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Republican Senator went on Fox News and told one infuriating lie that had Biden smiling



Joe Biden is in a world of trouble.

But some establishment Republicans are foolishly trying to save him.

And a Republican Senator went on Fox News and told one infuriating lie that had Biden smiling.

As soon as Joe Biden took office, he reversed Donald Trump’s effective border policies.

For instance, he scuttled Trump’s Remain in Mexico agreement with Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, which meant that asylum seekers would stay in Mexico until their asylum court date instead of being released into the United States interior, never to be seen again.

Despite implementing open borders policies, Biden is now claiming that he does not have the authority to solve the border crisis.

The first thing he could do is go back to what Trump already had in place, but he and the Democrats are desperate to shift blame to Republicans in Congress.

And Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma is inexplicably helping out Biden.

Lankford went on Fox News and stumped for a Senate bill that would expedite the flow of illegal aliens into the country.

Lankford argued, “People have got to be able to read it and go through it themselves. Don’t just go off of a Facebook post somewhere what the bill says…The key aspect of this, again, is are we, as Republicans, going to have press conferences and complain the border’s bad and then intentionally leave it open after the worst month in American history in December? Now we’ve got to actually determine, are we going to just complain about things? Are we going to actually…change as many things as we can if we have the shot?”

But the bill does not close down the border at all.

At best, the bill toughens the standards for asylum, but most asylum claims are already rejected.

That does not stop illegal aliens from skipping their court dates, nor are they being deported, unless they commit a felony.

And as Biden and the Democrats have made clear, they do not consider drunk driving a crime worthy of deportation.

Lankford continued, “It’s amazing to me, if I go back two months ago and say we had a shot under a Democrat president to dramatically increase detention beds, deportation flights, locked down the border, to be able to change the asylum laws, to be able to accelerate the process, no one would have believed it. And now no one actually wants to be able to fix it because I don’t want to even debate it. I don’t want to discuss it. We have to decide as Republicans, what are we going to actually do about the border, leave it open or actually leave it closed?”

Lankford has made a complete fool of himself because the bill is out, and Republican voters hate it.

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