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What this fake news shill just said about the 2020 Presidential Election left Donald Trump seeing red



The Fake News Media is stooping to new lows every day in an effort to smear Trump’s name ahead of November.

With increasing coronavirus coverage, MSNBC brings on guest after guest to fear-monger to their audience.

But what this fake news shill just said about the 2020 Presidential Election left Donald Trump seeing red.

MSNBC has been fueling the hysteria of the month ahead of November to try and hurt President Trump’s chances at re-election.

Most Americans are wise to the Fake News Media’s tricks and games and they’re sick of it.

But this past week on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, things took a drastic turn.

Partisan hack and Morning Joe guest, Dave Aronberg took to the air to criticize Florida’s Governor for not mandating all of Florida wear masks.

“Willie, remember, it was the most devious kind of voter suppression that got Governor Kemp elected in the first place ,” Aronberg started in.

But he wasn’t done there. Aronberg then turned his ire to President Trump and suggesting the unthinkable.

“I mean, why don’t we just hand Joe Biden the presidency and Keisha Bottoms the vice presidency because what they’re doing is highlighting that she is trying to save lives while these – what’s the word? These idiots,” Aronberg fumed.

Move past the playground insults and Aronberg let the world see the ugliness that is the Left in the United States.

Aronberg is advocating not having an election and to essentially allowing Biden to usurp the presidency from Donald Trump.

This is how the Left and the Democrats are moving forward in the United States. They are done with reason and have moved into a presumptive violent takeover of the country.

This much can be seen around the country in Marxist Black Lives Matter and Antifa-fueled riots where Americans are killed as their property burns.

Meanwhile, the Fake News Media has the gall to defend these rioters as they prop up a puppet like Biden for presidency even while his body is crumbling and his mind collapses.

All the while House Speaker Pelosi is ramming through the Left’s radical agenda in Congress under the guise of “coronavirus relief,” including a fraud ridden mail-in voting system the Democrats hope to have made mandatory before Americans head to the polls this year.

There is no reason, no logic, no precedent for how the Left is moving forward to gain political power and many Americans fear it begins with stealing away a Presidential election this November.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.


MSNBC accused Trump of one corrupt scheme that will make your blood boil



MSNBC is home to some of the looniest anti-Trump conspiracy theories on cable news.

But this latest example of Trump Derangement Syndrome takes the cake.

And MSNBC accused Trump of one corrupt scheme that will make your blood boil.

On Thursday, Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough attacked Donald Trump for supporting hydroxychloroquine as a possible treatment for coronavirus because of some unnamed financial connection.

“You have him retweeting woman talking about demons and other bizarre things, mocking masks, talking about hydroxychloroquine,” Scarborough began, “which just about every other medical professional says, it does not work on this disease. It doesn’t work. I don’t know who’s making money, right, but follow the money.”

“For somebody to continue to bring up hydroxychloroquine, you have to ask, what’s the money connection?” Scarborough added. “Because it makes no sense to continue to push a drug as the president continues to do, that doesn’t work. That every medical professional says, doesn’t work. That the top scientists in America say doesn’t work.”

The Left routinely falsely claims Donald Trump is getting rich off the Presidency.

Forbes estimates Donald Trump’s net worth decreased by 31 percent since winning the Presidency.

And no one is getting rich off hydroxychloroquine. This is a generic drug that sells for two dollars a pill.

The low cost for hydroxychloroquine is why some Trump supporters believe the medical establishment – led by Dr. Tony Fauci – opposes using hydroxychloroquine to treat coronavirus because there is no payoff for the pharmaceutical industry.

There are conflicting studies right now on hydroxychloroquine.

But with over 200 studies being conducted on the drug’s safety and efficacy in fighting coronavirus the public will soon have an answer.

However, it strikes many Americans as odd that the Fake News Media uniformly roots for a drug to fail in treating a virus causing a global pandemic just because they hate the President.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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This MSNBC host just made Joy Reid blush with what she just said about Trump supporters



Joy Reid was promoted from her weekend-morning show to a primetime slot on MSNBC.

But the hostile environment for conservatives lives on in her predecessor.

And this MSNBC host just made Joy Reid blush with what she just said about Trump supporters.

MSNBC has been vying for the top spot among the Fake News Media over the past few months amid coronavirus panic and nationwide riots.

They haven’t missed a beat fear-mongering hysteria to Americans while they push their hate-filled identity politics on their audience.

That didn’t stop in the absence of Joy Reid either.

Tiffany Cross acted in Reid’s place to continue the ridiculousness that most Americans now refer to as “fake news.”

Cross’ guest was none other than Bruce LeVell, Executive Director of the National Diversity Coalition for Trump and he himself, an African American.

There were many heated points in the interview where Cross interrupted LeVell to “correct” him because she found his choice of words “racist” and offensive to others including herself.

But things boiled over when Cross made one dreadful claim.

“Has Donald Trump has ever promised you anything financially in exchange for your blind support,” Cross jeered.

But her claim wasn’t taken lightly. LeVell had accepted the interview to talk serious politics and issues facing the country, not to be ridiculed by Cross.

Many Americans were simply not surprised. The Fake News Media has been using a bully pulpit for years now to spread misinformation and false claims to further push the Left’s agenda along – this was just another example.

Cross is a perfect example of how the Left uses the Fake News Media, but also of just how intolerant the Left is of any views different than their own.

When faced with a different view of things Cross assumes there is bribery involved and foul play. Despicable.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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MSNBC got caught making this outrageous claim about Donald Trump and the Mayor of Chicago



Just when you thought MSNBC couldn’t sink any lower, they decided to one up fake news CNN.

While the low rated news network has blatantly attacked the President day-in and day-out since his election, they’ve decided to end any pretense of being a news network.

That’s because MSNBC just got caught making this outrageous claim about President Donald Trump and the black female Mayor of Chicago.

Violence and destruction have hit some of America’s cities hard.

From Seattle to Atlanta and from Houston to New York, violence has exploded – all in the name of “racial equality.”

And Democrat Mayors of all these cities have let it go on, unabated as their citizens literally die in the streets at the hands of violent radical murders allowed to roam free.

So, as is his right and duty under the U.S. Constitution, President Donald Trump has been weighing sending in federal forces to quell the riots and murders.

In a situation remarkably similar to Lyndon Johnson sending in the National Guard to Arkansas, Alabama, and Mississippi to open the schools, President Trump has sent federal law enforcement to Portland and is considering sending in more.

He also is also considering a massive deployment of federal law enforcement officers into other cities as well, including Albuquerque, Atlanta, New York and yes, Chicago.
So of course, the good leftist mouth pieces at MSNBC decided to weigh in.

On MSNBC’s Morning Joe, network contributor Mike Barnicle suggested President Donald Trump may send federal police officers to Chicago, as he has in Portland, for an outrageous reason.

Barnicle tried quite unsuccessfully to reason that Trump was threatening to send officers to Chicago because he “seems to have issues” with women, “but especially a black woman, a black woman with power” like Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

Here is Barnicle’s full quote:

“[I]n the larger context of what’s happening, especially with the president’s threat yesterday, as Peter Baker just mentioned, to send this federal police force to the city of Chicago, ironically, run by a black female mayor, and the president seems to have issues with any women, but especially … a black woman, a black woman with power, Lori Lightfoot, the mayor of Chicago,” Barnicle said.

Of course, Mr. Barnicle, like his MSNBC hosts, continue to ignore the abject violence and yes, terror these radical Antifa and BLM thugs are perpetrating on America’s once great cities.

In New York City alone, the increase in shootings is up over 45% and the murder rate is up over 30%. The overall violent crime rate is up a whopping 230%!

In Portland, angry violent mobs are still freely roaming the streets, beating and maiming police, first responders, journalists, and even innocent bystanders. They continue to firebomb buildings and attack federal property.

Oregon Democrat politicians respond by saying these are “peaceful” protests.

While Chicago, of course, has become a sad terrifying shooting gallery. Just this week more than 15 people were shot at a funeral.

But Mayor Lori Lightfoot spent her week on Twitter attacking Trump for wanting to help.

That is where things have gone in this country.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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