Top NFL broadcasters might have been let go for an eye-opening reason

Corporate news outlets have been going through some belt-tightening.

Some surprising names did not make the cut.

And top NFL broadcasters might have been let go for an eye-opening reason.

CBS is one of many media companies that has been forced to undergo layoffs in Joe Biden’s economy after turning off viewers by aggressively promoting the “woke” agenda 24/7.

On the news side, reporter Catherine Herridge was fired amid her investigation of the Biden family, which has opened up a can of worms for the network.

But on the sports side, former NFL quarterbacks Phil Simms and Boomer Esiason were cut from CBS’s popular pregame show.

Now football fans are asking questions that CBS may not want to answer.

Out with the old

Esiason explained, “I had been there for 22 years. The guy who hired me back in 2001 was a guy by the name of Sean McManus, who was the CBS Sports chairman. . . I never in my wildest dreams [thought] it would have lasted 22 years. With all the people that I’ve worked with CBS and the ‘NFL Today’ it’s been an amazing run.”

Simms wrote, “Great 26 yrs run with CBS SPORTS. Even though that part of my career is over I look forward to what is next.”

However, sportscaster Michael Kay argued that CBS might have opened itself up to an age discrimination lawsuit.

Kay said, “Boomer’s been there 22 years, Phil 26 years. . .I hope CBS buttoned everything up. Because if you’re getting rid of guys just because of their age, you’re going to get yourself in trouble. Can’t fire somebody because of their age.”

Simms and Esiason are 68 and 63, respectively, so it is highly likely that CBS was looking to go younger, which they did.

Former Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan, who led the team to a Super Bowl appearance, joined the broadcast.

Kay added, “I guess they’re going to have to work around it. . .Because isn’t it strange that the two guys who are older got fired? Now they can say, ‘Well, James Brown’s in his 70s, we’re bringing him back.’”


In with the new

CBS, which just hosted the Super Bowl, could perhaps be looking to shake things up as FOX is set to add 7-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback, Tom Brady, to its broadcast booth.

Of course, Brady coming out of retirement again can never be ruled out if history is any indication.

CBS’s lead color commentator Tony Romo, who quickly rose up the ranks, has fallen out of favor in some circles.

Romo initially caught fire by predicting plays with shocking accuracy that demonstrated his knowledge and intelligence of the game.

But Romo’s “parlor trick” has worn off with some viewers.

There was talk that Romo had been lax in terms of his preparation, but his performance during the Super Bowl was generally considered to be quite strong.

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