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You’ll be floored when you find out why Sports Illustrated says Christians are destroying America



Somehow, Sports Illustrated got a woke makeover. 

Now the new owners—led by a man who doesn’t even live in the US—just turned the magazine into a political weapon. 

And you’ll be floored when you find out why Sports Illustrated says Christians are destroying America.

A man known for “making millions off dead people” now owns the intellectual property rights to iconic American magazine Sports Illustrated which used to be famous for its swimsuit edition—rather than Christian bashing political hit pieces. 

But back in 2019, Authentic Brands Group—a company which holds rights to profit off of everything from Forever 21 to Eddie Bauer—added Sports Illustrated to its portfolio. 

The holding company which was started by Canadian Jamie Salter also holds the rights to iconic cultural legends including Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, Muhammad Ali, and Elvis Presley. 

Like most big time public corporations the infamous wokeism pushing BlackRock is one of the company’s largest shareholders—and is using the retirement income of everyday Americans to force companies to take a hard left approach in their businesses. 

In the most recent issue Sports Illustrated delivered in a big way. 

The Christian bashing article was led with a headline that read: “When Faith and Football Teamed Up Against Democracy.”

According to writer Greg Bishop, a football coach exercising his right to free expression by praying is the “further erosion of the separation between church and state.” 

In typical leftist fashion, Bishop is busy wringing his hands over the fact that some people seem to think the US Constitution was designed to protect people from an overbearing government. 

Government is the leftists’ god—and they can’t stand any kind of competition. 

Now that the Supreme Court is preparing to issue a ruling about assistant high school football coach Joe Kennedy’s personal decision to pray after games ended, leftists are pushing the panic button. 

Bishop claims that Kennedy represents a “religious movement that’s surging with momentum … a powerful right-wing machine many say is employing a timeless division tactic: us vs. Them.” 

Since a conservative Christian is the main character in this story, Bishop conveniently overlooked any sort of constitutional right to free expression. 

“To them, he’s a hero, David slaying an anti-faith Goliath,” Bishop wrote about conservative Christians. “To others, he’s a sledgehammer aimed at a bedrock of democracy: the separation of church and state.”

He also managed to dig up several leftist attorneys who claim a coach praying is “perilous to foundational American ideals.”

If by “American Ideals” Bishop means “BlackRock Ideals” or “George Soros Ideals” he’d be right. 

But the Bill of Rights in the US Constitution was very obviously created to protect the right of men like Joe Kennedy to live his life without getting shut down by an overreaching government and political busybodies.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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