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What MSNBC’s Al Sharpton just said about election integrity will leave your jaw on the floor



The Democrats are flailing for a message to run on.

They seem to be pivoting back to the “threat” against voting rights.

And what MSNBC’s Al Sharpton just said about election integrity will leave your jaw on the floor.

Joe Biden and the Democrats cannot run on the economy as inflation has hit a 39-year high.

The southern border is a mess, and Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan was a disaster.

COVID fatigue is beginning to set in, and fear-mongering over January 6 doesn’t seem to be resonating.

So the Democrats are circling back to hysteria over voting rights.

According to the Democrats, Republicans are attempting to disenfranchise voters in some sort of anti-democratic coup in advance of 2024.

In reality, Republicans want voter integrity laws in place so the quagmire of 2020 won’t happen again.

In response, Democrats want to make COVID emergency voting guidelines – such as universal mail-in voting, which is ripe for fraud – permanent and national.

And top Democrat charlatan Al Sharpton said on MSNBC:

“So, we are going back to a states’ rights model where they are no longer respecting the United States of the union. They are saying that we will decide state-by-state what is going to be the election laws, the abortion laws, the voting laws, the civil rights laws, and who would be the president. We cannot go back to the Jim Crow states’ rights era all the way back to the Civil War. We are in a state of emergency when it comes to the urgency of this moment.”

First, the Democrats’ framing voter integrity laws as “Jim Crow 2.0” is utterly disgusting.

For example, Georgia’s voter integrity law is more lenient than many blue states including Biden’s home state of Delaware.

Democrats are under the impression that minorities cannot secure government IDs, even when the new laws are making them free to acquire.

The new Democrat talking point is that citizens can neither afford transportation to the DMV nor the fees for the underlying documents required.

This is an absurd argument.

It’s almost impossible to function as an adult in America without some form of government ID.

Also, Democrats are in favor of states’ rights when it comes to illegal alien sanctuary states or harsh gun control laws or abortion up until the point of birth.

Failed Georgia Gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams has been leading the phony “voting rights” crusade, but even she has flip-flopped because it is not a popular issue.

Even The Washington Post admitted that 80% of Americans are in favor of voter ID laws:

“A Monmouth University poll released Monday morning showed 80 percent of Americans agreed with the statement that they, in general, support ‘requiring voters to show a photo ID in order to vote’ — not just some form of ID, but photo ID. Fully 62 percent of Democrats agreed.”

This is a strange hill for the Democrats to die on, but perhaps they have nothing better.

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Fake News Media

Bill Maher just set the Fake News Media on fire with one epic rant




Comedian Bill Maher has made himself a target of the cancel mob.

Maher has become frustrated with the Left even though he is a lifelong liberal.

And Maher just set the Fake News Media on fire with one epic rant.

The Left are itching for a reason to “cancel” Bill Maher.

The old-school liberal comedian has found himself constantly at odds with leftists and even the Democratic establishment over the past few years.

Even though Maher has a bad case of Trump Derangement Syndrome, he has accurately diagnosed many of the problems on the Left.

In a recent rant, he called out the so-called “mainstream” media for terrifying Democrat voters into believing nonsense about COVID.

Maher pointed out that Republicans were more knowledgeable about the actual risk factors of the virus.

The American people have been fed so much fear and propaganda from the corporate-controlled press, many of them are terrified to leave their homes.

Harrowing stories of left-wing parents forcing their own children into veritable solitary confinement in their rooms have illustrated how deep the propaganda runs.

Maher recently noticed that he has more right-wingers in his audience because of his willingness to tell the truth about the Left from time to time.

He also said he prefers performing in Red States because audiences are not terrified of COVID, and they can take a joke.

Maher added that he does not hate Donald Trump supporters, unlike so many of his cohort on the Left.

Maher said in an interview, “I constantly say it: you can hate Trump. You can’t hate all the people who like him. It’s half the country. And you can’t set yourself up as some sort of superior moral paragon, because this is your political belief, and somebody else has another one.”

Maher just described the overwhelming majority of the Left, but some are beginning to wake up.

The lies from the establishment have become too pervasive.

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Fake News Media

The Fake News Media is panicking because one Democrat talking point just went up in flames



Joe Biden’s Presidency is already on its last legs.

But that hasn’t stopped the so-called “mainstream” media from propping up Biden and the Democrats.

Now the Fake News Media is panicking because one Democrat talking point just went up in flames.

Joe Biden is already a lame-duck President with three years remaining.

And a recent Rasmussen poll showed that 21% of voters don’t even believe Biden will finish his first term.

Senator Joe Manchin nixed Biden’s multi-trillion-dollar scam known as Build Back Better, so the Democrats have nothing substantive to run on in 2022.

That’s why the Democrats are pivoting back to January 6 and American democracy being under threat.

The goal is to nationalize elections and stave off an impending red wave, but that initiative has fallen flat.

Now the Democrats and their Fake News Media allies are flustered because Michigan is the latest state to push voter ID laws.

CBS News recently ran a segment where they fear-mongered about democracy being under assault by a conservative group called Secure MI Vote.

According to the Left, it’s beyond the pale to require voter ID and prohibit government officials from sending unsolicited absentee ballots.

These are losing issues for the Democrats, but they don’t have anything else.

Even The Washington Post published a poll that showed 80% of voters and 62% of Democrats are in favor of voter ID laws.

The Democrats’ arguments against voter ID are nonsensical.

They say that voter fraud is rare, which is not a reason to forego ID requirements.

Democrats also argue that voter ID is racist because black and brown people are too destitute to secure an identification card.

Black residents in Harlem showed just how preposterous that argument was.

As for universal mail-in voting, prominent Democrats said it was ripe for fraud up until the 2020 election.

COVID was the excuse.

For people losing track of the confusing Democratic narrative, COVID was too dangerous for people to protest against lockdowns.

However, it was not only okay but it was morally required for people to take to the streets and protest in response to the death of George Floyd.

But also COVID was too dangerous for people to participate in American democracy by going to the polls, thus vote-by-mail was essential.

Democrats are flailing around looking for any narrative to stick.

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Fake News Media

The Washington Post now owes this Republican Senator one giant apology



The Washington Post is one of the leading purveyors of fake news and misinformation in the entire media landscape.

Post “reporters” continue to give away the game that they are really Democrat Party activists.

And The Washington Post now owes this Republican Senator one giant apology.

Media “fact checkers” are the new gate keepers social media companies use to censor online speech.

But the dirty secret is these so-called “fact checkers” are really political operatives who launder Democrat Party talking points into the press by labeling what the Left says as truth and everything conservatives say as lies.

The latest example of this fraud occurred when The Washington Post was forced to retract a so-called “fact check” calling Arkansas Republican Senator Tom Cotton a liar.

Back in March, when Democrats rammed through a nearly $1.9 trillion socialist spending bill to bail out Blue States for locking down their economies, Senator Cotton argued the spending bill would send $1,400 checks to convicted murderers like Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

The Washington Post supposedly “fact checked” Cotton and claimed Cotton did not understand the intentions of the Democrats who drafted the legislation.

“The goal was to get checks out as quickly as possible without burdensome regulations,” The Post wrote at the time. “It’s hard to craft rules that target mass murderers without also penalizing the families of people in prison for much less heinous crimes.”

However, unsurprisingly it turned out Senator Cotton was right.

Tsarnaev received a $1,400 stimulus check and Cotton’s office demanded The Post print a retraction.

The Post’s alleged “Fact Checker” agreed but threw in a caveat to claim Cotton’s 100 percent true statement was only “mostly true.”

The Post wrote:

Cotton primarily received the Two-Pinocchio rating because his comments lacked context. He suggested this problem was the result of something Democrats did, when he had previously voted for legislation with the same language that allowed for checks to be issued to prisoners. He also made it clear that he intended weaponize this debate for campaign ads.

Still, Cotton’s predictive powers should be acknowledged. He said the Boston bomber would get a stimulus check — and Tsarnaev did. Now, if the government is successful, this money will go to victims. So Tsarnaev still will not keep it. But in retrospect, the use of the phrase of “scaremongering” was inappropriate. Cotton had raised a legitimate issue of concern, even if he framed it in a political way. The term “hyped up” in the headline went too far as well.

“Missing context” is a phrase so-called “fact checkers” use to diminish factually true statements made by Republicans.

Tom Cotton made a 100 percent true statement about the Boston Marathon bomber receiving a stimulus check.

But The Post dragged out the “missing context” line to claim that when Cotton made his factual statement, he did not include the Democrat Party’s talking points to defend the bill.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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