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Democrat-controlled media are quiet about one horrific incident at a church



Perhaps Donald Trump’s biggest achievement was exposing media bias to the casual political observer.

The press destroyed its credibility in an attempt to take down Trump.

Now the Democrat-controlled media are quiet about one horrific incident at a church.

The Democrats and their media allies signal which mass shootings they care about, and which ones they do not.

For instance, when a shooting can be blamed on the Right in any way, the incident gets covered nonstop by the so-called mainstream media.

If the shooter was a leftist, the story quickly gets memory-holed, or the Left pivot to broad gun control.

That’s why a shooting at Joel Osteen’s church in Houston, Texas, has received so little coverage.

The shooter was a biological woman who identified as a transgender man and who had written “Free Palestine” on her rifle.

The shooter had also written several antisemitic rants online.

The shooter also brought her seven-year-old son to the church, where she opened fire, but was shot by two off-duty police officers.

Her son was tragically shot in the head during the crossfire.

CNN chief law enforcement analyst John Miller said, “Well, there’s an indicator which is on the rifle, the words ‘Free Palestine’ was written. We have seen writing on the rifle before in some of these other incidents. So there is an indicator that this is someone who studied prior shootings. We saw it in the Buffalo shooting in the supermarket; we saw it in the New Zealand shooting in the mosque where the rifle kind of becomes the communiqué. But we don’t really know if that is the full breadth of the motive. That’s why federal authorities were executing search warrants last night at the home looking for computers, any written documents, thumb drives, social media, online. They’re really peeling back through the identity of this person.”

CNN and other Democrat-controlled outlets do not want to speculate and want to wait for the facts to come out because that is not the standard if they believe the shooter is a right-winger.

They immediately jump to blame Tucker Carlson and conservative media.

Similarly, the Left quickly stopped talking about the Covenant School shooter in Nashville, Tennessee.

The shooter in that horrific incident was also a biological female that identified as male.

Law enforcement officials and politicians fought like hell to keep her manifesto under wraps.

The manifesto finally leaked, and it was an insane screed against “privileged” white kids and their rich parents.

If the Democrats cannot make political hay, they quickly move on.

Will the Left even be talking about this story in a week?

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.


CNN’s Jim Acosta and Dana Bash hardest hit as SCOTUS drops the hammer on Trump ballot case




It should not have come as a surprise, even for those who live in a left-wing bubble.

But that doesn’t mean that the news still didn’t sting.

Now CNN’s Jim Acosta and Dana Bash are hardest hit as SCOTUS drops the hammer on Trump ballot case.

Nearly a month ago, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments on a blockbuster challenge to former President Trump’s eligibility to appear on Colorado’s ballot.

The case was argued by the left-leaning Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) on behalf of the supposedly Republican and unaffiliated voters who wanted Trump taken off the ballot.

It was brought on grounds that Trump had allegedly incited an “insurrection” on January 6, 2021, and therefore should be disqualified.

The case was always going to be a stretch, and during the hearing, the Justices were skeptical of the Colorado lawyers’ reasoning.

Justice Brett Kavanaugh said in one exchange with attorneys, “Your position has the effect of disenfranchising voters to a significant degree. What about the background principle, if you agree, of democracy?”

Justice John Roberts said, “It’ll come down to just a handful of states that are going to decide the presidential election. That’s a pretty daunting consequence.”

SCOTUS to Colorado: No, by 9-0

The Supreme Court ruled 9-0 that states could not ban candidates for federal office from their state’s ballots under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, overturning a previous ruling from the Colorado Supreme Court.

That left Democrat partisans, media hacks, and other assorted leftists fit to be tied, and the most hysterical reactions came on CNN.

Jim Acosta, completely lacking self-awareness: “The justices are in a bubble”

In complaining that the Supreme Court ruling said that Congress has the power to determine if a candidate is eligible to be on the ballot, Jim Acosta said, “The justices are in a bubble. There are members of Congress who are never going to do anything to make life difficult for Donald Trump.  So, to think that the Congress can solve this?  They barely can get a post office named.”

Dana Bash then complained that the Court had “kicked the can to Congress” on multiple issues that actually ought to be decided by Congress.

She added, “Unfortunately for America, the Supreme Court isn’t wrong.  The framers wanted Congress to be closest to their constituents to be able to make the rules or the laws.”

To Bash, it was unfortunate that the Justices didn’t engage in a power grab and instead empowered Congress to do what even she concedes is the original framers’ intent.

It didn’t end there.

Greta Van Susteren called out her former network on social media, saying, “CNN just called the Supreme Court the ‘least transparent’ – well, their hearings are ALL open to the public, they make decisions and PUBLISH ALL their reasons for their decision….  (‘opinions) so it is NOT fair to call them the ‘least transparent” – this CNN reporter does not understand.”

It was a rough day for the left-wing outrage mob all around, as the Associated Press used biased headlines in the depiction of the high court’s decision, only to face blowback from commenters online.

In the end, what really frosts this bunch is that they are coming to the realization that lawfare tactics may not be an effective way to take down Trump.

Instead, the Democrats may very well have to beat him the old-fashioned way…at the ballot box.

Given Biden’s persistently anemic polling numbers, they have every reason to fear that prospect.

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CNN’s Van Jones offered this one grim threat to Nikki Haley supporters




Nikki Haley finally threw in the towel in the GOP Primary.

That caused a stir among the establishment that was propping her up.

And CNN’s Van Jones offered one grim threat to Haley supporters for 2024.

Nikki Haley finally suspended her campaign.

Losing her home state of South Carolina to Donald Trump by 20 points was not enough of a humiliation.

Haley went on to get wiped out on Super Tuesday, only winning the far-left state of Vermont.

As Haley finally conceded, the so-called mainstream media panicked.

Haley’s exit from the race cleared another obstacle for Trump in his path toward a second term.

And that triggered a meltdown among the Democrat talking heads.

They were concerned about which way Haley voters may swing.

Haley Primary voters

During her concession, Haley said that it is “now up to Donald Trump to earn the votes of those in our party and beyond it who did not support him. And I hope he does that. At its best, politics is about bringing people into your cause, not turning them away…And our conservative cause badly needs more people. This is now his time for choosing.”

CNN’s Van Jones was far less diplomatic.

He said that Haley voters will have blood on their hands if they gravitate toward Trump in the General Election.

During a CNN segment, Jim Acosta asked Jones, “And Van, what does President Biden need to do at this point to earn those Nikki Haley supporters, bring them into the fold? We saw the Biden campaign putting out a statement from President Biden almost immediately after Nikki Haley walked off that stage in South Carolina. What do you think?”

Jones answered, “I think he needs to talk to her donors and her supporters and say, ‘If you want to, a year from now, watch Russian tanks rolling through Europe, then, you know, endorse Donald Trump and get on that bandwagon.’”

Joe Biden is the one who suggested America would not have a response if Vladimir Putin executed a “minor incursion” into Eastern Ukraine.

But somehow, if Trump gets back into power, Putin will roll tanks into Europe, even though he invaded Ukraine on Biden’s watch.

Pay with blood

Jones continued, “But understand, you’re going to wake up one morning and you’re going to see horror across Europe, you’re going to have American soldiers, sailors, having to go over there and do something that we could have done with dollars we have to do with – with blood.”

Jones is threatening American boots on the ground if Haley supporters do not get behind Biden.

This is asinine.

The Democrat-controlled media are completely unhinged in their Trump analysis.

Their hope is to scare enough of their voters to the polls in order to drag Biden across the finish line again.

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CNN legal analyst uttered four words about Trump’s case that had Democrats furious




The Left’s lawfare against Donald Trump is unraveling.

They are running out of chances to ruin him in court.

And a CNN legal analyst uttered four words about Trump’s case that had Democrats furious.

The Democrats and their media allies had a very clear line of attack against Donald Trump.

They wanted to stop him from even being allowed to be President again with unprecedented levels of lawfare.

But all of the cases against Trump are not bearing the fruit that the Democrats wanted.

For instance, Special Counsel Jack Smith’s January 6th case might not even be heard before the November election.

Trump’s lawyers argued that he has immunity for any alleged crimes he committed while serving as commander-in-chief, and the Supreme Court took up the case.

Lawfare speed bump

However, the high court will not hear arguments until April 22nd, which does not work with the Left’s election calendar strategy.

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin, who was suspended after getting caught masturbating on a Zoom call, said that the Supreme Court’s ruling was “a gift to Trump.”

Toobin wrote that the “ruling is a gift to Trump, even if the Justices ultimately rule against him on immunity. A decision in late June makes a DC trial on 1/6 issues nearly impossible.”

Democrats are not even shy about their goal of stopping Trump from running for President.

Toobin added that the “3/25 NYC trial in the Stormy case will be the only Trump criminal trial before Election Day.”

Again, they want to jam up Trump before Election Day 2024.

That has been the Democrats’ plan all along.

Jack Smith initially tried to fast-track the case against Trump by appealing directly to the Supreme Court and not waiting for an appellate court to rule on the immunity issue.

Boosting the Boogeyman

The Democrats have only made Trump more popular with their relentless political persecution of him.

Prior to the court cases against him, Trump was facing stiff competition from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

But after the indictments, Trump took a commanding lead in the GOP primary and never looked back.

Trump was impeached over January 6th but not convicted in the Senate.

That was not enough for the Democrats.

They forged ahead with Nancy Pelosi’s January 6th House Select Committee witch hunt.

Joe Biden then sicced the DOJ on Trump, the leader of the opposition.

Now the Supreme Court is not moving on the Democrats’ timeline, and they are in full panic mode.

*Pants on Fire News Official Polling*
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