RINO on The View got one New York Times spread that says it all

The Democrat-controlled media are political gatekeepers.

They carefully manage which Republicans are allowed to be on their shows.

And one RINO on The View got a New York Times spread that says it all.

The View pretends to be a political debate show for a daytime talk show audience.

However, strong conservative viewpoints are discouraged on the program.

In the past, confrontational Republican women were allowed on the show, but not so much anymore.

The two “conservative” representatives on the show are now Ana Navarro, who has not expressed a single right-wing opinion in a decade, and former Trump staffer Alyssa Farah Griffin.

In the span of a few weeks, Griffin went from Trump loyalist to Never-Trumper in an attempt to establish a career in the media.

Her move worked.

“Liberal favorite”

Griffin landed a permanent co-hosting gig on The View, and she recently received a positive spread in The New York Times.

The “paper of record” ran a piece titled, “Former Trump Aide Becomes a Liberal Favorite: After breaking with her onetime boss, Alyssa Farah Griffin finds a warm welcome on The View and CNN.”

Griffin is a “liberal favorite” because she routinely agrees with the leftist co-hosts on the show but offers gentle pushback so viewers can delude themselves into thinking they’re getting a well-rounded perspective.

The Times chronicled glowing reviews of Griffin from various left-wing sources.

For instance, Dr. Anthony Fauci sang her praises.

The Times wrote, “In a phone interview, he described Ms. Farah Griffin as an ‘outstanding person’ and a ‘breath of fresh air’ who was a ‘straight shooter’ in the darkest days of the pandemic. ‘She defended me when I was telling the truth, instead of attacking me the way others did,’ Dr. Fauci said. ‘She understood the truth is the truth, whether it’s inconvenient or not.’”

Top Obama adviser David Axelrod said, “There are a lot of refugees from Trump World who are objects of interest, but not all of them are as comfortable in the medium as she is…She’s very, very fluent. And she’s a great communicator.”

What New York Times praise is worth

As right-wing author Ann Coulter once observed, if The New York Times is not insulting a Republican, that Republican is losing.

So if The Times is heaping praise on a Republican, it’s quite clear that that individual is doing the bidding of the Democrat Party in one way or another.

Griffin is currently experiencing the “strange new respect” Republicans get when they badmouth their own party.

But that will change if Griffin says something too conservative.

Judging by her time on The View, that probably will not be an issue for her.

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