CNN embarrassed after trying to psychoanalyze Trump in one head-scratching segment

CNN is desperate for ratings.

Longtime anchors are being shown the door as the organization cuts back.

And CNN tried to psychoanalyze Donald Trump in one embarrassing segment.

Panic has set in across the Democrat-controlled media.

The Left thought that Donald Trump was finished, but he currently leads Joe Biden in the polls despite an endless wave of negative press.

And CNN is attempting to sufficiently scare voters into going to the polls in 2024 to stop Trump from getting a second term.

During a segment with Jake Tapper, CNN senior political analyst Nia-Malika Henderson ventured inside the mind of Trump.

Orange Man Badder

She said, “I think you have to take him at his word.”

“Literally and seriously,” Tapper responded.

The Democrats have absurdly attempted to turn Trump saying he would be a “dictator” into a talking point.

Trump clearly said that in jest during a chat with Sean Hannity in front of a crowd, and he meant that he was going to “drill, baby, drill” and get oil and natural gas production going.

Henderson continued, “Literally and seriously. That was a mistake from 2016. People sort of just said that there’s no way he would do that.”

This is yet another problem the Democrats haven’t figured out how to handle this election year.

Trump was president for four years, and other than media hysteria, things were fine until the Wuhan virus came to America.

Henderson went on, “The other thing that would be different in a Trump presidency is that the guardrails are not there. He has completely, at the top. . .completely refashion[ed] the Republican Party in his own image on the House side. On the Senate side, that seems likely as well.”

Ignore the RINOs

Henderson is far beyond delusional.

Establishment Republicans still despise Trump.

Many even despise Trump more than they despise Democrats. 

The reformers in the House are considered the outcasts.

She added, “Then at the state level right, what were the guard rails in 2020 when he tried to overthrow the election? It was all of these Republicans, governors and secretaries of state. . .[I]t prevented that from happening. It seems like a lot of these folks in the positions now would go right along with Donald Trump.”

Henderson provided no evidence, which is strange for a “senior political analyst.”

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp won re-election easily despite his very public clash with Trump.

In Arizona, a purple state where election shenanigans took place, Democrats now hold several positions in the state power structure.

Henderson concluded, “So there is I think an added fear that what he says he would want to do, which is motivated by anger and revenge and lunacy, that he could and would want to put this stuff in place.”

The “stuff” that Trump wants is more money in Americans’ pockets, and a secure border.

There’s a reason why Trump has picked up support in the polls.

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  • After giving President Trump over 90% negative coverage, the mainstream media has earned the "Fake News" label.

    CNN and MSNBC have been caught red-handed peddling Democratic Party talking points and outright hoaxes to paint Trump supporters as "racist."