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One CNN host said something disgusting about Tim Scott



The Democrats’ all-out assault on Tim Scott continues.

The South Carolina Republican had the “audacity” to say that America is not a racist country.

And one CNN host said something disgusting about Tim Scott.

The Democrats are deeply invested in the narrative that America is irredeemably racist, yet somehow they can redeem the country.

Since the racism narrative is so important to the Democrats, they viciously attack anyone who counters that narrative, particularly someone black like Senator Tim Scott.

“Uncle Tim” trended on Twitter during his State of the Union response, and multiple MSNBC hosts twisted the knife even further.

And CNN’s Don Lemon got in on the act.

During a panel discussion, CNN personalities were discussing Gary O’Connor – a Texas Democrat who happens to be white – who resigned after calling Scott an “oreo,” i.e. black on the outside, white on the inside.

Lemon responded by defending the epithet against Scott:

“Well, I think ‘Oreo’ . . . has to do with how you stand on social issues – issues that affect African Americans. If you’re voting against your own interests – if you are upholding a party that . . . has been trafficking in racism – an insurrectionist party that’s trying to restrict the voting rights for people who look like you. So African Americans understand what he is saying. I don’t think that they would agree that they should be saying it that way, especially publicly.”

So Lemon agrees, but believes it should only be said privately.

Lemon also trotted out the presumptuous line of “voting against your own interests.”

Perhaps Scott isn’t in favor of gun-grabbing laws, business-crushing taxes and regulation, and the demonization of police officers that leads to spikes in violent crime.

Lemon also parroted the lie about restricting voting rights for black people.

Voter ID laws cut down on fraud, and it’s absurd to suggest that black people are so destitute that they cannot procure IDs.

Lemon continued:

“Now, I’m going to be honest, if you’re sitting around the kitchen table and you’re black and you’re with other black people, they may say the same thing, like, ‘What is wrong with this you-know-what?’ The term that he used. But I don’t think it should be used publicly. I think it is damaging to Democrats if they are trying to do that and give Republicans talking points.”

Lemon’s only issue is that Democrats gave the Republicans a talking point.

The patronizing attitude of Democrats is part of the reason why so many nonwhites voted for Donald Trump in 2020.

If the Democrats continue on this current course, they’ll likely lose more voters in the midterm elections.

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CNN just did something to Chris Cuomo that absolutely no one saw coming



CNN executives had a major scandal on their hands with regards to Chris Cuomo.

The network finally took action.

And CNN just did something to Chris Cuomo that absolutely no one saw coming.

The New York State Attorney General’s office dumped thousands of pages of documents that showed CNN anchor Chris Cuomo was much more involved in trying to help his brother New York Governor Andrew Cuomo defend himself against allegations of sexual harassment and sexual assault.

In interviews with investigators, Chris Cuomo admitted that he contacted sources in the corporate-controlled media for leads and dirt on the women who accused his brother of sexual misconduct.

For months, CNN tried to ride out the scandal.

In May, after it was revealed that Cuomo participated in strategy calls with his brother’s advisors, CNN said Chris Cuomo could not cover his brother’s scandal due to the network’s conflict of interest rules.

But the New York Attorney General’s office revealing that Chris Cuomo acted like a private investigator and political operative on behalf of his brother forced CNN’s hand.

On Tuesday, CNN announced it suspended Chris Cuomo indefinitely.

This may not spell the end for Chris Cuomo.

CNN suspended legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin after Toobin masturbated on a ZOOM call with his co-workers at the New Yorker.

Toobin’s only punishment from CNN was that the network kept him off the air for six months until the scandal blew over.

CNN could be rerunning that play with Chris Cuomo.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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Winsome Sears just schooled CNN on Critical Race Theory in this incredible segment



The corporate-controlled media’s strategy when it comes to Critical Race Theory (CRT) being taught in schools has been to gaslight parents.

They insist that CRT is not being taught in any classroom, while simultaneously vigorously opposing any effort to ban it.

And Virginia’s Lt. Governor-elect Winsome Sears just schooled CNN on Critical Race Theory in this incredible segment.

Winsome Sears was just elected Lt. Governor of Virginia in an election that brought education issues to the forefront.

She is the first black woman elected to statewide office in Virginia’s history.

Winsome Sears opposes teaching CRT, which teaches that America is inherently racist and categorizes students as “oppressors” or “oppressed” based on their race.

Sears recently appeared on CNN’s Dana Bash and dropped a truth bomb on the left-wing host.

Bash repeated leftist talking points that CRT is not part of the curriculum.

Sears challenged her on this, pointing to the fact that in 2015, former Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s state board of education had information on how to teach CRT.

Not only that, but research has shown that the phrase “Critical Race Theory” is featured on the Virginia Department of Education website, and the Department recommended reading material that instructs teachers to “embrace” the theory.

Sears herself had previously served on the Virginia Board of Education.

She went on to say that she supports teaching all history, but that is much different than the CRT-type curriculum that is being taught.

During the same interview, Sears also hit back at the corporate-controlled media for their dishonest coverage of the Rittenhouse case.

This isn’t the first time Sears has challenged the corporate-controlled media head on.

After MSNBC’s Joy Reid tied her victory and that of other Republicans in Virginia to “soft white nationalism,” Sears challenged her to have her on the show for a proper debate.

Of course, Joy Reid likely will never take her up on her offer.

For Reid, to continue to spew her racially charged garbage, she has to pretend that people like Winsome Sears don’t exist.

The left-wing media can’t stand someone like Sears.

She is a strong, black conservative and she takes them to task for their false narratives.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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CNN published this insanely racist attack on white people



CNN’s gone off the deep end.

The left-wing propaganda network is now proudly giving voice to bigotry.

And CNN published this insanely racist attack on white people.

The corporate-controlled media lost its collective mind after a jury found Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty of all charges in the shooting deaths of two white Black Lives Matter rioters and wounding a third.

CNN writer and producer John Blake wrote an analysis piece for that spun the Rittenhouse verdict into the Left’s new narrative that white supremacy was the defining characteristic of American life.

Blake attacked white men as angry and accused angry white men of bearing responsibility for every historical sin in America.

“This angry White man has been a major character throughout US history,” Blake ranted. “He gave the country slavery, the slaughter of Native Americans, and Jim Crow laws. His anger also helped fuel the January 6 insurrection at the Capitol.”

Blake then claimed that the “angry white man” was the greatest threat to public safety in America.

“It’s this angry White man — not the Black or brown man you see approaching on the street at night — who poses the most dangerous threat to democracy in America,” Blake wrote.

There were several angry white men in Kenosha last August.

They were the rioters and looters who burned the city and then tried to murder Kyle Rittenhouse.

One of these rioters was a child rapist and the other physically abused his siblings.

Blake echoed a common talking point on the Left – that the Rittenhouse verdict would now embolden white gun owners to take to the streets and shoot people for fun.

“This is what that future looks like: More angry White men emboldened by ‘stand your ground’ and citizen’s arrest laws, inspired by a conservative interpretation of the Second Amendment. And more dead Americans,” Blake wrote.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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