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Rachel Maddow heard two words that were the biggest shock of her life



Rachel Maddow is the unquestioned queen over at MSNBC.

But now MSNBC is in chaos.

And Rachel Maddow heard two words that were the biggest shock in her life.

Maddow and other hosts decry NBC hiring Ronna Romney McDaniel 

The left-wing outrage mob, MSNBC, and NBC got a bee in their bonnet about NBC hiring former Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel as a paid contributor.

Even though McDaniel isn’t beloved by the GOP base, NBC felt the understandable urge to appear to balance out their commentary roster by bringing on a Republican who supported Trump. 

They also appeared to be avoiding one of those Never-Trumpers who claims to be a conservative but feels the need on air to tell liberal viewers that Democrats are actually right about everything, like other supposed token “conservatives” on other talk shows. 

However, McDaniel’s hiring ignited an on-air revolt that began with former failed Meet the Press host Chuck Todd whining about the hiring.

The group therapy sessions continued the next day with the entire MSNBC hosting lineup complaining about NBC hiring a Republican.

This network-wide temper tantrum culminated with Maddow – who previously demanded her network censor Donald Trump’s victory speeches – calling the decision to hire McDaniel “inexplicable” and begging her bosses to “reverse the decision.”

Backlash grows to MSNBC’s whining

But not all members of the media shared Maddow and the rest of her compatriot’s antipathy to hiring a Republican.

Former Fox News host Geraldo Rivera appeared on Chris Cuomo’s NewsNation show and declared “Screw them!” in response to a question about the bellyaching inside NBC and MSNBC.

Rivera called out hosts like Mika Brzezinski and Chuck Todd for straying way outside their lanes and trying to pull power plays their stations didn’t warrant.

“I mean, the whole idea is that they were hiring her to be the ultimate insider, and here she gets washed away, she gets drowned by this tsunami of pretentious bulls***! Really, all of these people that have a stick up their behinds, how dare they! And for Mika to say NBC shouldn’t hire them, when did she become management? When did she become the, you know, the arbiter of who got hired and who doesn’t get hired?” Rivera added.

“Chuck Todd, I don’t remember his nine years at Meet the Press as being exactly triumphant. You know, she is the ultimate insider, and to say that they don’t want to hire her now because of election denialism, well then you don’t want half the country to watch your network because half the country is Republican, more or less, and they believe – a lot of them – or at least they’ve convinced themselves, about the election being, you know, fraudulent or whatever it is,” Rivera continued.

Rivera says NBC is telling Republicans not to watch

Rivera explained that no matter how much the media thinks Republicans are wrong, the polls show nearly two-thirds of Republicans have questions about the last election.

NBC and MSNBC can’t make that go away by deplatforming half the country, so there is nothing wrong with having someone on the air who can explain what Republicans are thinking in a non-insulting manner.

“Now I think that she’s wrong, I think that the Republican Party is going off the cliff, but the fact is they hired her to be who she is, who she was, and to them now, these other talent, you know some of them past their prime, to go after her–” Rivera stated.

“I hope she tells them all to screw it, she’s sticking around, forces them to fire her, and then sues them for millions because they have humiliated her in a very, very unjust way,” Rivera concluded.

In the end, NBC caved to their on-air staff and dumped Ronna Romney McDaniel, which exposed the left-wing network for what they really are.

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Jon Stewart’s latest attack on Trump just blew up in his face in hilarious fashion




Democrats and their media allies are growing impatient.

Their lawfare against Donald Trump is not having the desired effect.

And Jon Stewart’s latest attack on Trump just blew up in his face in hilarious fashion.

The Left have been trying to defend the outrageous New York fraud case against Donald Trump.

New York Attorney General Letitia James made good on her campaign promise to “get Trump” when she sued him for fraud for overvaluing his property on bank loan applications.

Trump paid back the loans with interest and the banks were happy to do business with Trump again, but the Democrats are determined to take him down no matter what.

And the talking heads in the press are playing along.

Selling the fraud narrative

Jon Stewart, who returned to The Daily Show after his Apple+ show bombed, tried to dunk on Trump and defended the preposterous $464 million fine levied against him.

Stewart also called multimillionaire Shark Tank investor Kevin O’Leary an “a**hole” for correctly pointing out that Trump’s so-called crime was “victimless.”

Stewart said, “Ah, who’s next . . . The persecuted minority of the investment community . . . I am surprised to hear this from Kevin O’Leary, the guy who’s such an a**hole . . . that even the other people on Shark Tank think he’s an a**hole. . .I’m surprised to hear that he’s so chill about overvaluing something that he thinks is victimless because when someone tries to do that to him . . .”

However, Stewart got himself in trouble when people discovered that he sold his New York home for $17.5 million, which was 829% higher than the assessed value.

What’s good for the goose…

Some rushed to Stewart’s defense and pointed out that market value and assessed value are two different things; assessed value is determined by the city.

However, Stewart went a bridge too far and accused Trump of cheating on his taxes by paying at the assessed value right, which is what Stewart allegedly did.

Stewart said, “The attorney general of New York knew that Trump’s property values were inflated because when it came time to pay taxes, Trump undervalued the very same properties. . . It was all part of a very specific real estate practice known as lying.”

Stewart dismissed the discovery by smugly writing, “OMG!! I’ve been caught doing something not remotely similar to Trump! I guess all I need to do now is start a fraud college, steal classified docs, bankrupt casinos, pay hush money, grab p*ssies, discriminate in housing, cheat at golf and foment insurrection and you’ll revere me!”

In other words, Stewart had no good defense.

Time after time Democrats have been caught doing what Trump is accused of.

There is no good defense for this obvious political persecution of Trump.

*Pants on Fire News Official Polling*
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Chris Hayes on MSNBC tried to defend Biden’s border crisis and failed spectacularly




The heat is turning up on Joe Biden.

That has sent the corporate-controlled press into damage control mode.

Now Chris Hayes tried to defend Biden’s border crisis on MSNBC and failed spectacularly.

Illegal immigration has become an issue that Joe Biden can no longer ignore.

As soon as he took office, Biden reversed Donald Trump’s effective border policies for no good reason.

The result has been untenable waves of illegal immigration into the country, so much so that even northern Democrat strongholds are feeling the pinch.

New York pushed to the brink

New York City Mayor Eric Adams famously said that the migrant crisis would “destroy New York.”

The issue went national when illegal aliens were caught on camera beating NYPD officers.

However, MSNBC host Chris Hayes does not want people to believe their lying eyes.

He downplayed immigrant crime as the creation of Fox News.

Hayes said, “And then this month, guess what happened? Manhattan prosecutors dropped the charges against Boada, you know why? They told the judge that further investigation proved that Boada, that guy, who had always professed his innocence, did not participate in the attack in question. They misidentified him. It wasn’t him. They got the wrong guy. Not him. He didn’t do it. Have you seen coverage of that? You think they’ve run 84 segments on Fox News about that? Of course by then, the man’s life is upended. The myth of migrant crime had already become a roar in the right-wing media machine, and they will do it over and over again. Whether it’s false rumors of a migrant caravan about to destroy America or the Guardian Angels live on Fox wailing on a man they claimed was a migrant thief when he was neither. He was an American from The Bronx who had not stolen anything. That happened last month. Remember all of this the next time you hear an immigration horror story out of Republicans. Aiming for fear, not facts.”

Regardless of the particulars of Boada’s case, the underlying facts are true; illegal aliens assaulted NYPD officers.

It was captured on video.

How to make crime disappear

Hayes’s smug dismissal is indicative of the Democrats’ attitudes about crime.

Democrats think if pro-crime district attorneys stop prosecuting crimes, then that means crime magically goes away.

No, it just means there are more criminals roaming the streets.

Illegal aliens should not be committing any crimes because they should not be in the country.

Nursing student Laken Riley was tragically murdered by an illegal alien in Georgia.

If her murder were the only one committed by an illegal alien—and it is not—that would be too many.

Democrats are mistaken if they believe they can happy-talk their way past the crime problem.

*Pants on Fire News Official Polling*
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