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MSNBC’s Joy Reid just crossed the line with an insane lie about BLM that will shock you



Black Lives Matter rioters are causing chaos all the across the country.

Yet the mainstream media is constantly covering for them.

And MSNBC’s Joy Reid just crossed the line with an insane lie about BLM that will shock you.

Late Thursday night, a Black Lives Matter extremist was killed after pulling a rifle on police in Washington state.

He was being arrested for murder charges following the murder of a Trump supporter the weekend before at a Black Lives Matter riot in Portland, Oregon.

Yet, the mainstream media is staying mostly silent on his actions.

And some are outright denying it was murder, in order to provide cover for violence from Black Lives Matter and Antifa, which are both groups the Portland murderer pledged allegiance to before committing his heinous act.

Joy Reid of MSNBC in particular has taken to fighting for Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

She claims that all the violence and rioting happening in cities like Portland, Kenosha, and Chicago is actually being committed by Trump supporters.

And on a recent broadcast, she went so far as to claim that “none of the activists from Black Lives Matter have been arrested for anything violent.”

Reid said:

You have been at this for a long time under two different Presidents. What difference does it make if a President is actively refusing to condemn the violence of documented right-wing domestic, potentially domestic terrorism, but constantly harping on Black Lives Matter, none of whom, none of you, none of the activists from Black Lives Matter have been arrested for anything violent?

Of course, trying to claim Black Lives Matter hasn’t been arrested for violence is a complete lie.

After all, one was just arrested for murder.

And according to The Washington Post, police have made more than 14,000 arrests since the Black Lives Matter riots began in late May.

Not to mention all the property they have destroyed.

The only reason the amount of Black Lives Matter arrests isn’t higher is that police in left-wing cities are prevented from doing their job by Democrat politicians.

Anybody paying attention realizes that Black Lives Matter isn’t just engaging in violence, but instead are launching all-out terrorist attacks.

But these facts go against the far-left narrative Joy Reid wants to spread.

Fake News Media

Republicans are facing one surprising prediction about the next election




Washington, D.C. is already focusing on the 2022 midterm elections.

Democrats and the GOP are both positioning their candidates for victory next November.

And Republicans are facing one surprising prediction about the next election.

Historically, the party of power gains seats in Congress during a midterm election.

The 1994, 2002, 2006, 2010, 2014, and 2018 midterm elections all saw at least one chamber of Congress change hands after the vote.

Republicans need to net just six seats in the House and one in the Senate to win back Congress and many in the party are bullish on their chances.

But in the left-wing fever swamps of MSNBC contributor Donny Deutsch declared the Democrat path to victory ran through making Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene the face of the GOP after Republicans refused to bow to Democrat and Fake News Media pressure and strip Greene of her committee assignments.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your 2021 Republican Party. What a gift it is to the Democrats. Of course, there’s something called a general election. What 199 of those congressmen and women did the other day, they didn’t necessarily vote to not throw her off committees. They endorsed her,” Deutsch began.

Deutsch claimed that tying every Republican to Greene was how the Democrats could stave off losing their majorities.

“You have the same formula now for the Democrats. You have a spokesperson, MTG, wrapped up. These are the values she stands for. This is the party that endorses her. Boy, I want to get hired by any Democrat that’s going to be running in a general election. The way this ends, the way this finally stops the Republicans, we have to cycle one more time. They have to lose that midterm bigly, to use our ex-president’s term, because they’ll understand this is just a loser. It’s just an absolute loser. The very thing that Republicans tried to sting the Democrats with, ‘Oh, it’s the party of AOC – not to compare AOC to this atrocity of a woman – it’s so far left they will burn the house down.’ Well, guess what, you handed the gift to the Democrats, and once again, we’ll see you in the general election,” Deutsch added.

In a nutshell, Deutsch gave voice to why over the last two weeks there was a concerted effort to elevate Greene – who entered Congress barely a month ago – and holds no real position of influence in the GOP to the face of the party.

Greene apologized for some of the conspiracy theories she supported in 2018, but Democrats and their allies in the Fake News Media want to push her into a position of prominence that no one in the GOP gave her as part of a 2022 electoral strategy.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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2020 election

A big name at Fox News went on MSNBC and told this terrible lie about Trump supporters




Fox News is facing an internal civil war.

Network executives and some in the “straight news” division tried to turn on Donald Trump, but the audience rebelled.

And a big name at Fox News went on MSNBC and told this terrible lie about Trump supporters.

Fox News recently fired politics editor Chris Stirewalt.

Stirewalt became a figure of great controversy when the Fox News decision desk called Arizona for Joe Biden with just 70 percent of the vote.

No other network or outlet called Arizona for nine more days because the race was so close.

Stirewalt – who Trump supporters always suspected was a liberal – raced to MSNBC primetime to appear on Chris Hayes’ show to trash conservatives.

“It was long after any calls were made that I had any idea that this was a huge deal or that people were freaking out or all that stuff,” Stirewalt stated. “I would not understand the magnitude of the anger on the right about this for sometime.”

“We were kind of out there by ourselves and through that process we became a focus of all of this rage, all of this anger,” Stirewalt added.

Even liberal election analysts thought Fox jumped the gun.

Joe Biden winning the state by 11,000 votes did not make Fox’s call ultimately right.

Instead, they got lucky.

In a state millions of votes were cast, an 11,000 vote margin is the flip of a coin.

Other networks and outlets realized that and held off on calling Arizona.

But Stirewalt tried to recast what happened claiming people that watch Fox only want to be fed pro-Trump propaganda.

Stirewalt claimed the anger “woke me up to unhappy facts about the way that the industry works . . . a lot of people have grown accustomed to being flattered by their news outlets . . . it was not just a matter that they were unhappy or disagreed with it, it was a matter of real anger and spoke to me about the depth of the problem.”

Of course, Stirewalt is covering up for the fact that on Election Night there was no greater source of misinformation than Stirewalt and the Fox News decision desk.

Early in the night with Americans still voting, Stirewalt and the decision desk incorrectly called the Democrats winning 10 out of 15 seats in House Representatives.

Republicans ended up winning 14 seats.

They may have won more had Fox not depressed the GOP vote with talk of a Democrat blow out.

Stirewalt and the decision desk did not have a good Election Night.

His performance was why he was fired, but Stirewalt knows the Fake News Media will help him revise history to make it seem like Trump’s angry base got him fired.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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Tucker Carlson had this jaw-dropping response to the campaign to take Fox News off the air




As Joe Biden took office it became clear that the central debate over the next four years will be over the Left’s demands that the government, corporate America, and Big Tech control what Americans are allowed to say.

Canceling Fox News is central to this effort.

But now Tucker Carlson had this jaw-dropping response to the campaign to take Fox News off the air.

The Washington Post, CNN, and MSNBC have declared that no companies should advertise on Fox News as a way to force Fox out of business.

Liberal activists at all of these outlets do not believe any media company that disagrees with the Democrat Party should be allowed to air programming.

MSNBC co-host Joe Scarborough warned Fox during a recent broadcast that the Left was coming for their advertisers and that the decision to air programming that promoted an alternative view to the Democrat Party would lead to their doom.

Tucker Carlson responded by noting that Donald Trump routinely accused Scarborough of murder after a young woman died in Scarborough’s Congressional office.

Carlson said even though it was a conspiracy theory, he would never use these allegations to say advertisers should not air commercials on Scarborough’s show.

“[S]o how honest do you want to be here?” Carlson explained. “The man you just saw has been accused by the President of the United States of murdering a young woman. Not many cable news hosts can say that. Now, we are not taking a position on Joe Scarborough’s guilt or innocence on that case. We are not a law enforcement agency. It is not our place to do that. But one thing we did not do and would never do is go on TV and to demand that because Joe Scarborough was accused of violence by a politician, American companies should not be allowed to sell their products to his viewers.”

The Left is not content to take their victory and move.

Instead, they see Joe Biden’s time in office as a chance to accelerate cancel culture and take down their perceived enemies.

And getting rid of Fox News is priority number one.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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