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Ron DeSantis just caught CBS’ 60 Minutes in a major lie that will have you seeing red



CBS and 60 Minutes are up to their old tricks.

17 years after trying to rig the 2004 Presidential Election with fake documents about George W. Bush being AWOL from the Texas National Guard, CBS has found itself in the middle of another massive scandal.

And this time Ron DeSantis just caught CBS’ 60 Minutes in a major lie that will have you seeing red.

The pro-Democrat media has targeted Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for destruction after judging DeSantis to be the biggest threat to the Left in 2024.

What enrages the media is the fact that DeSantis rejected lockdowns and mask mandates while guiding Florida to a better coronavirus response than pro-lockdown and mask mandate blue state Governors like Andrew Cuomo and Gavin Newsom.

To that end, CBS tried to chip away at DeSantis’ greatest strength by trying to fabricate a scandal surrounding Florida’s successful vaccine rollout.

60 Minutes Democrat Party activist Sharyn Alfonsi falsely claimed DeSantis only awarded a vaccine distribution contract to the supermarket chain Publix after the company donated $100,000 to his re-election campaign.

DeSantis rejected her assertion, but CBS edited DeSantis’ answer to make it seem like DeSantis was not being truthful.

Forbes later posted the full video of DeSantis’ remarks where DeSantis detailed point by point how Alfonsi was wrong, explaining that for the initial vaccine rollout CVS and Walgreens focused exclusively on nursing homes and that every other pharmacy was offered the contract and Publix was the first to respond.

When the clip vindicating DeSantis and exposing Alfonsi and 60 Minutes as hacks and liars went viral on social media, Forbes set the video to private.

DeSantis even received backup from former Democrat State Representative and director of the Florida Division of Emergency Management Jared Moskowitz.

Moskowitz ripped the 60 Minutes pieces as garbage and said it was his division that recommended Publix for vaccine distribution.

DeSantis’ two major crimes are being a threat to the Left maintaining power in 2024, and exposing the pro-lockdown and pro-mask mandate media as know-nothing fools.

That’s why 60 Minutes sent a hatchet woman down to Florida to manufacture a scandal out of thin air using falsehoods.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


One newspaper slandered a gubernatorial candidate with an unbelievably racist attack



The Democrats feel their grip on power slipping away.

The Biden administration is already a complete disaster seven months in.

And one newspaper slandered a gubernatorial candidate with an unbelievably racist attack.

Democrats are terrified that California could fall into the hands of a Republican Governor.

Gavin Newsom is on thin ice in the state’s recall effort – polls have the recall as a 50/50 tossup.

If Californians vote “yes” to recall Newsom on ballot question number one, whichever candidate gets the most votes on ballot question number two gets to finish Newsom’s term.

At the moment, the leading candidate to replace Newsom is conservative commentator and author Larry Elder.

It’s clear that panic is setting in for the Democrats because they’ve unleashed a barrage of hit pieces.

The most egregious was from The Los Angeles Times, which essentially called Elder a black white supremacist.

The attacks on Elder and other black conservatives show just how hollow the arguments of the Left are.

They claim to support a host of identity groups . . . but only if they toe the leftist line.

If racial minorities, women, gay people or any other identity group espouse conservative views or simply challenge the Left, they get savaged with relentless slander.

Elder is taking the slander in stride and hammering away at Newsom and the Democrats.

During an interview with Sean Hannity, Elder said:

“I anticipated that would happen. This is why a lot of people don’t go into politics, because of the politics of personal destruction. This is not the first time the L.A. Times has attacked me. There is another writer that all but called me a black David Duke . . . I am told that Senator Dianne Feinstein is more feeble than Joe Biden, and if she retires and becomes incapacitated, they are afraid that I will appoint a Republican [senator], and that would shift the whole balance in the Senate.”

If Elder is elected to finish out Newsom’s term, he would face re-election next year, but the Democrats know he could clean up a lot of corruption in a year.

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One late night host made a disgusting statement about Trump supporters that will leave you red with rage



Entertainment celebrities went completely crazy during Donald Trump’s Presidency.

Their left-wing views metastasized to full-blown derangement.

Now one late night host made a disgusting statement about Trump supporters that will leave you red with rage.

Late night “comedian” Stephen Colbert is the latest Democrat mouthpiece to compare Republicans to the Taliban.

It didn’t take long for Democrats to connect the fall of Kabul with Donald Trump.

During his opening monologue, Colbert linked the Taliban to the Capitol Hill rioters.

Propagandist filmmaker Michael Moore made the same immoral comparison.

The Capitol Hill riot was horrific, but the Democrats didn’t have a fraction of this outrage when Antifa and Black Lives Matter extremists caused over $2 billion in property damage all over the country and murdered dozens of civilians and police officers.

They firebombed courthouses, police stations, and took over entire city blocks.

Meanwhile, Democrats have routinely questioned election results.

They did it in 2000 (Florida recount), 2004 (Diebold voting machines), 2016 (Russia!), and the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial race (voter suppression).

Democrats have refused to attend multiple Republican Presidential Inaugurations, and have voted against certifying elections.

It’s fine when Democrats do it.

But if Republicans question “the most secure election in history,” then they’re the same as the Taliban.

Colbert should be ashamed of himself – especially with Americans still waylaid in Afghanistan – but Democrats have no compunction when it comes to politics.

The Democrats’ despicable attack on Brett Kavanaugh damaged them in 2018, and this is uglier in some ways.

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One CNN host humiliated himself with his answer about the media



Trust in the media continues to decline.

It’s no surprise why.

And one CNN host humiliated himself with his answer about the media.

The Washington Post’s left-wing columnist Jonathan Capehart interviewed CNN’s chief Democrat Party propagandist Brian Stelter about the state of the media.

At one point Capehart asked Stelter how Americans could be taught to only believe what they read in the corporate-controlled media.

Stelter responded that Americans need a “balanced media diet.”

The left-wing activist explained that he achieves that by reading two liberal newspapers every day.

“That’s why I pay for The Washington Post and the LA Times, right? I want to hear the California perspective, I also want to know what’s happening in Washington and I love the way The Post is expanding globally to cover the whole world,” Stelter stated. “I need all of that in my media diet. And we need in our own lives and in our own communities to instill those same values. I think a lot of this is on the individual level, one-to-one, trying to help our friends and neighbors seek out real news.”

Newsbusters executive editor Tim Graham mocked Stelter’s answer writing “Yes, he needs to balance the East Coast liberals and the West Coast liberals!”

Stelter is one of the leaders of the pro-censorship movement on the Left.

After the election of 2016, Stelter placed himself at the tip of the spear in demanding social media companies ban anyone who questioned the Democrat Party’s political narratives from speaking online citing “misinformation.”

After the 2020 election, he tried to pressure cable companies to drop Fox News.

Democrats believe they won the 2020 election because they controlled the flow of information to the public through a rigorous regime of online censorship such as Twitter and Facebook suppressing factual reporting about the content of Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Stelter is taking the next step in the Left’s propaganda campaign by trying to condition Americans to consider a “balanced media diet” of two left-wing sources.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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