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Kayleigh McEnany

Kayleigh McEnany had a surprise for Nancy Pelosi that every Democrat dreaded



Nancy Pelosi’s illegal haircut threw Democrats on the defensive.

Pelosi even tried to complain she was set up.

But Kayleigh McEnany had a surprise for Nancy Pelosi that every Democrat dreaded.

During Thursday’s White House press briefing, press secretary Kayleigh McEnany played the video of Nancy Pelosi violating California’s lockdown by getting a haircut inside and not wearing a mask during her introduction where McEnany blistered Pelosi for holding up a deal on a coronavirus relief package.

“Nancy Pelosi was not in the halls of Congress when I asked where she was,” McEnany began. “She was not working in good faith to make a deal for the American people.”

McEnany ripped Pelosi for being a hypocrite.

“Nancy Pelosi was found in San Francisco at a hair salon where she was indoors even though salons in California are … only open for outdoor service,” McEnany pointed out that “Apparently, the rules do not apply to Nancy Pelosi.”

McEnany tore into Pelosi for her fake non-apology where Pelosi claimed she was really the victim.

Without citing any evidence Pelosi claimed the hair salon owner set her up.

“Nancy Pelosi, you ought to apologize to the American people, or better yet come back to Washington and get to work for hard working Americans like this salon owner that you maligned and demanded an apology from,” McEnany added.

Pelosi’s haircut was the number one story in America on Thursday.

13 of the 25 most widely spread articles on Facebook were about Pelosi flouting California’s strict lockdown order to get a haircut and refusing to wear a mask inside.

The American people have little tolerance for public officials that don’t live by the laws they pass and demand Americans obey.

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