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ABC tried to bait one military General into an attack on Trump



The Democrats and their media allies are trembling over the polls.

Donald Trump could very well return to the White House against their best efforts.

And ABC tried to bait one General into an attack on Trump.

The Democrat-controlled media want to persuade people that Donald Trump is hated and opposed by everyone.

But not everyone and everything has been nakedly politicized the way that the Left want it.

ABC News’s Martha Raddatz attempted to bait Gen. C.Q. Brown, the new Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, into bad-mouthing Trump.

Raddatz asked, “General [Mark] Milley had a very rough go with Donald Trump, starting with that photo opportunity that he said was a huge mistake. The former president has since called him a traitor saying, ‘In the past the punishment would have been death.’ When you hear things like that, what do you think?”

Milley was wildly political and admitted that he told officers in his command to ignore any orders from Trump if they involved an attack against China.

Brown responded, “I don’t listen to it. I’m focused on doing my job, and when I focus on the aspect of doing my job, it’s ensuring that we have a ready joint force.”

Raddatz pressed, “What did you learn from General Milley about working under Donald Trump that would be of value if he is elected again?”

Brown replied, “What I’ll tell you is, I’ve had a chance to talk to each one of my successors [sic]. I’ve taken all that information to make myself a better leader in how I provide advice. And I’m going to learn from my predecessors and the experiences they’ve had, from all of them, and then be able to operate in support of whoever the president may be.”

Raddatz would not let it go.

She asked again, “So you wouldn’t have concerns about working under a president who thinks the election was stolen?”

Democrats have been denying elections for over 20 years but have attempted to turn “election denial” into something that is beyond the pale.

Even today, Democrats claim that Trump stole the 2016 election via Russian collusion.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller found no evidence of collusion, but the left-wing narrative persists.

Brown answered, “I’m going to work for the—whatever president gets elected.”

Permanent Washington has gone overboard in its attacks on Trump.

Their relentless Trump demonization is backfiring.

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Republican went on ABC and crushed one Democrat defense of Biden




The Biden administration is taking on water.

And the so-called mainstream media are attempting a rescue operation.

But a Republican went on ABC and crushed one Democrat defense of Biden.

The Democrats and their media allies have been selling the narrative that Joe Biden is sharp as a tack.

Despite numerous verbal gaffes, the Left toed the line on that narrative.

But that narrative was pierced by Special Counsel Robert Hur, who was appointed to investigate Biden’s classified documents case.

In his conclusion, Hur recommended that Biden not be prosecuted for mishandling classified documents because he was an elderly man with a bad memory.

Democrats initially rejoiced in Biden’s exoneration but later bristled at Hur’s characterization of Biden.

Since then, the Left have gone on the warpath against Hur.

But Sarah Isgur, a moderate Republican who served under Ted Cruz, went on ABC News and poked a hole in the Democrats’ talking points about Hur.

Former U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara—who gave conservative author and commentator Dinesh D’Souza an unprecedentedly harsh punishment for a campaign finance violation—ripped Hur for his comments about Biden’s mental faculties.

He said on the ABC panel, “What I don’t think is correct, and I think the vast majority of legal experts agree with me on this, is the gratuitous, superfluous statements about his memory, not as it relates to the particular case or the facts relating to the handling of the classified documents, but as it relates to other things, including memory about the particular date and precise date of his son’s death. That had no place in this document. It makes no sense for this to be in this document.”

However, Isgur countered, “Look, as you said, they found evidence that he willfully retained national security information. And even probably beyond a reasonable doubt. But the justice manual says that that’s not enough even if you can prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. You have to believe, as the prosecutor, that you can get a conviction from a jury. So, why that information was included was because he’s explaining to the attorney general in that report why he believes a jury would not convict Joe Biden even if they could probably prove it beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Host Jonathan Karl jumped in and asked, “But how does him allegedly not knowing the year his son died, how is that relevant?”

Isgur responded, “Because the mental state that’s required — it has to be willful, right? So, they found evidence that he knew there were classified documents in his basement for instance, but if he can tell a jury, like, yeah, I guess I knew that day but then I forgot the next day, then he didn’t willfully retain the classified documents.”

Even Hillary Clinton admitted that Biden’s age is “an issue.”

The Democrat-controlled media will not be able to brush off these concerns.

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Sunny Hostin of The View was up in arms defending Biden over one growing concern




Democrats are developing anxiety over Joe Biden.

The polls are showing that Biden is far from a lock to defeat Donald Trump.

And Sunny Hostin of The View flew into a fit of rage to defend Biden over one growing concern.

Democrats are timidly moving forward with Joe Biden as their nominee.

That means that the so-called mainstream media have to pretend as though Biden is a strong candidate.

And as Biden’s mental faculties continue to slip, the propaganda that he’s functioning at full capacity looks increasingly ridiculous.

Former Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie offered Democrats a warning during an ABC News interview.

Christie told George Stephanopoulos, “I like President Biden personally. Always have. But, you know, past his sell-by date.”

The View played Christie’s clip, and the audience gasped and murmured as if he had said something forbidden.

Whoopi Goldberg scrambled for an argument and she said, “You know what? Ooh, my goodness gracious…First of all, what are you talking about?! He did—he kicked butt a couple days ago.”

Goldberg was referencing the South Carolina primary where Biden won 96% of the vote because he was running against Marianne Williamson, and Dean Phillips, whom nobody has ever heard of.

Goldberg added, “He did better than you-know-who did. Okay?”

Assuming she’s referring to Donald Trump, that makes zero sense.

Sunny Hostin added, “You know, I do not like when Republicans tell Democrats what they need to do in their house.”

Meanwhile, Democrats and shows like The View constantly attempt to police the Republican Party.

Later in the segment, RINO Alyssa Farah Griffin said, “The bigger problem, too, because I actually agree with him. I think a generic Democrat would do better—”

“Who? Give me a name,” Joy Behar interrupted.

Griffin mentioned Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Later, Hostin flew off the handle and said matter-of-factly that Biden is the candidate, and nobody else.

She said, “There isn’t going to be another candidate! The candidate is Joe Biden!”

Goldberg co-signed, “So suck it up!”

Hostin then struggled to list Biden’s accomplishments.

She said, “He has run this country well! He has so much to run on! He’s got better economy, inflation is down, job growth, more job growth than any other president in the past couple of decades! … His infrastructure bill.”

Inflation is down from a 40-year high, but prices are not down; they are simply rising at a slower rate.

Many of the jobs added are in the government sector, or they are part-time jobs because people need to supplement their main income.

And nobody cares about the infrastructure bill, especially when it contributed to the inflation that’s eating people alive.

The hosts of The View represent a lot of the magical thinking of the Left.

They believe that if they support Biden hard enough, all of his faults will go away and the polls will swing in his favor.

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Gavin Newsom made one comment that stopped an ABC reporter cold




Gavin Newsom desperately wants to be president.

He’s waiting in the wings in case the Democrat Party bosses move on from Joe Biden.

And Newsom made one comment that stopped an ABC reporter cold.

The Democrats are stuck with Joe Biden for right now.

They would prefer to run a younger candidate like California Governor Gavin Newsom, but Biden does not want to step aside.

Newsom has been put in the awkward position of presenting himself as a national candidate while also sucking up to Biden.

And Newsom veered into crazytown during an interview with ABC News reporter Jonathan Karl.

Newsom fawned over Biden, which forced Karl to correct the record.

Newsom said, “It’s not even a complicated campaign. We have the receipts…We have the best three-year record of any modern American presidency, period, full stop. And you look at the issue, issue by issue, they poll overwhelmingly, the American people support what Biden has done.”

Karl had had enough and said, “Except for the big thing, approval…Biden’s approval is historically low. Why is that?”

The idea that Biden has had the best three-year record of any modern president is utterly ridiculous.

Biden oversaw 40-year-high inflation, a devastating European land war broke out on his watch, he botched the withdrawal from Afghanistan, and a record number of illegal aliens have flooded into the country.

Newsom dodged the question and said that it has “been hard, globally, the last six, seven years…The economic strategy, as this president’s put together, were all things Republicans dreamt of, but never delivered…He’s delivered.”

Establishment politicians like Newsom believe that simply spending other people’s money is a great accomplishment.

Newsom then blamed Republicans for Biden’s border crisis.

He said, “Well, I think you have to deal with the cards that are dealt. You’ve got to deal with the reality on the ground. And you have to have a comprehensive conversation around this, across the spectrum, the push and the pull…And that’s around the fundamental issue, immigration reform. It’s not just border security. The president put out a comprehensive strategy, a pathway to citizenship along with lines of their former hero, Ronald Reagan, to address the reality on the ground.”

Biden reversed Donald Trump’s effective border policies as soon as he took office.

He has the power to stop the border crisis, but he refuses to do it.

Newsom added, “That’s what the president of the United States has put up in front of Congress…And they refuse to act. They’re just promoting an agenda to disrupt and find a crowbar to put in the spokes of the wheels of the Biden administration to disrupt any progress on this because they don’t want progress, period.”

Democrats want to expedite the flow of illegal aliens into the country, and Republicans do not.

Newsom is being deeply dishonest, but that is his brand.

*Pants on Fire News Official Polling*
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