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Leftists flipped out when MSNBC interviewed one guest that called out Biden



Joe Biden is quickly losing ground to Donald Trump.

The Democrat-controlled media clearly is concerned about Biden’s reelection prospects.

And leftists flipped out when MSNBC interviewed one guest that called out Biden.

The Democrats and their media allies have spent the last eight years demonizing Donald Trump as a racist.

But in 2020, Trump got the largest Republican share of the non-white vote since 1960.

Recent polls have shown that Trump has made inroads with black and Hispanic voters.

And one black Chicago resident told MSNBC’s Katy Tur that she was voting Republican in the 2024 election cycle because Joe Biden and the Democrats refused to lift a finger on the immigration crisis.

West Side resident Cata Truss told Tur, “Well, one of the things that I’m frustrated about is the fact that the Biden administration is not handling the migrant crisis in a way that is good for them or the cities that the migrants are being sent to. I certainly don’t want to demonize the migrants because not a lot of what is happening is their fault. I think that our mayor, our governor, as well as President Biden has to step in and make some changes to what is happening right now. Right now, it seems as if our borders are just open and that people are freely coming in, and that there are no laws that are being followed in terms of immigration. And so what is happening here in Chicago is that we are seeing our city spend up to $48 million a month to house and take care of migrants.”

Truss and others believe those resources could be going to Chicago residents.

Tur asked if the Democrats could regain her vote, and Truss responded, “I don’t know that they can get my vote back. I think that one of the biggest problems with this whole situation is when this started, I called my Congressman. I call it my State Representative. I called my State Senator. I called our Cook County Commissioner and I tried to sit down to meet with them. I even called my Mayor and I wanted to sit down and talk to them to find out if there was just something that I was missing. If there was some initial information that I needed, in order to make me sit comfortably what was happening and nobody had time to sit down with me. Nobody had time to meet with me to discuss this issue. And so as important as this issue has become to the black community, and the fact that our Mayor, who I know, whom I supported, whom I donated money to his campaign, has not bothered to pick up the phone to call me and to talk to me about what’s happening is a slap in the face for me. And so no, I cannot support people who will not support me and my community.”

Truss is not alone.

Democrats have pushed loyal voters beyond their breaking points.

*Pants of Fire News Official Polling*


Democrat-controlled media are furious that Biden is under fire from Republicans for one catastrophe




Joe Biden continues to struggle in the polls.

That’s why the press is working harder to prop him up.

And Democrat-controlled media are furious that Biden is under fire from Republicans for one catastrophe.

Joe Biden’s failure on the southern border may become the defining crisis of his Presidency.

He inexplicably reversed Donald Trump’s effective border policies, and now even Democrats are feeling the pain.

“Sanctuary” cities such as Denver, Chicago, New York, and Washington, D.C., have been forced to rethink their immigration policies.

On the issue of immigration, Biden trails Trump by over 30 points, according to the polls.

Acknowledging that immigration is a serious problem for Biden, the Democrats and their media allies have attempted to lay the blame at the feet of the Republicans.

Passing the buck

Democrats and a handful of establishment Republicans in the Senate attempted to pass a disastrous immigration bill that did next to nothing to stop the flow of illegal aliens into the country.

The Left are attempting to use GOP opposition to that bill as a way to deflect blame from Biden.

And the Democrat-controlled media are doing their part.

ABC News lead anchor George Stephanopoulos argued, “President Biden is considering executive action on the border to stem the flow of migrants after congressional Republicans killed a bipartisan compromise on border security.”

Biden could simply enforce the immigration laws already on the books, but the D.C. Swamp does not want the border secure.

The establishment of both parties benefits from illegal immigration.

ABC White House correspondent Mary Bruce commented, “Well, I’m told this morning President Biden is considering possibly taking executive action to impose tough new asylum restrictions, including possibly barring migrants from seeking asylum if they cross illegally between U.S. ports of entry…President Biden is eager to show voters that he is taking this issue seriously…[while] Republicans on the Hill, under pressure from Donald Trump, tanked a bipartisan border deal that contained significant new restrictions.”

Republicans “pounce”

When a Republican does something scandalous, the story is the scandal.

When a Democrat does something scandalous, the story is that the “Republicans pounce.”

In that vein, Bruce added that “Republicans have seized on the chaos at the border, turning it into a political liability for the President, upping the pressure on Biden to act.”

Republicans “seized” on the chaos.

In reality, Biden created the crisis by refusing to protect the southern border, and now he needs a scapegoat heading into November.

Thus far, the Democrats’ attempt to shift blame is not working.

*Pants on Fire News Official Polling*
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The View defended Biden for this truly irresponsible thing




Democrats have hitched their wagon to Joe Biden for 2024.

That is why the press is working so hard to burnish his image.

And The View defended Biden for one truly irresponsible thing.

According to the women of The View, Joe Biden can do no wrong.

They will come up with any excuse for him or his family.

Recently, the hosts of The View downplayed a CNN report that Biden’s dog Commander has been involved in at least 24 biting incidents.

Dog bites men

CNN reported that “Commander Biden, President Joe Biden’s family dog, bit US Secret Service personnel in at least 24 incidents at the White House and other locations, according to new internal USSS documents obtained by CNN. That number does not include additional incidents CNN has previously reported involving executive residence staff and other White House workers.”

Host Whoopi Goldberg made light of the story, which drew laughs from the audience.

Needless to say, Goldberg and her cohorts would be making a federal case out of the issue if that were Donald Trump’s dog.

Goldberg immediately jumped to blaming the victims and said, “Well, it makes you wonder. What did he see that nobody else saw?”

Sunny Hostin quickly jumped in and said, “Yeah! Right?”

Goldberg continued, “He’s like, ‘I know you got something in your pocket. I don’t know — you can say it’s your hand, but let me check!’ And he checked and it was the guy’s hand.”

Joy Behar added, “I have a question for the Republicans, how can we blame this on Hunter Biden? There’s got to be a way.”

Secret Service under siege

But while the panel was joking about the biting incidents, it was no laughing matter for the people involved.

A source close to the Biden family told CNN, “They’ve been heartbroken over this. They’ve apologized to those who have been bitten, taken flowers to some. They feel awful. Commander was over-protective, and even though they tried and tried to work on it, they had to let him go live with other members of their family.”

Commander was such a menace that he became a point of concern for the Secret Service.

An assistant special agent in the U.S. Secret Service Presidential Protective Division wrote in an email to their team, “The recent dog bites have challenged us to adjust our operational tactics when Commander is present – please give lots of room…[Agents] must be creative to ensure our own personal safety.”

Commander could mangle someone, and The View would still find a way to blame Trump.

*Pants on Fire News Official Polling*
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Jon Stewart tried to save face with the Left by unleashing one attack on Tucker Carlson




Jon Stewart is back at The Daily Show.

But his relaunch got off to a rocky start.

And Stewart tried to save face with the Left by unleashing one attack on Tucker Carlson.

Jon Stewart’s show on Apple turned out to be a total flop.

The Problem with Jon Stewart failed to get ratings, and his paymasters at Apple were not on board with his criticisms of the Chinese government.

Stewart decided to return to The Daily Show on Comedy Central as an executive producer and part-time host.

During his first show back as the host, Stewart took aim at Joe Biden’s advanced age and obvious cognitive decline.

The segment drew a harsh rebuke from the Left.

For example, Trump-deranged former MSNBC host Keith Olbermann wrote, “If you’re wondering how Jon Stewart’s bulls**t bothsidesist return went over…The antisemite racist conspiracy nuts LOVED it…Well after nine years away, there’s nothing else to say to the bothsidesist fraud Jon Stewart bashing Biden, except: Please make it another nine years…This was what Stewart has added to the fight to save democracy. I now officially miss… Kilborn?”

Any criticism of Biden and the Democrat Party agenda triggers swift condemnation from the left-wing outrage mob.

But Stewart quickly tried to get back in good standing with the Left by attacking right-wing boogeyman Tucker Carlson.

Stewart went after Carlson for a show he did touring a Russian train station and grocery store.

Stewart said, “It’s not really a straight face so much as you try to convey a mixture of what appears to be shame, arousal and I’m gonna say irregularity…For instance, like you’re constipated while jerking off to a Sears catalog…I know I’ve said this before: You’re such a dick…Really, truly, like a dick.”

Carlson’s episode has been criticized as a defense of the Russian economy and system of government, but others have pointed out that Carlson’s main point was more about American apathy.

Stewart added, “And it will radicalize you ― unless you understand basic economics. See, $104 for groceries sounds like a great bargain unless you realize Russians earn less than $200 a week…But here’s the reality…You f***ing know all this because you aren’t as dumb as your face would have us believe.”

Stewart can now show his face at left-wing parties again because he went after Carlson.

But that doesn’t change the fact that what Stewart said about Biden was true.

*Pants on Fire News Official Polling*
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