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The New York Times wants to jail Rush Limbaugh for something that will shock you



Even as he ails with stage four lung cancer, the Left is working to destroy Rush Limbaugh.

He is their biggest enemy, as they can’t control him.

And The New York Times wants to jail Rush Limbaugh for something that will shock you.

For more than thirty years, Rush Limbaugh has dominated the talk radio airwaves.

While many have tried to compete with him, nobody has come close.

Many believe it was Rush Limbaugh’s radio show that paved the way for Donald Trump’s Presidency.

The America First message that Trump won on was first popularized by Limbaugh.

Over three decades on the radio, Rush truly became the voice of middle America, which is why the Left despises him.

Limbaugh has said he believes he is in his last days on earth, as his stage 4 lung cancer continues to get worse.

And even with him in such bad health, the Left continues to viciously attack him.

The New York Times took it to a new low in a Wednesday column that implies he was at least partially responsible for violence at the Capitol on January 6.

The article, titled “How Right-Wing Radio Stoked Anger Before the Capitol Siege,” has a sub-headline directly attacking both Limbaugh, and talk radio host Glenn Beck, writing, “Shows hosted by Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and other talk radio stars promoted debunked claims of a stolen election and urged listeners to ‘fight back.’”

Alongside the headline, Limbaugh is featured prominently in the headline image, alongside Dan Bongino, Glenn Beck, and Mark Levin.

The article, which claims that there is no evidence of voter fraud, despite clear evidence existing, quotes Limbaugh and other talk radio hosts leading up to the Capitol violence.

It implies that it was them, with Limbaugh being the main focus of the article, who incited the violence.

The article reads at one part:

On Dec. 16, Mr. Limbaugh – the country’s No. 1 radio host, with an audience of about 15.5 million a week – told listeners that Mr. Biden “didn’t win this thing fair and square, and we are not going to be docile like we’ve been in the past, and go away and wait till the next election.”

“Seventy-four-plus million Americans are not going to shut up, and you tell them that their views don’t matter?” Mr. Limbaugh thundered. “You do not know what you’re creating. You do not know the enemy you are manufacturing.”

Inciting a riot is a criminal offense with serious penalties.

The article implies that Limbaugh, by bringing up concerns of voter fraud shared by tens of millions of Americans, incited the violence at the Capitol.

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The New York Times

The New York Times asked one question about putting Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson on trial




Liberals are determined to censor every conservative in America.

But no one knew they would go this far.

And now The New York Times asked one question about putting Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson on trial.

New York Times columnist Nicolas Kristoff claims to be a critic of cancel culture.

That’s not true.

Kristoff supports cancel culture but just with a few exceptions.

This was made clear in Kristoff’s latest column where he asked if hit was possible to put Fox News and pro-Trump hosts like Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson on trial with Donald Trump.

“As America debates whether to hold former President Donald Trump accountable for inciting insurrection, what about his co-conspirator Fox News?” Kristoff asked.

Kristoff reluctantly admitted that the Senate couldn’t stage a second show trial for Hannity and Carlson, but that the next best thing is forcing Fox News off the air through a coordinated pressure campaign targeting their advertisers and cable distributors.

“That can mean pressure on advertisers to avoid underwriting extremists (of any political bent), but the Fox News business model depends not so much on advertising as on cable subscription fees. So a second step is to call on cable companies to drop Fox News from basic cable TV packages,” Kristoff wrote.

The defining characteristic of post-Trump America is the Left’s censorship campaign.

Every day, social media companies vaporize prominent conservatives.

YouTube just erased every video from the popular pro-Life outlet LifeSiteNews.

Twitter permanently suspended the account for James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas.

But the number one target is Fox News because – for better or worse – it is the single biggest platform in America for viewpoints that criticize the Democrat Party.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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The New York Times

The New York Times fired one reporter for a shocking reason




The corporate press has turned into the “woke” police.

Anyone who goes against the establishment narrative sits in danger of being canceled.

But The New York Times fired one reporter for a shocking reason.

The failing New York Times has been overtaken by “woke” staffers.

Long-time science reporter Donald McNeil was fired for using the N-word in a context that was not racist at all.

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

“McNeil’s ouster came nearly two years after the incident that precipitated it. While chaperoning high school students on a pricey trip to Peru, the science reporter responded to a question from a student about whether one of her classmates should have been suspended for using the n-word. In the process, he uttered the offending syllables himself. An internal Times investigation found his judgment wanting but stopped short of firing him. Only after the Daily Beast published an account of the incident, thrusting it into the public realm for the first time, was McNeil pushed out. ‘We do not tolerate racist language regardless of intent,’ Dean Baquet, the paper’s executive editor, told staff in an email.”

This is an absurd standard that The Times ignores when convenient.

Nikole Hannah-Jones, author of the spurious “1619 Project” who led the campaign to get McNeil fired, used the N-word on Twitter.

When a Free Beacon reporter asked her for comment on the obvious double standard, she responded by tweeting out his cell phone number, a clear violation of Twitter’s rules.

Hannah-Jones won’t suffer any repercussions from The Times or Twitter because she’s part of the anointed on the Left.

McNeil is the latest Times employee to be excommunicated by the woke popes at the paper.

Reporter Bari Weiss, who’s politically center-left, was branded as some right-wing firebrand and hectored in private forum until she quit.

Op-ed editor James Bennett was forced to resign after running a piece by Senator Tom Cotton.

The wokescolds at The Times will not allow any differing opinions.

Even liberals at the paper were disgusted in the firing of McNeil.

Each time the radical leftists collect a scalp, they get bolder and more ravenous.

At some point, the remaining sane liberals are going to have to acknowledge conservatives are correct about cancel culture and stand up to the mob.

If not, they will be next on the chopping block.

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The New York Times pushed one disturbing terrorist narrative that left readers stunned




Censorship is ramping up in light of the horrific Capitol Hill riot.

All Republicans and conservatives have been grouped in with the people who breached the building.

But The New York Times pushed one disturbing terrorist narrative.

Democrats and their media comrades have been attempting to brand all conservatives as terrorists because of the incident at the Capitol building.

However, the Democrat Media Complex is perfectly willing to either promote or ignore left-wing rhetoric and acts of violence.

The New York Times promoted environmental activist books as “Three Books Offer New Ways to Think About Environmental Disaster.”

One of the books was titled How to Blow Up a Pipeline by far-left Swedish author Andreas Malm.

The book was published by Verso Books, which bills itself as “the largest independent, radical publishing house in the English-speaking world.”

The promotional blurb for the book writes:

“In this lyrical manifesto, noted climate scholar (and saboteur of SUV tires and coal mines) Andreas Malm makes an impassioned call for the climate movement to escalate its tactics in the face of ecological collapse . . . We need, he argues, to force fossil fuel extraction to stop – with our actions, with our bodies, and by defusing and destroying its tools. We need, in short, to start blowing up some oil pipelines.”

Republicans have no problem denouncing right-wing ideological criminals, but the same cannot be said for the Left.

The Times book reviewer simply called the eco-terrorist manifesto “a compelling but frustrating treatise.”

She also gave a mealy-mouthed denunciation of political violence, writing, “[T]he problem with violence, even if it’s meant only to destroy ‘fossil capital,’ is that ultimately it’s impossible to control.”

So in the view of The Times, the problem with terrorism isn’t that it’s morally wrong, it’s that the violence cannot be properly tempered even when directed at a righteous target, i.e. “fossil capital.”

The Left has a long history of refusing to repudiate its radicals.

Domestic terrorists like Weather Underground leader Bill Ayers have transitioned into respectable positions without ever having to denounce their actions or views for decades.

Black Lives Matter and Antifa tore cities to the ground for months with hardly any pushback from Democrats.

Democrat Representative Jerry Nadler even went so far as to call the riots a “myth.”

Extremists on the Left have a wide berth to commit all kinds of heinous crimes so long as their cause is “just.”

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