Joe Scarborough uttered one word that made his entire audience gasp for air

Joe Scarborough is locked in a battle with Nicolle Wallace.

They are jockeying for the position of top Never-Trumper on MSNBC.

And Scarborough uttered one word that made his entire audience gasp for air.

Joe Scarborough publicly left the Republican Party and became an independent in 2017 after the election of Donald Trump.

Many questioned the sincerity of his switch after Scarborough and co-host Mika Brzezinski, whom he eventually married, invited Trump onto their show MSNBC Morning Joe repeatedly during the 2016 GOP primary.

Scarborough even joked about being Trump’s running mate.

Scarborough’s leftward turn

But after it became clear that Trump was more than a sideshow, marching orders came down to unleash an all-out assault on Trump that has not stopped since.

Scarborough was suddenly appalled by Trump and has since become a consistent Democrat Party shill, even on issues he once supported as a Republican Congressman in Florida.

However, during a recent rant about far-left radicals protesting the war in Gaza on college campuses, Scarborough used one stunning word to describe himself.

Scarborough claimed that he was a “conservative.”

It’s impossible to tell based on his comments over the past seven years.

Nevertheless, Scarborough said, “[Y]ou do wonder whether the adults are, the adults that are supposed to be running the university. The amount of money that they are paid to educate students, and they can’t allow students to go to class because a small subset of those students and outside agitators want to shut down the camp—where are the adults?”

Parents are paying $70,000 per year—or students are incurring debt—to be indoctrinated into far-left radicalism to be cannon fodder for a fake revolution.

Scarborough then said, “It’s staggering, not just to me. I know I’m a conservative.”

People on both sides of the aisle had to do a double-take.

Scarborough has not moved like a conservative in a very long time.

He continued, “Not just to me, but to 90% of Americans. They want to know where the adults are at Columbia. They want to know where the adults are at Penn. They want to know where the adults are at Harvard. They want to know where the adults are in all of these college campuses where they’re letting their students and outside agitators run across the campus, shut down debate, scream whenever anybody tries to talk reason to them.”

The adults agree with them ideologically, which means the far-left protests will continue.

Scarborough scolded the protesters that “shout genocidal chants, hold up signs, pointing to Jews saying, ‘Hamas’s next victims.’ Holding up signs talking about the ‘final solution.’ Chanting constantly, ‘From the river to the sea.’”

The chant has become controversial in that some consider it to mean that Palestinians will only be free once the entire land from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea is free of Jews.

Scarborough continued, “You know what ‘From the river to the sea’ is? If you don’t, that’s all right. Most of the students chanting it don’t understand that they are chanting genocidal comments.”

That’s enough, Dear

Brzezinski was visibly uncomfortable and attempted to segue to a guest.

She said, “All right, joining us now—”

But Scarborough was not done with his rant.

He said, “They want to wipe out all Jews and they want to destroy the state of Israel and they want to kill Jews and push them—see, they are Hamas on college campuses when they chant that.”

He finally got to the heart of the matter and called out the radical leftists in charge.

Scarborough added, “[T]his is a long time coming. This has been coming since the 1960s. And now, the people that were burning down college campuses, the people that were taking over presidents’ offices, those people are now on the faculty senate. . .trying to encourage these students to do the same. They helped elect Nixon . . . I guess they want to elect Donald Trump in ‘24. Good on you, guys.”

Scarborough is scared to death that these protesters could win Trump a second term.

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  • Cable news networks declared war on President Trump even before he was sworn into the Oval Office.

    Burned by their endless predictions that Hillary Clinton would win 2016, they’ve gone all out to destroy President Trump -- even working hand-in-glove with the Deep State to spread the bogus "Russian collusion” narrative.

    With the race for 2020 set to heat up, it’s sure to get worse.