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A stunning new poll about Hunter Biden has Democrats panicking



Joe Biden is inching closer to becoming President of the United States.

He was aided by unbelievable support from the so-called “mainstream” media.

But a stunning new poll about Hunter Biden has Democrats panicking.

Democrats and their Fake News Media allies are desperate to sell the idea that Joe Biden won a mandate.

But the numbers suggest otherwise.

Donald Trump won 11 million more votes than he did in 2016, and Republicans dominated down-ballot.

And a new poll shows that the majority of the country believes the corporate press buried negative stories about Hunter Biden to help his father win the presidency.

Rassmussen Reports found, “The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 52% of Likely U.S. Voters think many news organizations ignored the Hunter Biden story to help his father’s presidential campaign. Thirty-two percent (32%) disagree and say they ignored it because they felt it was a partisan hit job. Seventeen percent (17%) are not sure.”

The 52% number is eye-opening, but the fact that only 32% disagreed with the proposition says a lot of Americans are beginning to see that the establishment press is in the bad for Biden and the Democrats.

A recent poll from the Media Research Center showed that 17% of Biden voters in the crucial swing states said they would not have voted for Biden had they had known about just one of the negative stories about him.

For example, many of the respondents had never heard about the Hunter Biden laptop story or the subsequent coverup by big tech and the corporate press.

The Washington Post said the story should be treated as Russian disinformation even though it probably wasn’t.

NPR flat-out said they weren’t covering it because they felt it was a nonstory.

That 17% margin in those key states would have decisively swung the election to Donald Trump.

In addition to the overwhelming media bias in favor of Biden, he also has to contend with the massive voter irregularities circling his election victory.

Almost every single statistical indicator said Trump won the election; e.g. he received more votes in the primary, significantly increased his vote total from the prior election, won 16 of 17 bellwether counties, won Florida and Ohio et cetera.

The last laugh might be on the Fake News Media because they can no longer increase viewership and circulation by running “Orange Man Bad” stories around the clock.

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Democrat Eric Swalwell might never go on CNN again after he got asked one question




Rep. Eric Swalwell has been at the forefront of every anti-Trump conspiracy theory.

So naturally, he has made regular appearances on CNN for the past four years.

But he might never go on CNN again after he got asked one question you won’t believe.

Eric Swalwell went from being a little-known Congressman to a left-wing “resistance” hero when he became a leading figure peddling anti-Trump conspiracy theories on networks like CNN.

He is the Congressman who released the so-called “whistleblower” allegation against Trump relating to a 2019 call with Ukraine’s President, which resulted in Trump’s first impeachment trial.

And he is a current impeachment manager for the latest allegations Democrats are trying to convict Trump of in order to bar him from running for office ever again.

He was likely hoping for answers relating to that when he made a recent appearance with Jake Tapper on CNN.

Instead, Tapper surprisingly questioned him about his relationship with an accused Chinese spy, which many allege became sexual.

Tapper asked, “House Republicans have called for you to step down from the House Intelligence Committee because of this situation. You were informed by the FBI that you had been targeted by an alleged Chinese spy, who I guess is no longer in the country. Have you learned any more about this case since this broke in early December? And can you clarify how much contact you had with this Chinese national who goes by Fang Fang or Christine Fang?”

Swalwell replied, “Jake, this is a 2015 meeting about a person that I had as a volunteer back in 2012 on the campaign. The FBI has said that I did nothing wrong. Don’t take it from me. There was no wrongdoing. I’ve learned nothing new. And Speaker Pelosi has said she is keeping me on the committee. By the way, Jake, Republicans were briefed on this conduct, that this individual was trying to do with me and many other members of Congress, back in 2015. I think this is retaliation more than anything else.”

Swalwell clearly wasn’t happy with this question.

But Tapper still questioned him in the lightest way possible.

Tapper simply says he was “targeted by an alleged Chinese spy,” while ignoring the fact that the alleged spy gained a lot of influence in his office, even hand-placing interns in his Congressional office.

It has also been alleged that the relationship between Swalwell and the spy was sexual in nature, which of course, Tapper didn’t question him on.

To downplay the allegations in the question and then allow Swalwell to get away with misdirecting in his response borders on journalistic malpractice.

But you can be sure Swalwell was furious with Tapper for even bringing it up.

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One liberal journalist just smeared an Army veteran with his jaw-dropping attack on their service




Conservatives can see who the Left considers a threat by which Republicans the media attacks.

Now that Republicans are beginning to position themselves for the 2024 Presidential campaign, the media is targeting for destruction.

And one liberal journalist just smeared an Army veteran with his jaw-dropping attack on their service.

Salon magazine reporter Roger Sollenberger smeared Arkansas Senator and rumored 2024 Presidential candidate Tom Cotton by accusing Cotton of stolen valor.

Sollenberger’s “evidence” was that Cotton claimed to be an Army Ranger even though he never served in the 75th Ranger Regiment when he instead served in the 101st Airborne.

“In his first run for Congress, Cotton leaned heavily on his military service, claiming to have been “a U.S. Army Ranger in Iraq and Afghanistan,” and, in a campaign ad, to have “volunteered to be an Army Ranger.” In reality, Cotton was never part of the 75th Ranger Regiment,” Sollenberger wrote.

This is a lie.

Cotton volunteered to attend Ranger school, which he graduated from and earned a Ranger tab.

But to backup the smear on Cotton, a coordinated media campaign got underway to try and retroactively make Cotton look like a liar.

And in shameful fashion it involved Newsweek Magazine stealth-editing a 2015 article about women graduating Ranger schools and becoming the first women to call themselves “Rangers.”

This is truly 1984-level manipulation by the media.

Polls showed record low levels of Americans trust the media and that a majority believes journalists make things up to advance their preferred political agenda.

Newsweek editing a six year old story to conform with a false political smear on a Republican Senator and potential Presidential candidate are why large sections of the country no longer believe what they see and read in the media.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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Jim Acosta made one stunning prediction about Donald Trump’s political future




For four years, CNN’s Jim Acosta battled Donald Trump as the network’s White House correspondent.

But now that Trump is out of office everyone wants to know what comes next.

And Jim Acosta made one stunning prediction about Donald Trump’s political future.

On CNN’s ridiculously misnamed Reliable Sources, host Brian Stelter asked Acosta his thoughts on Trump’s next move and the fact that former President Trump uncharacteristically kept out of the spotlight in his final weeks in office.

Acosta predicted that Trump would soon make his presence felt.

“I think it is temporary,” Acosta predicted. “The populist political forces that sent Trump to the White House ‘have the potential to come back in the days to come.'”

Acosta then smeared the 75,000,000 Americans who voted for Donald Trump as a “fringe movement.”

“I do think Trump is going to lead at least a fringe movement in this country,” Acosta continued.

Acosta wasn’t content to attack Trump supporters as cranks and kooks.

Acosta concluded by ripping the President and his voters as a threat to the nation.

“While he’s still licking his wounds down in Mar-a-Lago, he poses a threat to this country,” Acosta added. “This is not a time to put away our fact-checkers in some sort of box on a shelf. They’re going to be needed to fact-check this movement. Trump may be going away, but Trumpism is not.”

The media is not going to give up on their obsession with Donald Trump just because he is no longer President.

Trump is too good for business.

CNN and other outlets fear their ratings will decline now that Trump is gone and “boring” Joe Biden is President.

Acosta is misleading CNN viewers by presenting Trump as a threat to Democrats even though he willingly left office and was banned by every social media platform to scare the audience into continuing to watch CNN.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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