NBC was left holding the bag in an attempt to save one Trump witch hunt

The Democrats are working in tandem with the so-called mainstream media to take down Donald Trump.

They use each other to build whatever narrative they want.

But NBC was left holding the bag in an attempt to save one Trump witch hunt.

Democrats and their media allies have a lot invested in the Georgia election case.

Unlike the other lawfare cases against Trump, the Georgia charges cannot be pardoned at the federal level, and state law prohibits Governor Brian Kemp (R-GA) from unilaterally pardoning Trump.

However, the case went sideways when Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis ensnared herself in a sex scandal.

The affair

It came to light that Willis had been carrying on an affair with prosecutor Nathan Wade, whom she hired to work the case against Trump despite being conspicuously underqualified.

Despite no experience prosecuting criminal cases, Wade was paid over $600,000 for his time on the case.

And he and Willis went on lavish vacations together, raising the specter of malfeasance.

After a fact-finding hearing Willis was given the choice either to step down or dismiss Wade.

He promptly resigned.

Bailing on NBC

With the case badly compromised, Wade was prepared to go on NBC’s Meet the Press and talk about the ordeal, but he backed out at the last minute due to an alleged family emergency.

The Washington Examiner reported that Wade “backed out of the interview late Saturday night, the evening before it was scheduled to take place Sunday morning on Meet the Press, according to a statement from the show. The appearance was set to be the first time Wade would speak publicly about a scandal between him and District Attorney Fani Willis. . .”

Despite the official story of a family emergency, fellow attorneys believe that Wade backed out so as not to incriminate himself.

Former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti commented, “The ‘family emergency’ was presumably a lawyer with better judgment than Wade urging him to exercise his right to remain silent.”

Georgia-based attorney Andrew Fleischman wrote on Twitter that “the family emergency was a sensible person slapping [Wade] at maximum velocity.”

Another criminal defense attorney speculated online that Wade “learned quickly that a lot of folks defending him stopped [as] soon as he became useless to them.”

Democrat-controlled media were prepared to throw Willis under the bus—MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow called for her to step down in order to save the Georgia case—so the Democrat Party would have zero compunction about tossing Willis aside.

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