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Cancel Culture

Megyn Kelly could be canceled for good after she infuriated the transgender lobby with one tweet



Megyn Kelly’s 2016 feud with Donald Trump changed her life.

She jumped from Fox News to NBC, before being fired within a year’s time.

And now Megyn Kelly could be canceled for good after she infuriated the transgender lobby with one tweet.

Megyn Kelly can’t seem to stay out of trouble no matter where she works.

Her long career at Fox News came to a screeching halt when she became a thorn in the side of Donald Trump during his campaign for President.

She alienated herself from the viewers at the network, forcing her to leave.

But after she jumped ship to work at NBC, she lasted just a year until her opinions offended too many of their far-left viewers, and her show was canceled.

Now she hosts a podcast, and works as an online political pundit.

Even though she now works for herself, she is still making waves, with the latest group to attack her being the transgender lobby.

It doesn’t take much to infuriate the transgender lobby.

Simply understanding the scientific fact that there are only two genders is enough to send them into a fit of rage.

And Megyn Kelly sent tens of thousands of transgender extremists into a frenzy simply responding to a tweet from Bravo Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi.

Lakshmi tweeted a pro-transgender message, “If you can’t accept your child for who they’re telling you they are, then you have no business being a parent.”

This comes at a time when the Left is fighting to allow children to decide their gender, and initiate gender reassignment surgery before even becoming adults.

To make it clear that is what she was talking about, she followed up stating that gender is “socially constructed.”

Megyn Kelly didn’t buy it, and replied to the tweet stating, “The responses to this idiotic tweet are spectacular.”

These are the sort of replies she is referring to:

In response the Left attacked Kelly as transphobic.

LGBT news site Queerty wrote an entire article about her one tweet, titled “Of course Megyn Kelly couldn’t let Trans Day of Visibility pass without doing something transphobic.”

Star Trek actor George Takei also reposted an article calling her “transphobic.”

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Cancel Culture

A new poll about cancel culture just put the Fake News Media to shame




The insane “woke” outrage mob has been on the loose for far too long.

At every step of the way, the so-called “mainstream” media have defended them or denied their existence.

But a new poll about cancel culture just put the Fake News Media to shame.

Every time the corporate-controlled press insists that cancel culture doesn’t exist, another celebrity – or private figure – gets “canceled” by the unhinged woke brigade.

The press is finally coming to terms with the fact that the American people don’t like it.

The Hill reports:

“A majority of Americans say they view ‘cancel culture’ as a threat to their freedom, according to a new Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll survey released exclusively to The Hill on Monday. Sixty-four percent of respondents said that there is ‘a growing cancel culture’ that is a threat to their freedom, while 36 percent said they did not view it as a threat to their freedom.”

That’s a staggering number of people who believe that cancel culture has gone too far and that it’s getting worse.

And as the poll indicated, it certainly poses a threat to freedom.

Crossing woke orthodoxy could cost someone  his or her reputation or livelihood.

The Hill continued:

“Additionally, the poll found that 36 percent of Americans said cancel culture is a ‘big problem,’ while 32 percent called it a ‘moderate problem.’ Another 20 percent said it was a ‘small problem’ and 13 percent said it is ‘not a problem.’”

That means 87% of Americans think cancel culture is a problem.

The poll should serve as a wakeup call to the Democrat establishment.

Without Donald Trump as the boogeyman that unites and mobilizes the Left, people who are fed up with cancel culture will be much more receptive to voting Republican, or at least staying home.

In the past few years, Americans have witnessed the cancellations of Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben, Land O’Lakes, Apu from The Simpsons, and Dr. Seuss to name a few.

The trend will only get worse until more people stand up to the mob.

Once the tyrannical Left gets figuratively punched in the mouth a few times, they’ll stop looking for people to crush.

This poll should give some people courage knowing that the overwhelming majority of Americans agree with them on cancel culture.

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Cancel Culture

You won’t believe who was just the latest victim of cancel culture




Cancel culture is a growing danger in American society.

Now the problem may be out of control.

And you won’t believe who was just the latest victim of cancel culture.

Democrats and members of the Fake News Media are starting to rethink their support for cancel culture after the mob claimed one of their own as their latest victim.

Former Axios reporter and previous liberal-in-good-standing Alexi McCammond announced she would not take the position of editor -in- chief of the left-wing Teen Vogue after the social justice warriors on staff pitched a fit over tweets McCammond sent when she was 17-years-old.

Liberals who claimed cancel culture was a figment of Fox New Channel’s imagination began to lament the monster they created that they could no longer control.

McCammond apologized for the tweets when they surfaced two years ago.

And McCammond apologized for them when the social justice warriors at Teen Vogue initially pitched a fit.

But the woke mob at Teen Vogue was in no mood to show grace – even to one of the members of their own political tribe.

Many conservatives argued that while no one wants to see anyone lose their jobs, making the left live under their own rules and experience cancel culture for themselves is the only way to cut this cancer out of American life.

Pants in Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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Cancel Culture

Cancel culture just targeted the one person that you won’t believe




The left created a monster with cancel culture.

There is no way to control it.

And now cancel culture just targeted the one person that you won’t believe.

Teen Vogue hired former Axios reporter Alexi McCammond as its new editor-in-chief.

McCammond made news by dating former Biden Deputy Press Secretary TJ Ducklo.

Ducklo resigned from the White House in disgrace after he threatened to destroy a POLITICO reporter who was going to break the story of McCammond’s and Ducklo’s relationship.

McCammond is a known left-wing activist in the media, but even though she is a known ally of left-wing causes, cancel culture has come for her.

More than 20 staff members at Teen Vogue wrote a letter to management trying to cancel McCammond over supposedly racist and homophobic tweets that McCammond wrote when she was just 17-years-old.

“As more than 20 members of the staff of Teen Vogue, we’ve built our outlet’s reputation as a voice for justice and change – we take immense pride in our work and in creating an inclusive environment. That’s why we have written a letter to management at Condé Nast about the recent hire of Alexi McCammond as our new editor-in-chief in light of her past racist and homophobic tweets. We’ve heard the concerns of our readers, and we stand with you. In a moment of historically high anti-Asian violence and amid the on-going struggles of the LGBTQ community, we as the staff of Teen Vogue fully reject those sentiments. We are hopeful that an internal conversation will prove fruitful in maintaining the integrity granted to us by our audience,” the Teen Vogue staff’s letter read.

One of the big problems with cultural revolutions like cancel culture is eventually the revolutionaries run out of enemies to purge and they eventually turn the mob inward on former allies no longer deemed pure enough to remain in the struggle.

That’s what is happening now to McCammond.

The Left is finding out that they have no control over the generation of cultural Marxists and social justice warriors indoctrinated in woke politics and cancel culture who are now turning their attention away from opponents on the Right and toward their fellow travelers on the Left.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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