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Keith Olbermann

Keith Olbermann just went on a ridiculously unhinged gun control rant



Democrats are losing their minds over multiple issues.

They simply do not handle political defeat well at all.

And Keith Olbermann just went on a ridiculously unhinged gun control rant.

Much to the anger of Democrats, the Supreme Court has ruled that the state of New York – and therefore, every other state – cannot force citizens to show cause as to why they should be allowed to obtain a license to carry a firearm outside their home.

The Court’s ruling paves the way for more Americans to be able to exercise their Second Amendment rights in blue states with strict gun control laws.

Because Democrats hate the Second Amendment, and the very concept of self-defense, they have been raging over the Court’s decision.

And perhaps none were more unhinged than former failed MSNBC host turned D-list Internet talking head, Keith Olbermann.

Once a revered sportscaster on ESPN, Oldermann has devolved in recent years into such a left-wing madman, his former bosses at MSNBC won’t even give the idea of him returning to that left-wing rag “any serious consideration.”

“It has become necessary to dissolve the Supreme Court of the United States,” Olbermann fumed on Twitter. “The first step is for a state the ‘court’ has now forced guns upon, to ignore this ruling. Great. You’re a court? Why and how do think you can enforce your rulings? #IgnoreTheCourt…Hey SCOTUS, send the SCOTUS army here to enforce your ruling, you House of Lords radicals pretending to be a court.”

Olbermann is the avatar of the radical Left.

Whenever they don’t get their way, they have a conniption.

It’s also interesting to see Olbermann make a nullification argument, which has become verboten any time conservatives and libertarians mention it.

People who advocate for state’s rights and nullification immediately get slandered as “neo-confederates.”

Libertarian author Tom Woods once mocked the “zombified” arguments coming from the Left.

It wasn’t so long ago that Keith Olbermann was calling Tea Partiers members of the “Tea Klux Klan” or “Tea Baggers” for essentially advocating for exactly what he just did.

For good measure, Olbermann levied vulgar slurs at every Justice who isn’t as radical as he is.

“Also, f*ck Alito, Thomas, Roberts, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and the paralegal Coney Barrett,” Olbermann said.

It’s also interesting that he specifically slandered Justice Amy Coney Barrett as a “paralegal,” something that would be considered deeply sexist if the parties were reversed.

Democrats only believe in state’s rights when it helps advance their cause.

They are perfectly fine with providing sanctuary for illegal aliens in contravention of federal law.

Olbermann’s rant is proof that there needs to be more federalism in this country, not less.

Republicans have agreed to adhere to the Constitution while Democrats are just making stuff up as they go along.

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