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Media Bias

Leftists went into meltdown mode after one story about a gun rights advocate



Donald Trump exposed the dishonesty of the corporate-controlled press.

He woke up millions of Americans to the fact the so-called “mainstream” media has a clear and extreme left-wing bias.

And leftists just went into meltdown mode after one story about a gun rights advocate.

There’s an expectation on the Left that legacy media institutions have a left-wing bias.

While the Left likes to pretend that corporate-controlled press outlets are nonpartisan, they also don’t want to see any stories even remotely favorable to the Right.

That’s why the Left blew a gasket when The Washington Post ran a fair piece on gun rights advocate and radio host Dana Loesch.

The Post author worked in his usual left-wing slant, but restrained himself from writing an outright hit piece.

The Post wrote:

“She connects with listeners by deploying a polished delivery, citing a blizzard of data, then pivoting for effect to the cadence of her backwoods youth. It’s an approach that has driven her ascendance: She recently was named the sixth most important person in talk radio by the industry bible, Talkers magazine, with a roughly estimated audience of 6.5 million a day . . .”

Naturally, blue-checkmark journalists lost their minds on Twitter because Loesch wasn’t made to look like a ghoul.

Perhaps Loesch’s most famous moment came when she was ambushed at a CNN town hall after the Parkland shooting.

Loesch was subjected to a 1984-esque two minutes hate, replete with booing and hissing.

She had to sit there and listen to know-nothing 17-year-olds who said they cared more about her kids than she did because they were in favor of gun control.

Leftists don’t want to have to contend with Loesch’s arguments on the Second Amendment, so they would rather pretend she doesn’t exist.

Countering left-wing narratives can have serious ramifications at publications like The Post.

New York Times op-ed editor James Bennett was fired for simply running an op-ed from Senator Tom Cotton.

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Media Bias

News networks are treating Biden like a heroic General while omitting his biggest leadership failure




“Journalists” are helping Joe Biden’s latest distraction technique gain traction.

And in the process, they’re letting the biggest story of the century slip through their fingers.

The fact is, news networks are treating Biden like a heroic General while omitting his biggest leadership failure.

America is facing its worst medical care crisis ever – and it’s Joe Biden’s fault.

The day the Supreme Court threw out Biden’s wildly unconstitutional vaccine mandates for private businesses, the White House kicked up their theatrics a notch.

Biden dramatically announced that he was deploying members of the military to help overwhelmed hospitals in six blue states.

Naturally, the so-called “mainstream” media stepped up and proved they have theatrical skills – even if they seem to lack any journalistic abilities or integrity.

ABC’s evening newscast was especially steeped in drama as several different correspondents sold the day’s news for way more than it was worth.

“President Biden taking new steps to surge resources where they’re needed most deploying six more military medical teams to six hard hit states,” David Muir said in a tone that couldn’t have been more serious than if he’d announced Biden was invading France, “One thousand personnel part of this effort.”

Then, Kayna Whitworth took the baton and did her best to play up the situation while a graphic headlined with, “Pushed to the limit” showed a map with six states, mostly blue, highlighted in red.

After informing viewers that “at least 1,000 hospitals across the United States are facing critical staff shortages” she lit into the Supreme Court describing the court’s ruling on the wildly unconstitutional private business vaccine mandate as, “a blow to the Biden administration as COVID cases careen out of control across the US.”

“The court is allowing the mandate for most healthcare workers,” Whitworth added. “This comes as the president called the military to help overwhelmed hospitals in six states survive the surge.”

Then, with zero attempt at any sort of “balanced” coverage, the story is handed off to yet another, unnamed correspondent who continues the same pro-Biden leftist propaganda, saying, “It all comes as the Biden administration scrambles to fight a frustratingly resurgent pandemic vaccine misinformation and a highly transmissible variant.”

The elephant in the room here is why hospitals are facing a shortage in the first place.

In spite of the COVID regime’s narrative crumbling all around him, Biden is refusing to eat humble pie and do the right thing.

That’s in spite of the fact that health dictators are working 24/7 to crank out new lies about what’s happening.

But we do know that in August alone last year more than half a million health care workers quit their jobs.

Then, even after that huge group left, in September 30% of all health care workers remained unvaccinated.

Chances are hospitals have been busy firing them right and left.

There’s no way sending 1,000 military members out to help – much of which may include distributing free “better” masks to the community at large – is going to make up for way more than 500 times that many workers who have been shoved out of their industry.

Since those who are vaccinated are at a higher risk of contracting the current dominant variant – Omicron – the obvious move is to remove the mandate.

Healthcare workers are the population least likely to benefit from a vaccine at any rate since they were on the front lines in 2020.

Most have probably already caught the virus and recovered, which means they now have natural immunity.

And, while natural immunity is considered wildly controversial these days – it’s also the entire foundation of why a vaccine is supposed to work in the first place.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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Media Bias

There’s a dirty secret inside Build Back Better corporate media companies don’t want you to know about




Leftists in Congress are committed to reviving Joe Biden’s $3 trillion spending plan.

And the so-called “mainstream” media is all for it.

That’s because there’s a dirty secret inside Build Back Better corporate media companies don’t want you to know about.

As a “glamour” industry, journalism is swamped with young employees who are so desperate to become famous they’ll work for almost nothing.

Most eventually realize they’ll never get the attention they’re craving and bail for a cushy corporate or government communications job that pays the big bucks.

Over time, that system has resulted in low-quality reporting and plenty of pandering to potential future employers.

Things are about to get much worse.

In political science classrooms the press has been touted as the “fourth branch” of government for decades due to its role in holding elected – and appointed – officials accountable.

But now the newspaper industry is basically lobbying to become a state-owned enterprise you’d expect to find in a dictatorship or oppressive communist regime.

Biden’s massive Build Back Better package contains a provision to make that happen.

While past government bailouts were justified because businesses were “too big to fail” this time it seems Democrats are in a big hurry to prop up businesses that are simply too pathetic to survive on their own.

The bill would give local television stations, newspapers, radio stations, and digital news outlets huge payroll tax credits amounting to $25,000 per employee the first year and $15,000 per employee the next year for companies with less than 750 employees.

Considering that salaries for journalists in the US range from about $27,000 to $79,000 per year – and we can assume the lower end of that scale is in local news – this is nothing short of the federal government basically covering payroll.

And it’s likely only the beginning of an awful campaign to force taxpayers to fund mainstream media outlets bent on pushing a leftist agenda.

In fact, back in November a former President of the New York Press Club tweeted about what could amount to bribing citizens to subscribe to their local newspaper.

In a tweet Steve Scott wrote, “Local #journalism is struggling. Would you subscribe to your local newspaper in exchange for a $250 state tax credit? That’s the idea being floated by #NJ Assemblyman @AsmRoyFreiman.”

If an online subscription counts, taxpayers would only have to shell out $75 their first year and $100 after that – and pocket the other $150.

And even if the credit would be limited to the cost of the paper, it’s a nasty socialist response to an obvious market problem: if people who can afford to won’t subscribe to your lousy paper just get their neighbors to do it and make the government collect the fees in taxes.

Of course, the push to subsidize news at every level is a huge concern for Democrats who enjoy using local news outlets to push their progressive ideas.

In the last 15 years, half of all local journalism jobs have disappeared while a quarter of all local news outlets have closed down entirely.

What they’re not addressing is why local news outlets are failing in the first place.

There’s a good reason for people to stop using the so-called “mainstream” media as quality has been tanking over the past few decades.

These days it’s likely your best friend’s snarky social media post has more depth than the average local news article.

In fact, in recent years many companies have figured out that a well-written press release put out on news wires is likely to be printed verbatim by hundreds of outlets.

So much for journalistic integrity.

We can only assume that once newsrooms start depending on federal dollars the situation will only get worse as the elected officials they cover ultimately control their purse strings.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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Media Bias

One journalist just quit her job in dramatic fashion after the disturbing thing leftists did




The so-called “mainstream” media have become insanely radical.

Right-wingers have been warning about it for years, and even liberals are finally waking up.

Now one journalist just quit her job in dramatic fashion after the disturbing thing leftists did.

The entire West has been infected with “wokeness,” a hideous amalgam of Marxism, identity politics, and political correctness.

Americans are beginning to recognize it, but it’s happening rapidly in anglophone countries and the nations of Western Europe.

And a Canadian journalist named Tara Henley recently quit her job at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) because of the militant wokeness that took over the network.

Henley wrote in an op-ed, “When I started at the national public broadcaster in 2013, the network produced some of the best journalism in the country. By the time I resigned last month, it embodied some of the worst trends in mainstream media. In a short period of time, the CBC went from being a trusted source of news to churning out clickbait that reads like a parody of the student press.”

It’s not an accident that the CBC began to resemble a bad version of the student press.

These bad ideas of wokeness are generated and allowed to fester on university campuses.

Liberals and even unaware conservatives always assumed that loony lefties would remain at colleges, or they would grow out of that phase after they graduated and entered “the real world.”

But those loony lefties are turning the real world into Clownworld.

Even liberals like Henley have become aghast at what they’re seeing.

She continued, “It used to be that I was the one furthest to the left in any newsroom, occasionally causing strain in story meetings with my views on issues like the housing crisis. I am now easily the most conservative, frequently sparking tension by questioning identity politics. This happened in the span of about 18 months. My own politics did not change.”

Many right-wingers have experienced the exact same phenomenon.

Ronald Reagan famously said, “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party left me.”

The Democrats have grown far more radical since then, and they have an astounding amount of institutional support in universities, corporations, media companies, and nonprofit organizations.

Wokeness is being pushed relentlessly, so much so that liberals like Henley can no longer take it.

Coincidentally, several Canadians have achieved prominence in America for their pushback against wokeness, the most notable being Jordan Peterson.

The entire West is under assault from the fringe Left, and Henley’s testimonial is only the latest data point.

People need to wake up before it’s too late.

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