Trump-Deranged Keith Olbermann went after this top Disney employee for one jaw-dropping reason

Keith Olbermann has the worst case of Trump Derangement Syndrome ever recorded.

He has never been the same since 2016.

And Trump-deranged Olbermann went after a top Disney employee for a shocking reason.

Before Keith Olbermann revealed himself to be a left-wing nut, he was arguably the most popular host on ESPN’s flagship show SportsCenter.

Then Olbermann got his own show on MSNBC, and it was all downhill from there.

Now Olbermann howls at the moon about how Donald Trump is Hitler and all Republicans are Nazis.

He even called for ESPN to fire commentator Stephen A. Smith, the company’s highest-paid employee.

Smith taking flak

Olbermann said, “ESPN must either silence its top figure, Stephen A Smith, or fire Stephen A Smith. Once upon a time, a long time ago, you could be on one television channel talking benignly about good old sports, while you were also on another television channel, talking about party politics, partisanship and even endorsing one presidential candidate over another, a long time ago. I know this because I used to do it a long time ago, a long time ago like 2010. But this is no longer 2010. So why is ESPN letting Steven a Smith go on Fox News and campaign for Donald Trump? They either have to silence him or they have to get rid of him.”


So much is wrong with what Olbermann said.

Living under a rock

First, many ESPN employees have been expressing their views both on and off the platform for years.

Jemele Hill famously called Trump a “white supremacist” on Twitter, among other things.

Hill finally got suspended for calling for a boycott against Dallas Cowboys’ sponsors because of owner Jerry Jones’ comments about the anti-American anthem protests that spread in 2017.

Hill seemed unaware that the Cowboys and Disney share corporate sponsors.

She was far from the only employee talking politics.

There were on-air meltdowns after the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

Second, Smith did not even endorse Trump.

Smith has repeatedly denounced Trump and said he has historically voted Democrat.

He went on Sean Hannity’s show, with whom he is friends, to give his perspective as to why Trump is leading against Joe Biden and seemingly picking up steam with nonwhite voters.

Smith explained that the Democrats looked weak with their bogus lawsuits and trials against Trump.

He also said that people perceived the economy as better under Trump.

But saying those things now equals an endorsement.

Olbermann once compared former Meet the Press host Chuck Todd to a Nazi collaborator for mentioning polls that were bad for Biden, so he clearly has lost the plot.

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