State-run media outlet promoted one message that will have you gnashing your teeth

Radical leftists have gradually taken over many institutions.

That has created a distorted reality that affects how people vote.

And a state-run media outlet promoted one message that will have you gnashing your teeth.

People cannot make good decisions if they are getting bad information.

That is the problem with state-run media organizations like NPR and PBS.

Both are taxpayer-funded and are supposed to be neutral, but like so many institutions, they have been captured by the Left.

Longtime NPR senior reporter Uri Berliner resigned from the outfit after 25 years because he was punished for writing an op-ed that exposed NPR’s far-left bias.

But PBS is just as bad.

The unhoused

The channel recently platformed an expert on the unhoused, which is the latest propaganda term for homeless people.

Host John Yang asked Cornell professor Charley Willison, “[T]he Supreme Court hears arguments about whether laws limiting homeless encampments in public places are unconstitutional because they punish people for being homeless. The case is about laws in Grants Pass, Oregon, a city of about 40,000 in the state southwest corner, but the outcome could reshape policies nationwide for years to come. . .What’s your take on that?”

Willison responded, “[W]hat this case is really getting at is a deep tension that American cities face when thinking about how to respond to homelessness across the country, but especially in West Coast cities that have very limited shelter capacity, and are also in the midst of a housing crisis.”

Right off the bat, she is lying.

The root cause

Homelessness is not a housing issue; it’s a mental health and substance abuse issue.

Leftist activists intentionally conflate the two issues.

Also, there is shelter space available, but the people on the street are almost exclusively addicts with mental health challenges.

They want to stay on the street so they can score drugs easier, and they do not want to deal with curfews, drug tests, and employment requirements in subsidized housing.

And the far-left activists do not want them to have any conditions for having their own apartments.

Willison continued, “And these two tensions that I’d like to emphasize are that cities generally use much more punitive policies these criminalization approaches that are at the heart of Johnson v. Grants Pass to effectively punish people who are experiencing homelessness for behaviors that are associated with the realities of homelessness. Now, importantly, the use of these punitive policies actually facilitate cycles of homelessness and does not effectively end homelessness. While the alternative addressing homelessness through the use of more housing, as well as housing paired with access to social and medical services, does successfully end homelessness.”

Cities like San Francisco have poured hundreds of millions of dollars into the homelessness crisis, and it has only gotten worse.

The reason why is because leftists refuse to acknowledge the underlying issues.

They think the problem can be fixed with free housing and free stuff.

That is fundamentally flawed, and all of the data prove this.

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