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Joe Biden

The media is refusing to tell the truth about one epic Biden blunder



Joe Biden’s Presidency is already as bad as expected.

But Americans wouldn’t know that based on favorable coverage from the Democrat Media Complex.

Now the media is refusing to tell the truth about one epic Biden blunder.

One of Joe Biden’s first acts as President was to decimate America’s border security.

He stopped construction on the border wall, increased the number of refugees by roughly 100,000, reversed the Trump era “remain in Mexico” policy, and froze deportations.

The obvious result was an unprecedented surge at the border that the corporate-controlled press does not want to categorize as a crisis.

Lester Holt of ABC News did his best to avoid the description that every American can see.

Holt said, “The migrant surge at the southern border proving to be an early test for the new administration’s immigration policies, and leaving President Biden wide open for criticism.”

Holt’s characterization of “leaving President Biden wide open for criticism” is a clever way of saying “Republicans pounce.”

The problem isn’t Biden’s incompetence, according to the Fake News Media. No, the problem is Republican politicians will point out his incompetence.

ABC White House correspondent Peter Alexander ran interference for the Biden administration and said, “The President speaking to ABC News, rejecting criticism that his reversal of several Trump-era immigration policies is to blame for the recent surge.”

It’s quite obvious that the reversal of policy has led to the historic surge.

The same facilities that were described as “kids in cages” under Trump are teeming with minors.

The only difference is that now the corporate-controlled press is using euphemistic language like “semi-permanent, soft-sided structures” instead of “tents.”

ABC also showed a clip of Biden DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas getting grilled before Congress.

Mayorkas responded by blaming the Trump administration, “I will share with you how I define a crisis. A crisis is when a nation is willing to rip a 9-year-old child out of the hands of his or her parent and separate that family to deter future migration.”

But even Democrats in border districts admit the Biden administration is creating and exacerbating a crisis.

Nevertheless, Holt and Alexander quickly pivoted away from the topic.

The globalist push for mass immigration into the country has created a firestorm at the border, and the corporate-controlled press are doing everything they can to soft-pedal it to the American people.

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Joe Biden

You won’t believe who ripped Joe Biden for supporting moving the All-Star game out of Atlanta




Democrats are still scrambling in damage control mode after Major League Baseball followed Joe Biden’s lead and moved the All-Star game out of Atlanta in protest over Georgia’s new election integrity law.

Even Biden’s allies are questioning him.

And you won’t believe who ripped Joe Biden for supporting moving the All-Star game out of Atlanta.

If Joe Biden has lost MSNBC he has big problems.

This week, he lost the left-wing network’s flagship show as Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough ripped Biden for “jumping the gun” on supporting a boycott of Georgia.

Morning Joe regular Willie Geist pointed out that last week Biden was calling on baseball to move the All-Star game out of Georgia, but this week said it was up to the Masters golf tournament if it wanted to stay in Augusta.

“To listen to the President speaking right there, it’s impossible to square his argument,” Geist stated. “One week ago, he was calling for the All-Star game to be moved out of Atlanta, and then shortly thereafter, it was. Now, he’s expressing concern about the idea of moving the Masters because of the impact it might have on working people in and around the Masters.”

Scarborough acknowledged the reality that Major League Baseball moved the All-Star game out of Atlanta over its new voting rules without ever reading the bill.

The Morning Joe co-host noted that blue states like New York and New Jersey have more restrictive voting rules than Georgia does, and that Biden and others were lying when they smeared the Georgia bill as “Jim Crow 2.0.”

“[D]oesn’t it seem that a lot of people jumped the gun, a lot of people moved this All-Star Game, talked about supporting moving of the All-Star game — and, yes, I do believe Major League Baseball moved the All-Star Game before actually either reading the bill or understanding how the bill lined up with New Jersey laws, with New York laws, with laws all across the nation,” Scarborough stated.

“And again, please, please, don’t shoot me. […] But I understand the bad faith that was shown in Georgia. I understand the bad faith that was shown by Georgia legislators, but this is going to be hard to unwind. And it’s going to be hard to unwind because, again, there is that bad faith there, but when you line this bill up with what the laws were before the pandemic and what the laws are in states like New York, it is not Jim Crow 2.0.”

What’s going on is many on the Left are realizing costing the majority black city of Atlanta $100 million dollars with this All-Star game boycott will not play well in Georgia in 2022 – when the Democrats must hold on to a key Senate seat – or in 2024 when Republicans are trying to win back Georgia and the White House.

So the media and the Biden administration are trying to do their best to find a way to weasel out of having supported moving the All-Star game out of Atlanta.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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Joe Biden

Joe Biden is furious after Tucker Carlson revealed his big secret on national TV




In his first few months in office, Joe Biden has been working overtime to change America to his left-wing vision.

But as he has done this, he has been staying mostly quiet, hoping Americans don’t see through his more radical schemes.

That’s why Joe Biden is furious after Tucker Carlson revealed his big secret on national TV.

Since getting into office, almost everything Joe Biden has done has been to promote his far-left agenda.

He has signed more executive orders in his opening days in office than any other President, with most of them being to appease the extreme Left’s social agenda.

That’s why the Left saw his new $2 trillion “infrastructure plan” as a huge win in appealing to less radical voters.

Biden paints it as a way to modernize America’s highways and other necessary infrastructure.

Most of the so-called “mainstream” media are taking him at his word.

But Tucker Carlson actually looked into what his plan entails, and it turns out that only five percent of the $2 trillion plan actually goes to roads and bridges, with 95% going to “social engineering.”

“Only about 5% of that $2 trillion will actually go to roads and bridges. So, 5% on infrastructure, 95% on social engineering,” Carlson said. “That’s what Joe Biden calls a once-in-a-lifetime infrastructure bill. He’s right about part of it: It is once in a lifetime. If this passes, the next generation will life in a very different country.”

As Carlson discusses, the bill will radically increase taxes, with a tax increase of about $3 trillion over ten years.

This tax increase will be the first major tax hike in 28 years, with it being a much bigger tax increase than anything seen under the Clinton Administration, as Carlson reveals.

But the most alarming part about this “infrastructure plan” is that much of the money that will go to bridges and roads, will actually go toward tearing down bridges and roads that radical left-wing activists consider racist.

“According to The Post, an activist by the name of Amy Stelly has been demanding the removal — not the building, the removal — of a highway that cuts through her neighborhood in the city of New Orleans,” Carlson said. “She thinks the highway, known as the Claiborne Expressway, is bad. It’s an eyesore and contributes to pollution.”

Biden pointed to that highway as an example of “historic inequity” that can be solved with “billions in new spending.”

In other words, Biden is going to spend American’s tax dollars to tear down “racist highways,” and Tucker Carlson seems to be the only person talking about it.

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Joe Biden

Fox News noticed this strange thing about Joe Biden’s press conference




Joe Biden finally held his first news conference as President.

It did not go well.

And Fox News noticed this strange thing about Joe Biden’s press conference.

In his first solo news conference, Joe Biden turned in a bizarre performance where he repeatedly lost his train of thought, made bizarre statements, and rambled through just ten questions.

But Fox News contributor and former George W. Bush press secretary Ari Fleisher noticed something disturbing about the event.

Fleisher pointed out that Joe Biden appeared to be reading both the questions and answers out of a notebook.

None of the questions Biden was asked were difficult.

Biden only called on left-wing activists to ask fawning questions about Republicans being evil and Biden being a just and moral man.

Further evidence that the event was staged was a photograph that showed Biden had a seating chart with every report’s name and face on it.

The reporters Biden was supposed to call on were circled and numbered.

Even with the preselected reporters likely providing questions in advance Joe Biden still made a fool out of himself with rambling answers, shouting at random times and at one point saying he entered the Senate 120 years ago.

When the event was over, many Americans understood why his staff kept him hidden away from extended questioning for over 60 days.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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