Washington Post journalist just got put in her place by the last person she expected

Democrats and their media allies largely exist in echo chambers.

Every once in a while, common sense pierces through.

And one Washington Post journalist just got put in her place by the last person she expected.

The college campus protests over the war in Gaza have created a huge rift on the Left.

The war exposed how many coalitions within the leftist umbrella are at odds with one another.

Former CNN host Don Lemon of all people articulated that point during a conversation with Washington Post reporter Taylor Lorenz.

Coalition of the oppressed

Lemon asked, “Taylor, how do you reconcile the way marginalized groups—many of the people in these marginalized groups, obviously they are fighting for Palestine, fighting for what’s happening in Gaza—but yet in Gaza, they would not have any freedom.”

Groups such as Queers for Palestine are draping themselves in the Palestinian flag even though they could be killed for those views in Gaza.

Lorenz responded in truly hysterical leftist fashion.

She said, “They don’t have freedoms in Texas and Florida. Does that mean we should carpet-bomb Texas? That’s an absurdity.”

Lemon called out her hyperbole by saying, “Taylor, I’m a member of the LGBTQ community. If I go to Texas, they’re not going to throw me off a roof.”


No difference between Gaza and Texas

In the broken minds of people like Lorenz, Texas and Florida are just as morally benighted as Gaza, if not more so.

While leftists can support a country that would not welcome them, the broader point is that they can have grace for Palestine, but not their own country.

The reason why is that in the neo-Marxist intersectional hierarchy, Palestinians rate highly.

That means anything they do is justified in the name of “liberation.”

That is how radical leftists can cobble together disparate groups.

Unsurprisingly, the Women’s March fell apart because the pro-Palestine faction was at odds with Jewish members of the group who called on them to denounce rabid antisemites like Louis Farrakhan.

The Left’s view of the Palestinians also exposes their illogical perspective on religion.

They have open disdain for Christianity and fear-monger about an impending theocracy in America, but they either support or turn a blind eye to actual Islamic theocracies in other parts of the world.

For instance, far-left Salon writer Amanda Marcotte is one of several on the Left who likened Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA) to Osama bin Laden.

She wrote that “while people were winding themselves up over a not-really-true story about young people and Al Qaeda, a much more serious story has yet to gain similar traction: How the newly elected Republican Speaker of the House, Rep. Mike Johnson of Louisiana, has a habit of expressing America-hating rhetoric that sounds like it could have come straight out of Osama bin Laden’s mouth.”

Of course, Democrats now like Johnson because he passed more funding for Ukraine without getting any funding for border security.

Democrats care about other countries’ borders more than their own.

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