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Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson shut down the entire Democrat Party with one brutal revelation



There is nobody on television more fearless than Tucker Carlson.

He is willing to take on anybody who stands in the way of the “America first” agenda.

And he just shut down the entire Democrat Party with one brutal revelation.

While speaking to Breitbart News Daily, Fox News host Tucker Carlson took aim at the Democrats for their deceptive framing around the immigration issue.

He points out that they claim that it is a “civil rights issue” so they can paint opponents of illegal immigration as racists.

Carlson goes on to explain that in reality, immigration is an economic question, and not a fake civil rights issue.

Breitbart News reports:

Various news media outlets deceptively frame the issue of immigration — both legal and illegal — as a “fake civil rights issue,” said Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson, host of the eponymous TV program Tucker Carlson

Tonight, in a Tuesday interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow.

Marlow said, “It really does seem like the media has done a bait and switch [on the issue of legal and illegal immigration], where we’ve completely dropped the ball. Our eye is not on the target on this issue, and it is an existential threat, and it is barely discussed.”

Carlson replied, “One of the most amazing kind of acts of magic I have seen conducted in my lifetime is the transformation of what is basically an economic question — who lives in you county and what are their wages? — into this fake civil rights issue.”

“So when we talk about immigration, we never talk about what’s actually happening, which is the effort of rich people to pay less for labor, or the effort of a political party to import more voters against the will of the rest of the population.”

Carlson looks at illegal immigration much like President Trump does.

He understands that importing unskilled workers to the United States explodes the numbers on welfare and takes lower-skilled jobs away from Americans who need them most.

That’s the message Trump had when running for President, and Carlson’s championing of that message have many speculating that Carlson is going to make a presidential run in 2024.

Would you vote for Tucker Carlson if he ran for President in 2024?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. Paul Lankford

    December 10, 2019 at 4:43 am

    Tucker Carlson is someone I will always admire and support. The one thing I have always noticed about these DEM liberals is that they are invariably ugly to look at and disgusting to listen to. I am particularly appalled by these actors and singers who think they are somehow above the rest of us. I’d never hitch my wagon to these self-promoting STARS (as they see themselves.) And beside the turban wearing Dems, it would be hard to choose the ugliest in looks and mouth and deportment in the Democratic party between Nancy Pelosi who doesn’t for a minute practice her supposed faith, especially when she twists her face into a Gorgon lookalike. And Maxine Waters?? Her ugly demeanor and her nasty mouth are proof that the Devil is alive and well and living inside Maxine Waters.

  2. Chaotic Neutral American

    December 10, 2019 at 9:43 am

    Carlson/Gaetz 2024!

  3. George W Williams

    December 22, 2019 at 12:25 am

    Nancy holding the impeachment in exchange for concessions from the senate is nothing but Quid Pro Quo. Its time to hold Nancy Pelosi to the same standards that she is accusing the GREATEST POTUS of all time for.

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Media Bias

Tucker Carlson exposed one terrifying secret that will end the Democrat Party



There is nobody on television who tells it like it is like Tucker Carlson.

He isn’t afraid to call out anybody who deserved it.

And he just exposed one terrifying secret that will end the Democrat Party.

While President Donald Trump is bringing people together, the radical wing of the Democrat Party is working overtime to drive Americans apart.

To them, every problem is caused by straight, white men, and the only solution is to expand government to unheard of levels.

Politicians like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders are promoting socialism to fix the problems they claim to be plaguing society.

Their policies would bankrupt everyday Americans, and reverse all the progress President Trump has made in fixing the economy.

And after they crush the economic successes, they are gunning for the personal freedoms Americans have enjoyed for generations.

Outright gun bans are being pushed across the country, while Democrats work with militant allies in Antifa to shut down any conservative free speech.

Tucker Carlson began a recent segment of his show talking about this extreme shift from Democrats, which he claims is an attempt at all-out revolution.

“Democrats aren’t promising change — they want revolution,” Carlson began. “Centuries of American history and custom, abolished. A nation starting over from scratch. Year zero. That’s what they’re calling for.”

Carlson then goes on to state that “most people aren’t for it,” despite the fact that there are Democrats like Bernie Sanders effectively advocating for the elimination of all the values that made America great.

He goes on to state that most Americans, including Democrats simply “want thing to get better,” and that “they don’t hate America.”

From that point he goes on to state that any “candidate who promises to make them better — incrementally, but tangibly — will be inaugurated president a year from today.”

Currently there aren’t really any Democrats who fit that definition.

Only the most divisive candidates are able to make it to the front of the pack, while those who call for civility and unity are pushed out the race.

When Democrat presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard defended Trump supporters, and criticized impeachment efforts, Hillary Clinton came out calling her a “Russian asset.”

Mainstream media outlets then launched a full-on disinformation campaign to destroy her, simply because she doesn’t believe in dividing America.

The media’s message was clear: either agree with us or we will destroy you.

Do you think Trump will win re-election in 2020?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson just revealed one truth that will re-elect Trump in November



There is no voice on network television who speaks the truth as much as Tucker Carlson.

He exposes facts the rest of the Fake News Media refuses to touch.

And he just revealed one truth that will re-elect Trump in November.

The 2020 election is just months away at this point.

And Democrats are still scrambling to decide who will challenge President Trump come November.

In his recent show, Tucker Carlson talked about this in relation to the recent Democrat debate.

He explains the debate brought an end to Elizabeth Warren’s campaign, and cemented Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders as the front-runners.

Carlson mocked both Sanders and Biden by stating the race is now between an “elderly socialist” and an “elderly corporate shill.”

Fox News reports:

So say what you want about Bernie Sanders — we do regularly — but he probably didn’t attack Elizabeth Warren for “being a woman.” There a lot of reasons not to vote for Bernie Sanders, but you have to be a shallow, lifestyle liberal to think sexism is one of them.

If that’s Warren’s Hail Mary pass — and it is — she is done. It’s over.

So where exactly does that leave us in the Democratic primary? Well, really with two options. The party is either going to nominate an elderly socialist or an elderly corporate shill who spent decades taking bribes from the credit card companies.

Those are the choices.

Democrats have reason to be nervous about that choice. Here’s the latest, the not very reassuring development from Project Veritas. It is a newly released video. You have no reason to doubt it’s true. We haven’t verified it ourselves, but you can judge for yourself.

In it, a Sanders campaign organizer vows that if Bernie Sanders doesn’t get the nomination, people are going to get hurt.

Carlson, as always, hit the nail on the head in his segment.

There isn’t any real excitement around any of the Democrats running.

Bernie Sanders may have had massive support during his 2016 run, but he doesn’t have that same energy.

And the only people supporting Joe Biden are only doing so with hopes he is the safest bet.

In contrast, President Trump is filling stadiums with supporters.

Are you voting for President Trump in 2020?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson brought in the New Year with a brutal fact that could force Nancy Pelosi to resign



2019 was the best year Tucker Carlson has ever had on television.

He now has the top network news show on all of television where he speaks the truth to millions five days a week.

And Tucker Carlson brought in the New Year with a brutal fact that could force Nancy Pelosi to resign.

Nobody has their finger on the pulse of the movement Trump has created quite like Tucker Carlson.

And in a year-end recap show on Breitbart News’ radio show with their political editor, Matt Boyle, he explained the Trump movement is about far more than Trump.

He points out that Trump latched onto an anti-establishment undercurrent in America, which he was able to mobilize at the ballot box.

Carlson explained, “what’s actually happening is voters on the Left and Right are increasingly rejecting politics that has no positive effect on their lives.”

Breitbart News reports:

“The problem with the Trump era is that everything is about Trump,” Carlson continued. “And so it makes it hard to see things clearly. The left thinks everything is about Trump, and Trump thinks everything is about Trump—not to take away from Trump, I think he’s a transformative president, and I know him and happen to like him, but not everything is about Trump. That’s absurd and only a child would think that. Trump is of course the culmination of a lot of different trends. And because he is this mesmerizing, magnetic, polarizing, divisive figure—he’s all of those things—you kind of can’t see what’s happening. But what’s actually happening is voters on the left and right are increasingly rejecting politics that has no positive effect on their lives. People vote for politicians to make their lives better. It’s not that complicated—democracy is pretty simple that way. Increasingly they don’t get caught up in some kind of theoretical scheme like global warming or diversity or on the Republican side ‘free markets.’ They’re serving theories rather than people. A little bit of that is fine, but over time that doesn’t work. People reject it because it doesn’t bear fruit for them. That’s really the big change.”

This is why more and more establishment politicians on both sides are facing embarrassing defeats and are being forced to resign.

But it began even before Trump got into office.

In 2014, establishment Republican, and former House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor faced a humiliating defeat from an unknown politician simply because of his anti-establishment message.

And Carlson points out this is far from being over and doesn’t even require Trump to lead the movement, which is horrible for Nancy Pelosi, who is as much in the establishment as one can be.

Do you think Nancy Pelosi should resign?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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