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Republicans devised a new strategy to win in Virginia and CNN is furious about it



CNN is not happy at all about the election results in Virginia.

Republicans took control of the Governors’ mansion and other statewide offices in an election that is widely regarded as a referendum against the failed Biden admiration and a rejection of woke culture.

It appears Republicans devised a new strategy to win in Virginia and CNN is furious about it.

Glenn Youngkin campaign aide Will Ritter appeared on CNN to discuss the campaign’s winning strategy.

Ritter said that the key to their success was to mostly ignore the corporate-controlled media and focus on key local issues that voters care about.

Ritter noted that failed Democrat candidate Terry McAuliffe got caught up with whatever the current buzz in the news cycle was, and largely focused his campaign on trying to tie Youngkin to President Trump.

CNN and the rest of the corporate-controlled media tried to do all they could to smear and attack Youngkin for McAuliffe.

Their entire strategy was to bank on leftists hatred for Trump to turn out the angry left-wing base.

Youngkin was endorsed by President Trump, but he was also his own candidate in many ways.

By focusing on key issues like schools, public safety, and cost of living, the Youngkin campaign won the day.

As many smart political strategist’s will tell you, often the best response to attacks from your opponent is to simply ignore them and stay focused on your message.

The same holds true with the Fake News Media.

The corporate-controlled media has acted as an attack dog for Democrats for decades.

Rather than getting caught up in deflecting all the mudslinging from the left-wing media, Republicans are often better off to pay them no mind, and focus instead on how their policies are better for voters.

While Donald Trump seemed to have a special talent to flip the Fake News Media’s constant attacks against him and use the constant coverage to his advantage, not all Republicans can pull that off.

If you are a Republican, you can be sure the media will attack you relentlessly no matter what you do.

Youngkin showed that by not letting them get under your skin and staying focused on winning policy can deliver victory.

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A jaw-dropping new book will confirm everyone’s worst fear about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez



Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is one of the biggest names in the Democrat Party.

That status led to an increased media profile.

And a jaw-dropping new book will confirm everyone’s worst fear about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Republicans long suspected the corporate media is in the tank for the Democrat Party.

Once Donald Trump won the GOP nomination in 2016, members of the corporate-controlled press gave up even pretending to try and be neutral and objective journalists.

New York Magazine is now openly shilling for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez by producing a book of essays lauding Ocasio-Cortez as the most beautiful, charismatic, fascinating, and consequential political figure of our time.

No corporate-controlled media outlet would ever produce such a collection of essays about a Republican politician.

And not even Barack Obama received this level of star treatment by the corporate-controlled press.

It is clear that the left-wing activists in the corporate-controlled media view Ocasio-Cortez as both the future of the Democrat Party and a major cash cow at a time when ratings and web traffic are down due to Donald Trump leaving office.

The corporate-controlled press needs to create new heroes and villains to sell Americans on a pro-Democrat Party narrative that helps advance the Left’s agenda and also be good for business.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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Fox News received a bombshell email that created huge trouble for a key Democrat




A close election just experienced a last-minute “October surprise.”

This revelation is bad news for the Democrats.

And Fox News received a bombshell email that created huge trouble for a key Democrat.

The Virginia Gubernatorial Election heads into its final days with polls showing the race can go either way.

Momentum looks like it’s on the side of Republican Glenn Youngkin as polls show Youngkin erasing Democrat Terry McAuliffe’s lead.

The McAuliffe campaign tried to paint Youngkin as a Trump acolyte that will claim voter fraud and contest the election results.

In deep blue Virginia, that is McAuliffe’s best strategy.

But once again, it turns out Democrats are guilty of everything they accuse Republicans of being.

Fox News asked the McAuliffe campaign for a response to comments by George Washington law professor Jonathan Turley blasting the McAuliffe campaign for paying controversial Democrat attorney Marc Elias $53,680.

Elias is known for election challenge lawsuits and Elias worked at Perkins Coie when the Clinton campaign funneled money through Perkins Coie to hire Christopher Steele to put together the fake news Russian collusion dossier.

McAuliffe spokeswoman Christina Freundlic thought she was sending an internal email but did not realize Fox News reporters were still on the email chain when she asked “Can we try to kill this” regarding the story.

The corporate-controlled media’s new narrative is that Democrats defend democracy while Republicans undermine elections.

In the biggest race of 2021, the Democrat candidate hired a lawyer known for contesting voting laws and elections.

A Youngkin spokesman ripped McAuliffe for the hypocrisy.

“McAuliffe’s continued claims that multiple elections were stolen raise serious doubts about whether he will accept his own impending defeat and concede when he loses to Glenn Youngkin,” the Youngkin spokesman stated.

But even though she created a needlessly negative news cycle for her candidate, Freundlic was undeterred and actually boasted about the episode.

“I think it’s clear based on this story that we did in fact . . . kill the story,” Freundlic falsely claimed on Twitter.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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CNN hopes Trump Derangement Syndrome will deliver Virginia to Democrats on Tuesday




CNN and the rest of the establishment media are nervous about the election in Virginia for Governor this Tuesday.

They have been going all out to carry water for Democrat Terry McAuliffe, and they are pinning their hope on one overused Democrat weapon: Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Now CNN is hoping Trump Derangement Syndrome will deliver Virginia to Democrats on Tuesday.

Nothing motivates the angry, miserable leftists more than their rabid hatred for President Trump.

The mere mention of the former President’s name is enough to make left-wing activists foam at the mouth.

And in a recent article titled “Why Virginia is the biggest test yet for whether Trump still motivates Democrats”, CNN all but flat-out admits that is all they got.

In the article, CNN even had to begrudgingly admit that according to polls, Republican enthusiasm for the race far outpaced Democratic enthusiasm.

These polls were backed up by the number of rally attendees for each candidate, with Glenn Youngkin drawing large crowds, and a pathetic turnout for McAuliffe’s rallies.

McAuliffe’s campaign has pulled out the big guns, having Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Barack Obama campaign for him in the state.

As noted by Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin, “Terry McAuliffe wants anybody but Terry McAuliffe campaigning, he’s inviting the world to come in and campaign with him.”

And you can guess which word came up time again in speeches by McAuliffe and the rest of the progressives stumping for him: Trump, Trump, Trump.

While incessant Trump bashing may win him votes in the progressive, just outside the beltway stronghold of northern Virginia, you can bet that heartland Virginians want no part of it.

Real Virginians won’t stand for McAuliffe’s pro-abortion-on-demand up until the moment of birth extremism, or his authoritarian COVID measures.

They won’t stand for tone-deaf statements like “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”

And they won’t stand for his support of biological men sharing restrooms with their daughters, which has already led to sexual assault in Virginia.

In fact, recent polling of parents of K-12 children in Virginia shows Youngkin leading McAuliffe 56-39.

McAuliffe is clearly out of touch with Virginians, and Tuesday will tell if Virginians fall for his Trump-bashing or elect a Governor that will set Virginia back in the right direction.

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