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A Washington Post reporter, Taylor Lorenz, interviewed this one conservative and immediately regretted it



So-called mainstream media journalists are more left-wing activists than anything else.

They believe it is their duty to promote the Left and attack the Right.

But a Washington Post reporter, Taylor Lorenz, interviewed one conservative and immediately regretted it.

Before landing a job at The Washington Post, journalist Taylor Lorenz worked at The New York Times, where she built her reputation on doxxing and smearing figures in the tech world.

Over the past two years, Lorenz has made it her mission to attack the popular conservative online account Libs of TikTok.

Lorenz even doxxed the woman behind the account, Chaya Raichik.

Despite making a career doxxing people, Lorenz cried during an interview when she was publicly criticized.

Over a year after the doxxing incident, Raichik agreed to a long-form interview with Lorenz, and it did not go well for The Post reporter.

Raichik asked Lorenz if she approved of the literal pornography being put in public school libraries, and Lorenz scrambled to defend the inappropriate books.

Lorenz claimed that when she was in K-12 public school, she and her classmates were shown pictures of anal sex.

First, that is utter nonsense.

Nobody over the age of 35—Lorenz was cagey about her actual age—was shown graphic pornographic images in public school.

Second, Lorenz acted as if the pictures were shown in a health class context.

Even if that were true, these books are not medical texts; they are literature that even the authors admit are not appropriate for kids.

Lorenz and other liberals have failed to come up with cogent responses when they have been forced to confront the actual pictures in these books.

Ironically, Lorenz’s own employer ran a story about how one of the books, Lawn Boy by Jonathan Evison, was not intended for kids.

The Washington Post reported that “Evison said his novel, an exploration of racial assumptions and the failures of late capitalism, is meant for adults. If schools want to offer the text, he said, they should restrict access to older students. ‘Nobody below a teenager is ready for that book,’ Evison said. ‘It’s got a lot of adult stuff.’”

So even The Post and the author himself say the book should not be shown to kids, but Democrats continue to defend these books being shown in public schools.

The more the Left defend these pornographic books, the more they will mobilize parents against them.

Lorenz recently launched her own YouTube channel after going on a diatribe about layoffs among corporate journalists.

After she posted the interview with Raichik, Lorenz supporters in the comments section urged her to close the comments before right-wing critics found the video.

However, Lorenz welcomed the criticism because she knows that any engagement, either positive or negative, is good for business.

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Stephen Colbert proved he’s a Democrat operative when he hosted one Obama event




Late-night comedy has gone down the tubes.

The hosts serve as political commentators instead of comics.

And Stephen Colbert proved he’s a Democrat operative when he hosted one Obama event.

Late-night comedy began to die a slow death when Barack Obama came into office.

Comedians openly said it was too difficult to tell jokes about him because of his gravitas, and he was just so cool.

The emergence of Donald Trump gave comedians permission to tell political jokes again, but it was all one-sided.

That is the current late-night comedian paradigm.

Late-night comedy in the Trump era

For example, in September 2016, Jimmy Fallon made the mistake of inviting Donald Trump on his show.

Worse yet, Fallon playfully messed up Trump’s hair, which was seen as “humanizing” Trump.

Fallon apologized profusely for inviting the eventual President of the United States onto his show.

And it’s only getting worse.

Stephen Colbert, perhaps the most ardent late-night supporter of the Democrat Party regime, hosted a Joe Biden fundraiser that was attended by Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.

During the event, Colbert, of course, joked about Trump.

Pre-Trump Derangement Syndrome

Before Trump became the arch-villain of American politics, even Colbert had him on his show for a civil interview in September 2015.

But now Trump is the boogeyman, and he must be opposed at all costs.

And Colbert has become an enthusiastic shill for the regime.

He went from questioning Big Pharma to being one of the biggest vaccine salesmen in the country.

Late-night television is far from the days of Johnny Carson, who made a point not to choose sides despite being a liberal.

When asked in an interview why he never got more political, Carson explained, “Tell me the last time that Jack Benny, Red Skelton, any comedian used his show to do serious issues. That’s not what I’m there for. Can’t they see that? Why do they think that just because you have a Tonight Show that you must deal in serious issues? It’s a danger. It’s a real danger. Once you start that, you start to get that self-important feeling that what you say has great import. And, you know, strangely enough, you could use that show as a forum. You could use that to sway people, and I don’t think you should as an entertainer.”  

Colbert is no longer an entertainer.

He is a mouthpiece for the regime.

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Joe Scarborough asked Trump supporters one question that set a new low in journalism




Democrat-controlled media hosts are getting exasperated.

They cannot understand why their propaganda is not working.

And Joe Scarborough asked Trump supporters one question that will leave you speechless.

Democrats and establishment Republicans were holding out hope that Nikki Haley could somehow take the GOP nomination away from Donald Trump.

That pipe dream died when Haley got wiped out on Super Tuesday.

Haley only won Bernie Sanders’s state of Vermont, which is filled with hippie communists.

And MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough was seething at Trump’s wipeout victory.

Scarborough unloaded his rage on Republican primary voters, which has become a strategy of the so-called mainstream media.

Blame the voter

When voters don’t vote the way the elites want, the elites call them stupid, racist, and deplorable. 

In light of the Super Tuesday results, Scarborough said to Trump voters, “What’s wrong with you people? Why do you hate America? Why do you vote for a guy who says America is terrible? That it’s a third-world country? When really, all the evidence is to the contrary. This is why they lose every year because they run campaigns dedicated to trashing the greatest country on the face of the earth.”

Meanwhile, the Democrats have promoted the 1619 Project, which argued that the American Revolution was fought to uphold slavery and that slavery is the foundation of the country.

There is a long line of leftists that despise America and will not bat an eye to say so in the most radical terms.

Yet Scarborough wants people to believe that Trump and the Republicans are the ones that hate the country.

They do not like what Joe Biden is doing to the country.

Scarborough continued, “To me, the most offensive is that we’re a third-world country, that our economy sucks, that our military sucks, that our democracy sucks, when in fact just the opposite is true…We are the greatest in the world. I’m proud to be an American. This is the greatest country in the world, and yet Donald Trump wins votes.”

Biden doing damage

The United States is the greatest country in the world, but the Left are intentionally undermining American greatness with their disastrous policies.

For example, Biden’s immigration policies have been an unmitigated disaster.

Untold millions of illegal aliens have entered the country on Biden’s watch, and Biden refuses to enforce immigration laws that are already on the books.

Biden’s reckless spending has led to crushing inflation, and his “green” policies have hurt energy production.

Also, Biden has moved America toward banana republic territory by weaponizing the Department of Justice against his political opponents.

Scarborough has been in the D.C. Swamp for too long.

His angry screeds against Republican voters will not do Democrats any favors.

*Pants on Fire News Official Polling*
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ABC embarrassed itself defending Joe Biden’s economy in this one segment




Joe Biden is attempting to distract people from his shaky economy.

The Democrat-controlled media are doing their part to help him.

And ABC embarrassed itself by defending Biden’s economy.

Polls show that Americans’ two main issues going into the election are the economy and immigration.

Joe Biden trails Donald Trump on those two issues by a significant margin.

With the election only eight months away, Biden is desperate to burnish his image on those two key issues.

On immigration, Biden and the Democrats have attempted to shift the blame over to Republicans for refusing to pass a terrible border bill.

Thus far, that gambit has not worked; voters still primarily blame Biden for refusing to enforce border laws.

Inflation is a Biden problem

On the economy, Biden is trying to pull the old leftist trick of blaming corporate greed.

The new target of the Democrats is shrinkflation, the idea that a product gets smaller but the price stays the same.

And the Left used the Sesame Street character Cookie Monster to sell their propaganda.

ABC’s Good Morning America did an entire segment on the Cookie Monster complaining about shrinkflation, and Democrats agreed with him.

GMA correspondent Trevor Ault started the segment by saying, “We’re hearing from one of the great economic minds of our time, the Cookie Monster, who is venting about paying more for less. And, actually, now, some politicians are weighing in too. We know the cookies are shrinking. Is it corporate greed or is it bad policy? This morning, the Cookie Monster has had enough.”

The show displayed a tweet from the Cookie Monster that read, “Me hate shrinkflation. Me cookies are getting smaller.”

Democrat Senator Sherrod Brown from Ohio tweeted in response, “Me, too. People in my state of Ohio are fed up — they should get all the cookie they pay for.”

Joe Biden even got in on the act and referenced the Cookie Monster.

While shrinkflation is a real thing, the cause of it is not corporate greed.

Fixing the problem

When hit with inflation, businesses can either raise prices or reduce goods and services.

Biden said that the American people are tired of getting ripped off, but the true ripoff is with government-induced inflation itself.

Biden and the Democrats like to tout the fact that inflation has decreased, but that does not mean prices have come down.

It just means they are rising more slowly, down from the 40-year-high levels of 2022.

Excess government spending is the cause of the inflation.

If Cookie Monster wants to point the finger at anyone, it should be the politicians in Washington, D.C. 

*Pants on Fire News Official Polling*
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