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CBS made one head-scratching move after drawing huge Super Bowl ratings



Super Bowl LVIII was a ratings bonanza.

The NFL’s grand finale remains the king of American television.

But CBS made one stunning move after drawing huge Super Bowl ratings.

This year was CBS’s turn to host the Super Bowl, and the network scored a huge win by drawing 123.4 million viewers.

The overtime thriller between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers drew more eyeballs than last year’s game, which tallied 115.1 million viewers.

However, that did not stop Paramount Global—CBS’s parent company—from laying off 3% of the workforce, roughly 800 employees, across several channels.

CEO Bob Bakish explained, “These adjustments will help enable us to build on our momentum and execute our strategic vision for the year ahead — and I firmly believe we have much to be excited about.”

One insider told The New York Post, “Everybody in the newsroom is pissed that Bob Bakish is making over $30 million and he’s making these cuts.”

One of the people who got the ax was CBS journalist Catherine Herridge, who is currently in the midst of a First Amendment case.

The Post reported that “Herridge may soon be held in contempt of court for not divulging her source for an investigative piece she penned in 2017 when she worked for Fox News and be ordered to personally pay fines that could total as much as $5,000 a day…Herridge’s departure comes as the journalist faces heat for not complying with US District Judge Christopher Cooper’s order to reveal how she learned about a federal probe into a Chinese American scientist who operated a graduate program in Virginia.”

Herridge might have also made enemies at the network for actually reporting on Hunter Biden’s financial scandals.

The Post added that Herridge “had run into ‘internal roadblocks’ at the network as she covered the Hunter Biden laptop story…Herridge’s most recent assignment — covering the Hunter Biden probe — put her under a microscope at the left-leaning network…”

With the 2024 election cycle heating up, the Democrat-controlled media want to remain on message regarding Joe Biden.

Layoffs have been happening across the mainstream media landscape.

News outlets that got fat during the Donald Trump years are finding it difficult to maintain previous levels of engagement.

The film and television businesses are also in a state of flux.

Disney CEO Bob Iger had to make even harsher cuts across the corporation’s many subsidiaries.

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CBS refused to cover the shocking murder of one former Trump official




Democrats and their media allies are always on the hunt for negative Donald Trump stories.

But they ignore the ones that may help his cause.

And CBS refused to cover the shocking murder of one former Trump official.

Recent polls show that Donald Trump has a five-point lead on Joe Biden.

Polls tend to underestimate Republican performance, so Biden is already in a precarious position with only nine months until the election in November.

One Trump issue that has gained resonance is the problem of rampant crime in Democrat-run cities, thanks to pro-crime policies.

The issue is unavoidable, particularly in the nation’s capital.

Even Democrats have not been able to avoid rising violent crime in Washington, D.C.

Yet CBS News somehow neglected to cover the murder of former Trump official Mike Gill.

The other broadcast networks covered the tragic story, but CBS punted.

Gill, the former Chief Operating Officer of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, was fatally shot during a carjacking in D.C.

Gill’s wife Kristina said in a statement, “It is with profound sadness that I wish to inform the community of the passing of my husband, Mike Gill…His sudden departure has left a void in our lives that can never be filled. In this time of grief, we are grateful for the outpouring of love and support from family, friends, and the community, and extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has reached out to offer condolences and assistance…Thank you for respecting our privacy as we mourn the loss of an incredible man.”

NBC News recently pounced on Trump, saying that he would consider a “federal takeover of this filthy and crime-ridden embarrassment to our nation.”

But after a slew of high-profile crimes, Trump’s characterization of D.C. seems accurate.

The Left like to threaten police departments with federal takeovers in the aftermath of controversial shootings.

They want to police the police, but there is far less urgency to police the criminals.

Gill is only one of several victims in the city.

An FBI agent was recently carjacked in D.C.

Prior to that, Democrat Congressman Henry Cuellar was carjacked in the nation’s capital.

After the incident, he said, “I was just coming into my place. Three guys came out of nowhere and they pointed guns at me. I do have a black belt, but I recognize when you got three, three guns — I looked at one with a gun and another with a gun, a third one behind me — So they said they wanted my car. I said, ‘Sure.’ You’ve got to keep calm under those situations. And then they took off…I’m a big law enforcement person. I got three brothers in law enforcement, so I certainly appreciate the good work that the police did.”

Before that, Minnesota Congresswoman Angie Craig was assaulted in an elevator in her D.C. apartment building.

Pro-crime policies are destroying major cities, and the Democrats do not want to talk about it.

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