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Karine Jean-Pierre stepped on a rake when she was asked one question about a growing concern



Joe Biden struggles to put two sentences together.

So it makes sense that Karine Jean-Pierre is his press secretary.

And Jean-Pierre stepped on a rake when she was asked one question about a growing concern.

Donald Trump was on track for reelection in 2020 when COVID was used by the Left to completely change the nature of the race.

Joe Biden was allowed to stay in his bunker and allow the Democrat-controlled media to campaign for him.

Black swan

The once-in-a-century pandemic was a black swan event that nobody could have predicted.

Now another pandemic could affect the 2024 race and Democrats are ready to pounce again.

Although it is highly unlikely to be anywhere near the scale of COVID, bird flu has made a comeback in the news after a handful of cases.

People reportedly contracted the illness through contaminated milk.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked about the risk of bird flu, and she stammered through a response, then said that she did not eat meat.

Vegetarian briefing

A White House correspondent asked, “Karine, what’s your current assessment of the risk to the U.S. milk and meat supply from the bird flu epidemic in cattle?”

Jean-Pierre responded, “Yep. So I know that the Department of Agriculture has been on top of this. I know that they are not seeing any — any concerns to — to milk or any of the cattle or the meat — or meat that we are be — that we are consuming. Well, I don’t consume any meat, but some of you all — you out there.”

After a light laughter, she continued her rambling response.

Jean-Pierre added, “And so obviously they are taking this very seriously. They are monitoring the situation. As far as — as far as we understand it to be is that they believe that milk and — and consuming meat is safe.”


Jean-Pierre was then asked if there could be any supply chain disruptions, which could further doom Biden’s failing economy.

She responded, “Well, as you know, you know, what — because of the pandemic, there was a supply chain disruption. The President took action — the American Rescue Plan — which only, obviously, Democrats voted for — the President signed — helped deal with supply chain.”

So she just pivoted to a pre-scripted talking point about Biden’s boondoggle that contributed to inflation.

Jean-Pierre added, “There is a — a task force that was created to deal — to make sure that, during the pandemic, that supply chain was dealt with in a way so that we can get out of this pandemic, get our — the economy — get back on our feet with the economy.”

In other words, the Biden administration has its fingers crossed that an unforeseen pandemic does not make Biden’s election odds any worse than they already are.

He already trails Trump in several key swing states across the country.

*Pants on Fire News Official Polling*

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James Carville demanded Jen Psaki and other Democrats in the media do one jaw-dropping thing




Democrats are panicking that the 2024 election is not going according to plan.

Joe Biden currently trails Donald Trump in all seven battleground states.

And James Carville demanded Jen Psaki and other Democrats in the media do one jaw-dropping thing.

Joe Biden is on track to lose his re-election bid come November.

Democrats did not believe that this was a possibility.

Dems created an orange monster

In fact, early on in the race, Democrats and their media allies were viciously attacking Ron DeSantis because they believed the Florida Governor would be more difficult to defeat than Donald Trump.

The thinking was that the lawfare against Trump made him more vulnerable.

What the Democrats could not predict is that the lawfare against Trump made him more popular.

After Alvin Bragg’s sham conviction in Manhattan, small-dollar donations came pouring in for Trump so rapidly that the website crashed.

And panic is setting in for longtime Democrat strategist James Carville.

He believes that the problem for the Democrats is that the coverage is not biased enough in Biden’s favor.

Imagine that.

Democrat-controlled media outlets need to be even more biased in order to drag Biden across the finish line.

Carville wants more Pravda news coverage

Carville ranted on his podcast, “Now you have Joe Kahn, the new editor or publisher, whatever he is at The New York Times, saying, ‘We’re just got to cover this down the middle. We’re going to cover what it is.’ I don’t think that’s the role of the news media at a time when the entire Constitution is in peril.”

In other words, democracy is at stake, therefore the American public needs blatant propaganda from legacy media institutions.

That’s what people are getting anyway, but Carville wants it to be even more overt.

Carville continued, “I don’t have anything against slanted coverage. I really don’t. I would have something against it at most other times in American history, but not right now. F*** your objectivity. The real objectivity in this country right now is we’re either going to have a Constitution or we’re not.”

Carville does not seem to grasp that this type of dishonesty is why Trump has gained in popularity.

People can see how untrustworthy corporate-controlled media companies have become.

For example, the press behaved shamefully during COVID.

The New York Times wrote that it was a racist conspiracy theory that the virus possibly came from a lab in Wuhan.

Tom Cotton was smeared in The Times for even broaching the subject.

The press also urged everyone to stay inside to prevent the spread of COVID, then encouraged people to go into the streets and protest George Floyd’s death.

After weeks of protests where people flooded the streets, the talking heads in the media implored people to go inside again.

So going to Trump rallies or anti-government protests was dangerous, but burning down buildings during “fiery but mostly peaceful” protests for George Floyd was heroic.

Carville and other prominent Democrats have deluded themselves into thinking that The New York Times and other legacy outlets are objective.

They are light years behind.

*Pants on Fire News Official Polling*

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The View dishonored D-Day with one ridiculous Trump rant




Democrats have an unhealthy obsession with Donald Trump.

They have made him the center of the universe.

And The View dishonored D-Day with one ridiculous Trump rant.

June 6 commemorated the 80th anniversary of the day that Allied forces stormed the beaches of Normandy after the Nazi occupation.

To honor the brave men who fought on D-Day, the women of The View used the occasion to bash Donald Trump.

Joy Behar said, “So, when I was there [in France], I had a guide who was French and I said to him, ‘we saved France,’ and he said ‘you saved the world. You saved the world.’”

TDS at inappropriate times

Behar quickly pivoted and said, “And that is the most touching thing anybody has ever said to me about this country and for us to be throwing it down the toilet to a convicted felon to somebody who is liable for rape, who lies and cheats—”

“Liable for sexual abuse,” Sunny Hostin interjected for legal purposes.

Behar continued, “Sexual harassment whatever it is. John Kelly, John Kelly his former chief of staff, said Trump said U.S. service members were suckers and losers for risking their lives. There’s nothing in it for them. He refused to visit the graves in France. He didn’t want to be seen in the presence of military amputees because, ‘it doesn’t look good for me.’ He criticized gold star families. He went against John McCain who was a hero.”

Democrat-controlled media outlets cannot help but regurgitate’ lies about Trump and hope that people do not remember the truth.

The “suckers and losers” comment was based on a piece in The Atlantic written by rabid Trump critic Jeffrey Goldberg, and people who were present went on record and declared that Trump said no such thing.

As for not visiting the graves at the Aisne-Marne U.S. Cemetery in France, that was not his decision.

Due to inclement weather, the Secret Service said it was not safe for the helicopter to travel at the time.

Biden checks his watch

Meanwhile, Behar and her co-hosts defend Biden checking his watch during a memorial service for servicemembers killed during the botched Afghanistan withdrawal.

The day after the transfer ceremony for the fallen servicemembers, Shana Chappell, the mother of Marine Lance Cpl. Kareem Nikoui, wrote on Facebook: “I watched you disrespect us all 5 different times by checking your watch!!! What the f*** was so important that you had to keep looking at your watch????”

But The View wants people to believe that Biden cares deeply about the troops.

Behar added, “And this guy is neck and neck with Biden? Today is the day to reflect on what we have in this country and what we could lose very easily if we don’t watch it.”

Trump leads Biden in all seven battleground states for a reason.

Americans can see how bad Biden’s administration has been, and incessant lies from the Democrat-controlled media have not been able to tip the scales in Biden’s favor.

*Pants on Fire News Official Polling*

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Former ESPN host went on MSNBC and trashed Americans for watching one sports star




Democrats want to politicize every facet of American life.

That includes all forms of entertainment.

Now, a former ESPN host went on MSNBC and trashed Americans for watching one sports star.

Basketball star Caitlin Clark has generated an unprecedented level of enthusiasm in women’s hoops.

“Woke” activists have been calling for the WNBA to get more attention for years, but now that it’s here, these same activists are upset.

The Left doesn’t want that kind of attention

Clark is white and heterosexual, which is “problematic” for the leftists who want the WNBA to be the preservation of left-wing activism.

Former ESPN host Jemele Hill appeared on Joy Reid’s MSNBC show to trash the WNBA’s new fans brought in by Clark.

Reid asked, “You know, somebody very smart said to me recently the challenge with women’s basketball is most of the stars are black, but—I mean most of the great players are black, but most of the stars are white. Whether it’s who’s getting awarded by the ESPYs, who is getting noticed by the magazines and like you said, if there were charter flights, Brittney Griner would not have ended up in a gulag, right?”

This is not even true.

Players like Cynthia Cooper, Sheryl Swoopes, Lisa Leslie, Chamique Holdsclaw, and Candace Parker, among others, are black players who have been the faces of women’s basketball.

But the “woke” narrative must always persist.

As for Griner, the WNBA has not turned a profit in 25 years of existence.

The NBA is just expected to subsidize the league in perpetuity. 

Reid continued, “These ladies are flying commercial and they’re not treated like the men are. How much of this do you think, though, is the marketing potential of a Caitlin Clark? Because quite frankly, this is a league that is largely, as you said, largely black women. It’s largely also LGBTQ. She’s a white heterosexual woman and so if you’re trying to get white dads to go spend their money and buy season tickets, she seems like a marketing opportunity. How much of it is that?”

WNBA media ambassadors hate money

Again, the Left is complaining about the lack of resources, but when the potential for big money comes, they are repellant. 

Hill answered, “I don’t know why people find that to be controversial to think about that. We know that marketing is about ability, talent, all those things. And nobody is saying that Caitlin Clark doesn’t have those things. She’s incredibly talented. She’s broken records, she’s playing a playing style that people love that is very representative of what we see today particularly on the men’s side.”

Hill at least acknowledged that Clark is a great player in her own right.

She left Iowa as the all-time leading scorer in NCAA history.

Hill continued, “But yes, it helps that she’s white, straight, and from Iowa in a league that has faced marketing challenges throughout the history over the last three decades that it’s been in existence. It’s faced marketing challenges because of the things you mention.”

The biggest marketing challenge right now is that the gatekeepers of the WNBA do not like their new fans.

Hill added, “Because seventy percent of the players are black women. Because a third of them identify as LGBTQ+. Yes, it has faced challenges.”

The WNBA has the public’s attention, but it could quickly lose that attention because of jealousy and “woke” politics.

*Pants on Fire News Official Polling*
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