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What this MSNBC host said about Mike Pence will have your jaw on the ground



Vice President Mike Pence often finds himself a target for the left’s slings and arrows.

Liberals hate Pence because of his faith and his loyalty to President Trump.

And what this MSNBC host said about Mike Pence will have your jaw on the ground.

The liberal media is in an uproar over the supposed mistreatment of illegal alien children at migrant detention centers.

Reports surfaced that children slept on concrete floors and did not have soap, blankets or tooth brushes.

The Trump administration inherited these shabby conditions from Barack Obama, and Democrats in Congress refuse to provide money for Border Patrol so they can handle the surge of illegal aliens storming the border that the Democrat-supported open borders policies encourage.

Vice President Mike Pence made these points during an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper.

This caused MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough to lose his mind.

During the Monday broadcast of “Morning Joe” Scarborough attacked Pence’s Christian faith.

Breitbart reports:

Monday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” host Joe Scarborough slammed Vice President Mike Pence for remarks he gave to CNN’s Jake Tapper on Sunday’s “State of the Union” regarding illegal immigration and the alleged treatment of minors crossing illegally.

Scarborough called on Pence to “read the gospels again” and “see” what Jesus said about the treatment of children.

“Mike Pence is lying about children living in torturous positions right there,” he said. “Mike Pence who claims to be a devout Christian — I’m sure he is, but he uses it as a political badge of honor. Mike should read the gospels again and see what Jesus says about the treatment of little children. You can start at Luke 17:2. Something about no stones being hung around people’s neck. You have got to explain to us what does the administration think they are gaining by allowing children to walk around the lice and walk around without diapers and 8-year-olds having to take care of 2 or 3-year-olds?”

The blame for the entire situation rests entirely with the Democrats.

They won’t fund border security because they believe they can exploit suffering children for political gain in 2020.

But the media sees it as their job to spin any given set of facts in the most negative light for Donald Trump.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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  1. James Cantrell Sr

    June 24, 2019 at 10:25 pm

    Mr. Scarborough. I have served the public for over 50 years and know how politics works as well as how media distortion comes into play. Jesus said to love our enemies as ourselves so I have to have some affection for you.

    The Democratic Party has held back on every point that would help resolve the situation at our Southern border. They whine, bitch, moan and give idiots such as you lip service as to how they are vitally concerned about our country. That is all crap. All they care about getting re-elected and keeping the money they have. Get them off their butts and get things done to fix the problems.

  2. Mike Flanagan

    June 24, 2019 at 10:27 pm

    And just what 5 star hotels dd these childern stay in on there way here from the southern border of Mexico and even farther south. why didn’t they bring their tooth brushes … bet they never ever used a tooth brush.

  3. NavyPO2

    June 24, 2019 at 10:33 pm

    Hey Scarborough, UP YOURS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. CaptTurbo

    June 24, 2019 at 10:40 pm

    And what do you think the Lord thinks about the leftists killing children by the millions up to birth and beyond?

    • Vicky

      June 24, 2019 at 11:03 pm

      Your right Capt. Turbo. I think the Demos. Has lost their minds !

    • beverly

      July 2, 2019 at 6:20 am

      Has anyone ever looked at Morning Joe’s face? His eyes look like little round dots. His elongated face and the rest of is face is hysterical. Maybe that is the reason he hates trump? Trump is very hands-on and Joe, no so! He and Mitzi both look like they plan their responsives to-gether and come out fool? ANd here they were friends of Trump when Trump married Melania. What a friend?

  5. Mike

    June 24, 2019 at 10:42 pm

    This guy moron Joe is a gas bag! Like the other dims he is a liar and a clown. They are not worth the time or effort to try and talk or rationally discuss anything with. They have an agenda and that is paint the dims in the best way they can? Like they did for 8 years of the obungles admin so I just know I will be voting for trump in 20 and I just laugh at the clowns on the left.

  6. Don Nicholas

    June 24, 2019 at 10:53 pm

    It’s a good thing the target of the democrat narrative is an misinformed, PC demanding, useful idoit that populates Universities across the nation seeking a safe place where only approved thought is allowed.

  7. Janette Braswell

    June 24, 2019 at 10:54 pm

    All of this is on the Democrats and their failure to do ANYTHING to alleviate these problems and the deaths of these children is also on their heads. Sorry, Sorry,
    Sorry humans they just find any way they can to murder children…

    • Mike Hunt

      June 24, 2019 at 11:31 pm

      CNN Sucks!

  8. Myron

    June 24, 2019 at 11:01 pm

    There’s also a verse in the BIBLE JOE that states HE KNEW YOU BEFORE YOU WERE EVEN BORN….

  9. dane

    June 24, 2019 at 11:02 pm

    Most of the DEMS In Congress are the cause of this, how many have opened their doors to illegal’s, how many tooth brushes have they sent they will all go to hell along with the liberal news scum! These scum kill American babies they are problem!

  10. L. Shamus McQuade

    June 24, 2019 at 11:09 pm

    LMAO!!!…Really MSNBC is using scripture to make a point?…What a joke. These “children they speak about, Trump didn’t being them here, Trump didn’t create these children. They are the creation of other people’s bad decisions and drama when they decided to take these children to the border, putting them in these living conditions. and Trump is the monster?…LMAO!!!….All the mainstream BS media spin the story to such an extent that there is no truth or facts just playing off of emotion. Emotion doesn’t get it done. Lastly why do all these “male” newscasters have the same “just pumped the neighbor’s cat look” on their faces with the goofy 3 year old hair cut?

  11. Tommie Walker

    June 24, 2019 at 11:14 pm

    I expected nothing less from this Liberal news network…..

  12. Bill

    June 24, 2019 at 11:25 pm

    The Democratic Party and liberals have gotten so anti-American it’s sickening.

  13. James Schwindt

    June 24, 2019 at 11:45 pm

    Scarborough was a staunch republican and served in the House from Florida from ’95 to 2001. But after Liar In Chief Donnie got elected, he saw the light and left the republcon party and became an independent.

    • Vicki

      June 25, 2019 at 4:31 am

      Nice story..the truth is Joe & Mika both sucked up to the Trumps in hopes of getting a position in the administration. When that didn’t happen, they turned to lying as a career. Nobody can out lie the Fake News Media.

  14. Harold

    June 25, 2019 at 12:42 am

    I am sorry that Joe does not read the whole text or understand what it is saying. If you cause one of these little ones of mine to sin , it would be better if a millstone were cast around your neck and you be cast into the deepest sea. That is a far cry from what he is trying to promote. Sexual immorality is what is behind the statement. He should read the full text and context before trying to omit the total background of the statement. Liberals and Democrats as well as Reporters try to make themselves look better than what they are . Satan knows the scripture an its true meaning better than Joe.

  15. Jake

    June 25, 2019 at 12:47 am

    Oh Joe, you little beady eyed mouth slut; Will you ever learn: you can run, but you can’t hide from your slanderous old bullshit that you spout every day…. BTW, why are you soooo angry? We will be happier when you and your bobble-heads at cnn & mslsd will be off the air

  16. AJ

    June 25, 2019 at 12:51 am

    Joe Scarborough, please don’t take God’s Word out of context and abuse His Word for your own purposes. In the Gospel according to Luke, Jesus warns us about those who cause His little ones to sin. Perhaps you should spend more time studying God’s Word and ask Him for His wisdom and understanding. (See James 1:5)

  17. Bill

    June 25, 2019 at 2:04 am

    No one with any character pays any attention to MSNBC what they say is always wrong in some way or an out and out lie !!!

  18. Gordon

    June 25, 2019 at 3:01 am

    Scarborough sucks!

  19. JC

    June 25, 2019 at 4:39 am

    MSNBC has been lying about Trump all along. The hosts involved here have a personal issue because Trump wouldn’t hire them in his admin. Now we know why. These two pee heads don’t deserve the recognition they get now and should exiled for their treason and disrespect.

  20. Alan Doud

    June 25, 2019 at 6:17 am

    Hey Joe. why do folks like you use a quote you don’t even know what it says or why? By supporting the folks that won’t issue help (democrats) and originated the cages and all the jazz, You are more likely a match for the millstone. Democrats suppressing support doesn’t get the kids lice meds or toothbrushes. If the rich democrats are so concerned they can buy 1,000 toothbrushes for $100.00 and claim it as a charitable tax deduction. Wow! Imagine that. Your backdoor way of using and supporting the hatred toward christians to defer votes isn’t kosher either. BTW Christians have never been popular, so it is unlikely that it is a good source for votes. I suggest you start reading the bible and pray for discernment.

  21. Dolores

    June 25, 2019 at 3:03 pm

    All these people that work for MSNBC and CNN are lunatics. They couldn’t tell the truth if it slapped them in the face.

  22. Rita

    June 27, 2019 at 2:10 am

    NOW he is as nutty as his 3rd wife, Mika, who is just off the rails. It is just sickening what women can do to some men. He used to be fairly straight but now he has hit rock bottom. I wonder if men ever stop to think about, “what did I do here, and why” You are one bad example for your children, Shame on YOU.


    June 27, 2019 at 2:31 am

    hey joe what are you ? man or mouse neither just a regular piece of liberal sh-t

  24. NavyPO

    June 27, 2019 at 3:33 pm

    Has Scarborough been drug tested?

  25. David DiBona

    June 27, 2019 at 3:46 pm

    I stopped watching any of the late night talk shows years ago.
    I could watch any of the so called entertainment shows, and not laugh once,
    and the way they treat President Trump is beyond me.
    They live in their world, and we live in reality.
    If any of them had a clue as to what damage they are doing, or to the reality of what’s going on at the Border, they would realize that the influx of illegals, may not be hurting them, Fallon, Kimmel, Stuart, Colbert, I’m sure the money they make keeps them in a gated community, but for the most part, they really aren’t that funny.
    James Cordon s show is what I watch, occasionally, and then I’m asleep.
    Constant ridicule of OUR President is NOT the thing to do. The Man deserves some praise for what he has accomplished with the pack of Swamp Rats at his tail every GD Minute of every day.
    Each host has his good points, but they are there to entertain, and if any of them think the ridicule they spew at President Trump is good for their ratings, they are definitely being led in the wrong direction. Maybe they should say some good points about him, and see what type of response that gets them. Comparing Obama to Trump, and the differences between their leadership skills…..What a Joke… OBAMA HAD NO SKILLS… He is the reason for such racial divide in OUR COUNTRY, Not President Trump….

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Fake News

An NBC anchor lost his mind with an attack that affects every Trump supporter in America




The mainstream media can’t go a day without attacking President Trump and his supporters.

Recent numbers show that their Trump coverage is 96% negative.

And an NBC anchor lost his mind with a new attack that affects every Trump supporter in America.

With every day that goes by, the mainstream media finds a new reason to attack President Trump.

Their latest means of attack has been through the fake impeachment inquiry being led by Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA).

And NBC’s Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd went on an unhinged rant about how Trump supporters are “not accepting the premise” of impeachment.

NewsBusters reports:

During the 12:00 p.m. ET hour break in Wednesday’s impeachment hearing, the journalists anchoring NBC’s special coverage complained that House Democrats hadn’t made a strong enough case for President Trump’s removal from office and even suggested the media were being too soft on Trump. Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd particularly wailed about the President’s supporters “not accepting the premise” of impeachment.

“You have to make the case that you cannot trust him to hold his office,” Todd advised Democrats. “If they’re gonna make it a case for removal, that’s the case you have to make,” he added. Chief foreign affairs correspondent and MSNBC anchor Andrea Mitchell dismissed “the main Republican argument” to “let the voters decide” Trump’s fate in the 2020 election by touting “the argument that the voters can’t decide because it won’t be a fair fight.”

Later in the panel discussion, Nightly News anchor Lester Holt worried: “Have Democrats taken into account that this is a president who has a different set of rules in many ways?” He noted that Trump has “done a lot of things that have shocked and surprised people.

Todd launched into rant against the President’s supporters over them refusing to accept media and Democrat efforts to overturn the results of the 2016 election.

Trump supporters know exactly what the premise of impeachment is.

And unlike the mainstream media, they understand that the entire premise is based on a hoax perpetrated by a fake “whistleblower” whose claims are completely unfounded.

Do you think impeachment is a hoax?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Fox News officially joined the anti-Trump resistance in a shocking act of betrayal




During Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign for President, Fox News was the only network fair to him.

But in recent months, the network has rapidly shifted from its roots, and has started looking more like CNN.

And Fox News officially joined the anti-Trump resistance with this latest act of betrayal.

The most shocking figure at Fox News to turn on President Trump is judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano.

He was once a major Trump ally, and came to his defense against the Deep State on a regular basis.

But in recent months he has changed, reportedly following Trump refusing to nominate him to serve on the Supreme Court.

In a recent segment, Napolitano went on a massive rant, claiming that Trump is unfit to be President.

He cites a number of Left-wing talking points and fake news claims to make his argument.

Breitbart reports:

On Friday’s broadcast of Fox Nation’s “Liberty File,” Fox News judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano questioned if President Donald Trump is unfit to serve in the White House.

Napolitano said, “In nearly three years in office, President Donald Trump has spent federal dollars not authorized by Congress, separated families and incarcerated children at the Texas-Mexico border in defiance of a federal court order, pulled 1,000 American troops out of Syria ignoring a commitment to allies and facilitating war against civilians there, and sent 2,000 American troops to Saudi Arabia without a congressional authorization or declaration of war.”

He continued, “He has also criminally obstructed a Department of Justice investigation of himself, but escaped prosecution because of the intercession of an attorney general more loyal to him than to the Constitution — the Constitution! At the outset of his presidency, Trump took the presidential oath of office, promising that he would faithfully execute his obligation to preserve protect and defend the Constitution. James Madison, the scrivener of the Constitution, insisted that the word faithfully be in the presidential oath and that the oath itself be in the Constitution to remind presidents to enforce laws and comply with constitutional Provisions whether they agree with them or not.”

His statement would not be surprising if they came from somebody like Rachel Maddow or Brian Stelter.

But Napolitano used to be a major ally to the President, and was someone Trump would praise on his Twitter page.

Needless to say, that will almost certainly never happen again.

Will you ever watch Andrew Napolitano again?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Fake News

This whistleblower got fired for one reason you won’t believe




The Fake News Media has made it their mission to protect the identity of the so-called whistleblower” that kicked off the phony Ukraine scandal.

So-called “journalists” accused Donald Trump, Jr. of committing a felony by tweeting out an article that had the name of the so-called “whistleblower” in it.

But then this whistleblower got fired for one reason you won’t believe.

For all the fake news talk of protecting the so-called “whistleblower’s” identity to protect them from retaliation, the so-called “mainstream” media could not wait to out and punish a whistleblower that made news networks look bad.

ABC News was turned upside down when Project Veritas aired a clip of anchor Amy Robach explaining how ABC spiked her story that would have exposed accused pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s crimes back in 2016.

In a matter of days, ABC tracked down the identity of the whistleblower and found out this employee was now at CBS News.

ABC informed CBS of this fact and CBS swiftly fired the whistleblower in retaliation.

Mediaite reports:

CBS has fired a former ABC News employee after receiving word they were the person who leaked a video of anchor Amy Robach venting about a scrapped story about Jeffrey Epstein.

Journalist Yashar Ali was the first to report the news that ABC had discovered the source of the leak, writing “ABC News executives know who the former employee is but don’t know if that person leaked the footage to Project Veritas, the right-wing activist group, or if they shared it with others who leaked the footage” and that the employee now worked at CBS.

The Fake News Media refuses to reveal the identity of the so-called “whistleblower” – who is alleged to be former Biden associate Eric Ciaramella – because they know Ciaramella is a partisan hack and exposing his identity will expose the fact that filing his phony whistleblower complaint was a partisan takedown of President Trump.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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