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The New York Times infuriated “woke” leftists by finally covering one underreported story



The New York Times has become the torchbearer for liberal thought in America.

Certain conservative or libertarian narratives simply will not be found in the “paper of record.”

But The New York Times infuriated “woke” leftists by finally covering one underreported story.

Radical gender ideology has quickly spread throughout American culture thanks to universities, social media, entertainment media, and legacy news institutions.

The Left are promoting the insane idea that men can be women and vice versa with no pushback.

They want people to believe that only bigoted right-wingers would oppose “transition.”

But The New York Times is finally addressing the harrowing stories of de-transitioners, people who were sold a bill of goods and regret their decisions.

Radical leftists have tried to pretend that these people do not exist or they represent only a minority within a minority, but there are far more de-transitioners than the Left want to admit.

The Times ran a piece titled, “As Kids, They Thought They Were Trans. They No Longer Do.”

Opinion columnist Pamela Paul told the story of Grace Powell, a girl who was rushed into gender transition with virtually no guardrails.

Paul wrote, “At no point during her medical or surgical transition, Powell says, did anyone ask her about the reasons behind her gender dysphoria or her depression. At no point was she asked about her sexual orientation. And at no point was she asked about any previous trauma, and so neither the therapists nor the doctors ever learned that she’d been sexually abused as a child.”

Self-described progressives who have worked in gender clinics but later became whistleblowers have told similar stories.

Many who go through transition before the age of 18 are girls on the autism spectrum who are highly susceptible to peer pressure.

Powell, who’s now 23 years old, said, “I wish there had been more open conversations…But I was told there is one cure and one thing to do if this is your problem, and this will help you.”

Worse yet, therapists are threatened with loss of licensure if they do not immediately affirm kids’ new trans identity.

But the blowback is coming.

Gender clinics in other Western countries have already been shut down, most notably Tavistock in the UK.

The Left have sold kids and their parents the lie that these “gender-affirming” interventions are all safe and reversible.

The truth is beginning to trickle out.

De-transitioner Chloe Cole, who has bravely testified before Congress, responded to the article, “Detransitioners are flipping the narrative. The truth of our experiences can no longer be denied.”

Hopefully the tide fully turns before an entire generation is destroyed.

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Former Senator went on Joe Scarborough’s show and ranted at The New York Times for doing one thing to Biden




Joe Biden needs all the help he can get.

The Democrat-controlled media are picking up the slack for him as they did in 2020.

And one former Senator went on Joe Scarborough’s show and ranted at The New York Times for doing one thing to Biden.

Republican Josh Hawley retired Claire McCaskill when he defeated her in the Missouri Senate race.

Since then, McCaskill has made appearances on television to stump for the Democrats, namely Joe Biden.

McCaskill recently appeared on MSNBC with Joe Scarborough and railed against The New York Times for having the gall to fact-check Biden.

Biden plays fast and loose with numbers

During the segment, Scarborough claimed that the economy was going swimmingly under Biden, but Donald Trump was distorting the truth.

Unfortunately for the Democrats, The Times disagreed with Biden’s assessment of his record.

The piece in question busted Biden for lying or leaving out important context.

For instance, Biden said that Trump was the first President since Herbert Hoover to leave office with more jobs lost than gained.

While that is technically true, Biden failed to mention the pandemic.

McCaskill responded to Scarborough, “Yeah, and you know, the irony is, if you travel around the world, which I’m fortunate enough to have a chance to do several times a year, you know what the rest of the world sees right now? They see America with the strongest economy. They see America with the most advanced technology. America’s universities still the brightest light on the horizon in terms of academics and research. They see American companies still exceeding in terms of their global reach. But you know what they look down their nose at? They look down their nose at Donald Trump being a leader. I mean, what everyone says when you travel, ‘well, you wouldn’t elect him again, would you? Hasn’t the country learned? You wouldn’t ever give this guy power again, would you? Tell us that he’s not going to be re-elected. Please, tell us you’ve learned your lesson.’”

Assuming anyone overseas actually said those things, McCaskill was talking to a fellow leftist whose country has also chosen policies of self-destruction and decay.

Now is not the time for the truth

McCaskill added, “So the only blemish on the great country of America worldwide is, in fact, Donald Trump and can I make a suggestion? I move that every newspaper in America quits doing any fact-checks on Joe Biden until they fact-check Donald Trump every morning on the front page. It is ridiculous that the New York Times fact-checked Joe Biden on something. I mean, he vomits lies, Trump vomits lies. Every day—over and over and over again and it’s just ridiculous that The New York Times is doing a fact-check on Biden while they let Trump—while they’re numb to the torrent of lies coming out of Trump’s mouth.”

Ironically, the publications fact-checked Trump all the time but suddenly stopped when Biden came into office.

It has become commonplace for the Left to attack The Times for allowing truth to dribble out occasionally.

They are offended that The New York Times would decide to publish something that portrays the Democrats in a bad light.

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Media Bias

Karine Jean-Pierre unloaded on The New York Times for one outrageous reason




Democrats are finally getting anxious about 2024.

Reelecting Joe Biden is not going to be as easy as they once thought.

And Karine Jean-Pierre unloaded on The New York Times for one outrageous reason.

Joe Biden’s approval ratings are historically bad for an incumbent President seeking reelection.

One of his major flaws is his advanced age, which has led to embarrassing mental gaffes.

And the Democrat-controlled media are starting to speak about it.

But Biden and the Democrat Party loyalists do not want voters to believe their lying eyes.

That’s why White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre went off on The New York Times for noticing that Biden is old.

During a press briefing on Air Force One, Jean-Pierre was asked, “[T]he publisher of The New York Times has talked about getting flak from the White House for its coverage of the President’s age. Can you talk to us a little bit about what you think is, sort of, fair game when covering the nation’s oldest President and what might be off limits?”

Jean-Pierre ranted incoherently, “That — so wh- — now, to your question, more specifically, about — about The New York Times coverage, is that — that display — what we believe a journalistic objectivity about coverage of the President’s age speaks to why we agree with former New York Times public editor Margaret Sullivan, and she says, ‘Maybe The Times and other major media outlets ought to look in the mirror…Self-scrutiny and — and course correction are not among their core strengths.’ And I’ll leave it there.”

How dare The Times discuss an issue that voters are clearly concerned about?

That is the position of the Biden administration.

Even Hillary Clinton admitted that Biden’s age was “an issue.”

And Biden has done little to assuage concerns about his mental fitness.

He turned down a softball interview at the Super Bowl, and he recently confused two European leaders with their deceased predecessors.

Special Counsel Robert Hur recommended that Biden should not be prosecuted in his classified documents case, but did so on the basis that Biden is an elderly man with a bad memory.

The entire Left bristled at Hur’s characterization, then Biden confirmed by calling a disastrous impromptu press conference.

Democrats circling the wagons around Biden are hoping that attacking press outlets will be enough to ward off questions about his mental health.

So far, that strategy is not working.

*Pants on Fire News Official Polling*
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New York Times

Karine Jean-Pierre left the podium dazed and confused again after this question about Biden’s border crisis




Joe Biden backed himself into a corner.

His immigration policies are indefensible.

And Karine Jean-Pierre stumbled over one question about Biden’s border crisis.

Joe Biden foolishly reversed Donald Trump’s effective border policies as soon as he assumed office in January 2021.

The consequence has been utter chaos at the southern border, and even blue states in the north are beginning to feel the pain.

Sensing that he was losing ground on the immigration issue, Biden said he would shut down the border if he had the power to do so.

That is a lie because Biden has the authority to do so, but he wants to put pressure on Congress to pass a bad immigration bill that would expedite the asylum process and allow for even more illegal aliens to come into the country.

Nevertheless, the Democrat-controlled media picked up on Biden’s new rhetoric.

Michael Shear of The New York Times asked White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, “Back in the winter of 2018 and the spring of 2019, President Trump vowed to shut down the border with Mexico, using almost the identical language that the President used on Friday. Many — many, if not most — if not practically all Democrats called that ‘xenophobic’ and even ‘racist.’  Why shouldn’t people make the same conclusion about this President’s threat to shut down the entire border with Mexico?”

Jean-Pierre had no good answer.

Per usual, she just filibustered.

Jean-Pierre answered, “So, we believe the new enforcement tools that currently don’t exist, that will be — we believe that will be part of this bipartisan agreement — will be fair.  We believe it’ll be — yes, it’ll be tough, but it will be fair.”

She did not answer the question, so Shear asked again.

He pressed, “He didn’t say, ‘I would — on day one, I will use enhanced enforcement to improve the processing of people at the border.’ He said, ‘I will shut the border down,’ which — which suggests a total rejection of all people attempting to cross the border without — without a visa or without — without proper authorization, which, you know, stands in contravention to decades of international and U.S. law that — that governs the — the movement of people around the globe and the refugees and the asylum system.”

Jean-Pierre again rambled, saying, “No, I understand your question. What I’m saying to you: The new enforcement tools — right? — that we believe — that do not currently exist, that will be part of this bipartisan agreement — there’s going — there are different — there are different definitions — right? — of what that looks like, of what actually shutting down the border looks like.  Right?”

Democrats have no good defense for their open borders policies.

Biden is performing theater by saying he wants to get tough on the border, in a desperate attempt to shift blame onto the Republicans.

If establishment Republicans go along with Biden’s shell game, they run the risk of being primaried.

*Pants on Fire News Official Polling*
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