for his constant gaffes, short-fuse outbursts, incoherent ramblings, and creepy whispers.

In fact, they celebrated Biden’s angry and dishonest State of the Union address as some triumph.

The pile-on

RINO Alyssa Farah Griffin commented, “A disaster from start to finish. And actually Katie Britt is somebody who’s a serious person with policy chops. Democratic senators will tell you they respect her. But it’s Women’s History Month, it’s International Women’s Day and we put the senator in the kitchen!”

“Where the knives are!” Behar quipped.

Sara Haines jumped in and said, “What is she auditioning for though? Because I don’t think she’s going to get a callback!”

Griffin added, “And I think they were thinking Ronald Reagan, like, ‘All great change in America happens at the dinner table,’ but instead, it gave, like, creepy Lifetime movie.”

Picking apart Britt’s response was the Left’s way of excusing Biden for his performance, where he botched the name of slain nursing student Laken Riley.

Demonizing Britt is not going to save Joe Biden in November.

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