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Taxpayer-funded NPR launched a new initiative that has conservatives calling them out



National Public Radio receives taxpayer funding for its programs and activities.

And that includes all its leftist political activities.

Now taxpayer-funded NPR launched a new initiative that has conservatives calling them out.

It seems conservatives have been talking about defunding NPR for decades.

But like most things with Congressional conservatives, all they ever really do is talk about it.

Now, it looks like all the talk about defunding NPR should have actually amounted to action.

Because the taxpayer-funded, left-wing talk radio propaganda arm of the Democrat Party is forming its own “disinformation reporting team” just in time for the 2022 Midterms.

And what will this new “disinformation reporting team” be doing?

Well, of that we aren’t quite sure because NPR is literally a disinformation outlet themselves.

That’s why the announcement of its new “disinformation reporting team” was met with quick, brutal mockery on social media, as many correctly pointed out the left-wing network’s long, sordid history of suppressing news and information it decides the public doesn’t need to know.

As Mollie Hemingway, Editor-in Chief of the Federalist, tweeted, “What are you talking about? You’ve been little other than a disinformation team for many years.”

The list of disinformation and news suppressed by NPR is rather long – going back decades.

Sometimes it’s not what is reported, but what is not reported that makes all the difference.

For example in October 2020, NPR refused to report on the Hunter Biden laptop story. 

Even though what was on the laptop suggested that then-candidate Joe Biden had lied about his links to his wayward son’s corrupt foreign business deals.

At the time, NPR attempted to justify its lack of reporting on the issue in one of its newsletters. 

“[T]he biggest reason you haven’t heard much on NPR about the Post story [on Hunter Biden] is that the assertions don’t amount to much.”

“We don’t want to waste our time on stories that are not really stories, and we don’t want to waste the listeners’ and readers’ time on stories that are just pure distractions,” NPR Managing Editor for News Terence Samuel said. “And quite frankly, that’s where we ended up, this was … a politically driven event and we decided to treat it that way.”

And even since then, the handful of stories NPR has produced about the ongoing New York Post investigation have been limited to how Facebook and Twitter are restricting distribution of the story or how families of those seeking treatment for addiction are impacted by the portrayal of Hunter Biden’s struggle.

Like other leftist outlets, NPR said the Hunter Biden laptop story was “disinformation” — even though it has proven to be authentic, and now we know the attempts by NPR and others to dismiss it were the only actual “disinformation” — right before an election.

And in 2016, right after the elections, NPR’s ombudsman suggested that NPR limit live interviews with conservatives and focus more on racial content in its programming.

NPR’s new “disinformation reporting team” comes not long after the Biden administration’s failed attempt to set up a “Disinformation Governance Board” – obvious code for an Orwellian Ministry of Truth – at the Department of Homeland Security.

Of course, with NPR getting taxpayer funding, thus being a quasi-government agency its not much of a stretch to see this as an end to set up a government disinformation agency to replace the failed one. 

Pants on Fire News will keep you updated on any developments to this ongoing story.


NPR just canceled the Constitution. And the substitute is as predictable as it is infuriating



The entire corporate-controlled media has bought into the “woke” cancel culture wave sweeping the radical Left.

But they’ve begun crossing a bridge too far.

NPR just canceled the Constitution. And the substitute is as predictable as it is infuriating.

National Public Radio — which your tax dollars make possible — just dropped a 32-year-old patriotic tradition to cater to the “woke” cancel culture.

Since 1988, NPR has taken an annual 11-minute break from leftist indoctrination to read our country’s most important, foundational document on Independence Day. 

But that’s all out the window now. 

This year, that part of the broadcast schedule was replaced with a piece entitled, “On this July 4, what does equality mean?”

They didn’t even allow the decades old tradition to die a quiet death either. 

After playing up all the different — diverse — people who read the Constitution over the years, NPR host Steve Inskeep claimed the Constitution isn’t the “whole story.”

The producers buried their true intentions under several minutes of intellectual blabbering from Harvard professors — including one who just attacked Justice Clarence Thomas for sticking to his conservative principles — before they got to the heart of why a reading of the Constitution had to be canceled in favor of talking heads yammering on about what it “means.”

“And many of our debates on this July Fourth turn on what equality means,” Inkeep declared. “What voting rules really give equal access to the ballot? Do abortion laws give a woman equal control over her body? At what point is a fetus entitled to equal rights? For some people, equality is out of style. Some political progressives prefer the term equity.”

Then the supposedly “non-partisan” commentator launched into a series of ugly — and unfounded — accusations against Republicans.

“Some Republicans in Texas and Colorado have called for unequal voting power, giving more weight to conservative voters,” Inkeep claimed. “The global move toward authoritarian rule opposes equality, asserting that some people are more equal than others.”

It’s a mathematically illogical possibility for anyone to be “more equal” than anyone else, but it’s certainly possible for some people to be more intellectually dishonest than others. 

No matter how they want to argue it, the “authoritarian” rule that threatens our nation isn’t coming from Republicans in Texas or anywhere else. 

Instead, it’s leftist planners who refuse to recognize the God-given rights clearly enshrined in the Constitution, who are dead set on stripping American citizens of their independence, who actually threaten the survival of this nation. 

And considering that they’re all for open borders and against voter I.D. laws, it seems the leftists are the ones trying to upend “equality” in “voting power.”

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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NPR backs professor who drank too much COVID Regime juice. The result is so dumb it’s funny



You’d think a college professor would have at least some scant ability to use logic.  

But a lack of oxygen seems to be going to someone’s head.

And when NPR tried to back a professor who drank too much COVID Regime juice, the result was so dumb it’s funny. 

Most Americans are completely fed up with the way “14 days to flatten the curve” turned into an Orwellian nightmare. 

No doubt, academics are having a hay day studying the behavioral response playing out in various ways across the country. 

But apparently, at least one college professor is too busy trying to be the best rule follower out there to even flirt with actually thinking for himself. 

Boston University professor Jon Levy went viral for the sheer stupidity of his absolute fealty to the COVID Regime—a dedication that runs so deep he showed up for a Zoom meeting wearing an N95 mask when he was in his office alone. 

It seemed someone needed to tell the chair of the Department of Environmental Health at Boston University’s School of Public Health that he can’t make someone sick by breathing on them through his computer. 

He then ensured that he would go viral again by practically defending a thesis on why he has a weird obsession with masking. 

He expended an insane 21 Tweets justifying his beyond illogical behavior. 

It’s mind boggling that this level of nonsense is coming from a faculty member of a university. 

You can only imagine what is running through the heads of parents paying $82,760 a year to be “educated” by clowns like Levy. 

The only good news is that the mask is muffling some of the nonsense falling out of his mouth. 

Of course, if there’s a bad idea available to glorify, you’d better believe our taxpayer funded National Public Radio teams will be ready to jump all over it. 

Sacha Pfeiffer is a good enough sheep on the government payroll she managed to power through a lengthy discussion with the absent-minded professor over why he’s so terrified of the odd germ floating in the air.

Naturally, she had to treat the story like it’s as serious as a heart attack. 

During the interview, it quickly became apparent the professor was more concerned about criticism lobbed his way than the fact that someone who is supposed to be teaching hard science classes in an American university seems to have no grounding in reality. 

He might want to double mask before attempting to explain his impossibly ridiculous logic. 

After all, he’s likely to be muttering something incoherent when he tries to explain away the more than 100 N95 masks he’s throwing away every year. 

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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NPR embraces medical voodoo with one jaw-dropping new policy



Nobody puts on airs like NPR. 

But for all their academic posturing, a leftist social agenda still trumps science. 

And now NPR is embracing medical voodoo with one jaw-dropping new policy. 

There’s a real fear the United States will blindly stumble behind China in developing a deplorable social credit system. 

It’s not a new concept. 

Hitler’s Youth and China’s Red Guard trained children to spy on their parents, grandparents, and others. 

Now—after a few years of profit taking by pretending to embrace capitalism—China is turning everyone in society against each other with their social credit tracking system.

Under the program, every citizen becomes a potential spy working for the Communist Party.  

It’s only a matter of time before the sheep like leftists in the United States are rushing to slaughter in the same way. 

NPR seems set on leading the charge. 

The government funded radio corporation’s just set up a snitch line so employees can tattle on each other for the dumbest reason possible: mask infractions. 

We have plenty of data showing that locking down, masking up, and getting jabbed to the hilt did very little good. 

For heaven’s sake, the entire country of Sweden proved that the best way to beat COVID-19 was to keep on keeping on. 

But at NPR, flashing a smile could get you canned in a hurry. 

All employees are being harangued into becoming aggressive mask Nazis. 

It’s even scripted out in official policy. 

“If you notice someone has forgotten their mask, you might tell them, ‘Hey, you forgot your mask.’ It’s actually helping the person to be reminded. Nobody is intentionally trying to evade the rules,” a memo to employees reads. “And if you are reminded to wear your mask, say, ‘Thank you!’” 

The memo went on to explain the myriad of options available to eager snitches. 

“Alternatively, let your supervisor or your HRBP know and they can remind that person,” it read.  “You can also share an anonymous concern via the EthicsPoint system via [REDACTED] and HR will address your concern promptly but that’s not the best option for an immediate fix.”

One has to wonder exactly what is involved in an “immediate fix.”

Regardless, based on what the science is telling us, this absolute obsession with commanding blind obedience has a lot more to do with politics than health. 

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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