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USA Today just colluded with the Democrats to cover up their racist secret



Democrats will do anything to cover for their racist past.

The Fake News Media is more than welcome to help them do this.

And USA Today just colluded with the Democrats to cover up their racist secret.

The mainstream media cannot help but lie to support their left-wing agenda.

Fake news networks like CNN and MSNBC are known for this, but even at places that many consider to be reputable, like USA Today, “journalists” regularly interject their left-wing anti-Trump bias.

They did that in a recent “fact check” in such a glaring way, the only likely explanation is that they were working hand-in-glove with the Democrats.

The title of their “fact check” is, “Claim: The Democratic Party started the Civil War to preserve slavery and later the KKK.”

Quickly, it argues that the statement is false, while at the same time admitting it is kind of a true statement.

USA Today writes, “Historians agree that although factions of the Democratic Party did majorly contribute to the Civil War’s start and KKK’s founding, it is inaccurate to say the party is responsible for either.”

Essentially, what they are arguing is that while Democrats did start the Civil War and form the KKK, the Fake News Media supports the Democrats now so it isn’t fair to point out their history.

The article cites Princeton University Professor Tera Hunter, who is an Obama donor to make that point.

“At the core of the effort to discredit the current Democratic Party is the refusal to accept the realignment of the party structure in the mid-20th century,” Hunter said.

“The short answer is that the Democratic Party did not start the Civil War,” Hunter continued. “The war was initiated by Southern slaveholding states seceding from the United States.”

The idea of there being some big shift in the parties has been thoroughly debunked, most prominently by Dinesh D’Souza.

“The party switch is a lie,” D’Souza said. “The racist Democrats, also called Dixiecrats, never became Republicans. Only 1 Dixiecrat in the House, Watson, and one in the Senate, Thurmond, moved over to the GOP. All the others stayed and died in the Democratic Party.”

But facts don’t really matter, even to a “fact checker” for USA Today.

Their job is not to find the truth, but to instead frame a narrative that makes it seem like whatever President Trump or another conservative says is untrue.

Do you think Democrats are racist?

Share your thoughts with Pants on Fire News in the comments below.

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    July 2, 2020 at 9:29 pm


  2. CrustyOldGeezer

    July 2, 2020 at 10:17 pm

    The Original “white Supremacy” group was the KKK, FOUNDED, FUNDED AND PROTECTED by democrats from origination to current.

    Aryan Nation, FOUNDED, FUNDED AND PROTECTED by democrats… and THE MEDIA

    Neo-Nazis FOUNDED, FUNDED AND PROTECTED by democrats… and THE MEDIA

    Black Lives Matter FOUNDED, FUNDED AND PROTECTED by democrats.. and THE MEDIA

    Original Black Panthers FOUNDED, FUNDED AND PROTECTED by democrats… and THE MEDIA

    New Black Panthers FOUNDED, FUNDED AND PROTECTED by democrats… and THE MEDIA

    Antifa, FOUNDED, FUNDED AND PROTECTED by democrats… and THE MEDIA

    Assorted “alt-right’ groups ASSIGNED BY THE MEDIA as ‘conservatives, FOUNDED, FUNDED AND PROTECTED by democrats.

    IF you need help identifying the difference, here’s the OBVIOUS clues.


    Peaceful, Respectful and Courteous to others around them NOT founded, funded, or protected by democrats.

    The proof is, IF a peaceful group is ATTACKED by VIOLENT THUGS they are NOT “white supremacists”.

  3. RD

    July 3, 2020 at 10:58 am

    I truly do not think the Democrats are racists.

    I KNOW they are. What I don’t understand is how some of these morons can hate all races, including their own? It defies logic.

    But then, they did start the KKK, bought and sold slaves, kept blacks on their political plantation for the last 150 years, and are still oppressing them today.

    More than than, the Democrat party OWNS blacks in America. The DNC says jumps and blacks will jump then ask how high.

  4. Gibsg00

    July 3, 2020 at 2:26 pm

    Wasn’t R KKK Byrd a good friend of Nancy and senile Joe.A mentor.

  5. William

    July 4, 2020 at 8:04 pm

    No Matter the History the Radical Left will always spin there BIAS and never feed the TRUTH into a discussion that carries the weight of our Great Heritage! Either way the young and aggressive will have to shake the trees and get all the leaves into a pile to make us come together to dismantle class POLITICAL WARFARE! The Worst part is the rest of the TERRORIST WORLD USES IT AGAINST US. TIMES LIKE HAVING A terrorist jump in between our LEFT AND RIGHT will be the cure or if not then we are screwed! RADICALS ARE THE POISON AND THE TRUE LEFT DOESN’T WANT RADICALS EITHER BUT THEY HAVE TO TO STAY IN THE HUNT!

  6. Marty Pillar

    July 5, 2020 at 3:38 pm

    Never trust a democrap , for years they have brought this country to its knees, now that trump is running it like it should be , they cant stand it !!!

  7. JohnT

    July 5, 2020 at 3:41 pm

    Besides the kkk, the democrats required all non-whites to take a test to register with the democrats. And even when they passed this test most were refused registration. For some reason these brainwashed non-whites would register Republican and still vote democrat.
    Al gore sr let the way for democrats NOT to back the civil rights bill. And they didn’t. But brainwashed non-whites still voted for them. George Wallace led the way to keep the schools and colleges segregated. The affirmative action bill had nothing to do with democrats until it was passed and these non-whites were benefiting from it, then they took credit for it as if it was their bill.
    But the non-whites still voted for them.
    Down through the centuries the democrats have mistreated and abused non-whites and never tried to hide it. This is because they don’t care about what anyone thinks. They rig elections to suit themselves and be damned anyone who speaks about it. This election coming up will be vital for OUR COUNTRY. If the Republicans loose any of the houses they will most likely loose from now on.
    These bigots are coming after the conservative movement with everything they have and you can bet your ass on one thing, it WON’T BE LEGAL…

  8. Jim

    July 5, 2020 at 4:01 pm

    Here are some real facts. Andrew Jackson was the first Democratic President. Ever hear of the trail of tears. Guess not. Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican President. Ever hear of the emancipation proclamation. Guess not. MSM are way out of line on vertically every racial issue in the last 160 years. The Democrats are the most racists people in American. Republicans accept all people as equals. Period!

  9. Tony Winters

    July 5, 2020 at 4:31 pm

    The South held most of the Slaves in the United States, this is a FACT. The South was predominantly Democrat, this is a FACT. The Democrats voted AGAINST the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments to the US COnstitution, this is a FACT. The Democrats voted FOR the Jim Crow Laws and formed the KKK to enforce these laws, this is a FACT. When the KKK didn’t exterminate enough of the Black population the Democrats developed a partnership with Planned Parenthood, an organization that performs more abortions on Blacks than other races thereby Killing more Blacks in any given year then the KKK in the same time frame, this is also a FACT. Black Democrats lie, this is also a FACT. For a prim example, all one need do is look to the First Black President, well Half Black President. Do you remember all of those “Shovel Ready Jobs?” What about “If you like your present health plan/doctor you can keep them.” Then there is my favorite, the “Redistribution of Wealth.” The only shovel I got was the one I purchased at Home Depot and as for the “Redistribution of Wealth,” I’m still waiting for my check. Blacks were freed from the Slavery of the Plantation and voluntarily signed up for Slavery to the Government Handouts.

  10. Jim1937

    July 5, 2020 at 5:03 pm

    They should change the name of that rag to USSR Today.

  11. Dolores C

    July 6, 2020 at 1:04 am

    Well, I was going to state a couple facts here. After reading these comments, its pretty much been covered. Yep, democrats are racist pigs with forked tongues. I use to always vote split ticket. Not anymore, all RED from now on!!

  12. Bill

    July 6, 2020 at 3:57 am

    Are Demorats racist? Kind of a stupid question. If you don’t know yet you never will admit it. Of course they are racist, and there causing black people to be racist against white people.

  13. justme

    July 6, 2020 at 6:56 am

    Well this article is great news! Relating this to today’s issue today about removing Confederate statues and renaming Military Bases, reading the article it would seem that General Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, Stonewall Jackson, and all of the other Confederates were Evil DEMOCRATS! Now the South today is mostly Conservative and Republican, so it would seem now would be the PERFECT TIME to replace those statues of the Evil Democrats and replace them with people like Abraham Lincoln, U.S. Grant, General Tecumsah Sherman, Philip Sheridan, etc.: GOOD CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICANS ALL! And in addition the Republicans would probably pick up the Southern Black vote too, because Lincoln and the Union Generals are heroes to the Black population! Perfect answer to solve this problem! Let’s get started and get petitions going to replace the Democrat Robert E. Lee with Abraham Lincoln, and Stonewall Jackson with Tecumsah Sherman, Longstreet with Sheridan, etc. Why didn’t anyone think of this before?!?!?

  14. Steven

    July 7, 2020 at 10:03 am

    This notion that all Conservatives are ra ists was started by one man. Norman Lear.

  15. Lisa

    July 12, 2020 at 2:28 am

    Funny the democrats started the first civil war and are starting the 2nd on too. Blacks have got to start realizing that the democrats only make promises at election time then forget about them. They put more plan parenthood facilities in black neighborhoods. They fall for all the lies the democrats tell them. They keep repeating the same thing over and over then they believe them. All the cities with the highest crime rate are ran by democrats. Still they’re stupid enough to vote them in again. When one goes to jail for embezzlement they vote them in again. When are they going to learn that it’s the democrats keeping them oppressed, not the white people. They keep saying everyone else is racist but the truth is they’re the ones who are racist. When are they going to learn? It was the first black president, Obama, who I did nothing for them and caused the racial and political divide we’re facing today. Also the most crooked administration ever. But fortunately they have the corrupt media covering for them. When are they going to learn?

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The last person CNN ever suspected called them out for this giant anti-Trump lie




Even though Donald Trump is out of office, CNN is still attacking Trump with falsehoods and conspiracy theories.

This time it blew up in CNN’s face.

And the last person CNN ever suspected called them out for this giant anti-Trump lie.

The Biden administration came into office promising 100 million shots in 100 days.

To accomplish this goal, all the Biden administration has to do is maintain the pace of vaccinations administered across America during the last week of the Trump administration.

That’s not a heavy lift.

But to make it seem like Biden actually accomplished something, an unnamed Biden administration source leaked to CNN the false claim that the Trump administration left no vaccination distribution plan behind.

CNN’s fake news activist MJ Lee “reported”:

“There is nothing for us to rework. We are going to have to build everything from scratch,” one source said.

Another source described the moment that it became clear the Biden administration would have to essentially start from “square one” because there simply was no plan as: “Wow, just further affirmation of complete incompetence.”

If Lee bothered to take three seconds to think about what her source told her, she would have dismissed this as spin and lies.

When the Biden administration took over, 36 million doses of the coronavirus vaccine reached the states and 16 million shots were administered.

These doses of vaccine did not just appear by a teleportation spell, the Trump administration had a plan in place to ship vaccines to the states.

Lee’s laziness and incurious reporting was also exposed by none other than Dr. Fauci who called the CNN story bunk in a White House press briefing.

“We’re certainly not starting from scratch, because there is activity going on in the distribution,” Fauci declared.

“I mean we’re coming in with fresh ideas, but also some ideas with . . . the previous administration. You can’t say it was absolutely not usable at all,” Fauci added.

Lee responded on social media by trying to label Fauci as a “Trump holdover” to give the impression to readers that Fauci was actually a subversive working to cover for Trump and that Americans should take what he says with a grain of salt.

But Lee’s report also showed how CNN will work as a disinformation loop for the Biden administration to report lies and spin as fact.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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Fake News

Chuck Todd got into a screaming match with a Republican after his secret got exposed



Chuck Todd will smear anybody he disagrees with.

But clearly he doesn’t like it when someone he is smearing turns it around on him. 

And Chuck Todd got into a screaming match with a Republican after his secret got exposed. 

As host of NBC’s Meet the Press, Chuck Todd has been one of the leading fake news figures working to take down President Trump for over four years. 

But he doesn’t like it when people point that out to his face, as proven by what happened when he had Republican Sen. Ron Johnson on air. 

“This started when the mainstream media stopped, dropped any pretense of being unbiased, and actually chose sides during this election,” Johnson began. “This fire was started when you completely ignored, for example, our investigation of Hunter Biden. You know, ‘no evidence of wrongdoing there.’” 

Johnson continued before being cut off mid-sentence: “Now we find out after the election, no, there is a fair amount of evidence to the point that we have a real FBI investigation . . .”

That’s when Todd jumped in, visibly shaking with anger. 

“Senator! All right. I’ve had enough of hearing this,” he screamed, before continuing, “Listen, you have spent, and I’m curious, Senator, you’ve spent much of your time in the last two years carrying a lot of this crazy conspiratorial water for President Trump.”

Of course, this isn’t true.

And Todd did not deny that he was not at least partially responsible for destroying the media’s credibility.

After all, it was Todd who got exposed in 2017 for throwing house parties for prominent Democrats, and early last year it was discovered that he rented out his Arlington, VA townhouse to Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D). 

Johnson expertly hit back, pointing out that investigating real stories that concern people is not “conspiracy theory,” but what is supposed to be the job of the press. 

“Again, I didn’t light this fire. This fire was lit over four years ago and we’ve destroyed the credibility, you have destroyed the credibility of the news media by your bias,” Johnson said, before adding:

“We have an enormous problem in the country. It’s unsustainable and the only way you solve it is with information and transparency and hearings and investigations. It’s not quackery, it’s conspiracy theory. It’s what’s going to be required.”

Todd proved he doesn’t actually care about having a good faith discussion on this when he hit back questioning why he didn’t push for hearings about “9/11 truthers” or the “moon landing.” 

This is a clear deflection that proves that Todd has no real response to the real frustrations that people have with the so-called “mainstream” media. 

Pants on Fire Official Polling

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Fake News

This fake news journalist wrote a sickening hit piece on Kristi Noem that went viral



The bias of the Fake News Media has only gotten worse over the past four years.

Members of the press take it upon themselves to attack Republicans and provide cover for Democrats.

Now one fake news journalist wrote a sickening hit piece on Kristi Noem that went viral.

The far-left publication The Daily Beast is a reprehensible news outlet.

They’ve routinely been caught publishing fake news.

The outlet also outed a black Trump supporter after he posted a meme of Nancy Pelosi on social media.

Now The Daily Beast has its sights set on South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem.

For months, the corporate press has attacked Republican Governors and praised Democrat Governors for their handling of the coronavirus, even though the Republicans have done a significantly better job based on the numbers.

Noem became a target of the Left for not mandating crippling lockdowns like so many blue states did.

And The Daily Beast insinuated Noem’s policies led to her grandmother’s death.


Not only is this despicable, it’s factually wrong.

Noem’s 98-year-old grandmother tested negative for COVID-19.

On top of that, the nursing home she stayed in had strict procedures in order to protect the most vulnerable.

None of that mattered.

Noem is a rising star in the Republican Party, and leftists want to cut her off at the pass.

They gave Florida Governor Ron DeSantis the same absurd treatment.

Meanwhile, Democrats and their media allies praised New York governor Andrew Cuomo for his handling of the virus even though his state had the second worst death rate in the country; New Jersey Democrat Governor Phil Murphy managed to do worse.

DeSantis – like Noem – made a concerted effort to protect the nursing homes in his state while Cuomo did not.

Cuomo still refuses to release the number of deaths in nursing homes and long-term care facilities.

Cuomo instead got pats on the back and was awarded an Emmy for his television appearances during the pandemic.

The so-called “mainstream” media have become completely corrupt.

Pants on Fire Official Polling

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