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Donald Trump

Tucker Carlson just exposed one shocking reality about the coronavirus



Few members of the media have been as sober as Tucker Carlson when it comes to assessing the coronavirus.

The Fake News Media started a wild fire with the news in an attempt to attack President Trump.

But now Tucker Carlson just exposed one shocking reality about the coronavirus.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson has taken time to acknowledge that certain things should be in place to help deal with an outbreak like coronavirus.

He took the opportunity to acknowledge “there should be a plan to respond rapidly in ways that assure the public that the people in charge know what they’re doing.” He continued, “Going forward, our leaders ought to be certain we have enough medicine and tests and hospital beds, at least in case something awful happens unexpectedly – because it will.”

But after acknowledging the obvious, Carlson turned his attention to a few things that many Americans may be forgetting while the Fake News Media attempts to drown out everything else in their attempt to fear monger and weaponize the outbreak against President Trump and his campaign.

Carlson began, “First, borders matter. It turns out that immigration isn’t some boutique political issue that only activists need to care about.” He continued to say, “Immediately after the coronavirus began to spread globally, sane countries started to secure their borders.”

Upon news of the virus many countries were able to deter the immediate spread across their borders to better prepare for a potential outbreak. For example, Israel implemented aggressive border control measures successfully to prevent an immediate and aggressive outbreak.

Tucker digressed, “Unfortunately, nothing like that could ever happen here in the U.S. Democrats would denounce it instantly as racist and xenophobic. So maybe Nancy Pelosi will give us a stern lecture about how immoral Israel is.”

Carlson was taking time to not incite fear, but to encourage his audience to think and to remember how fragile our society really is.

It is unfortunate that it took a global outbreak to wake people up to the reality.

Carlson closed in saying, “If one of your kids had a bad infection, you would do anything for antibiotics. But our leaders don’t control those drugs. China does. The Chinese manufacture our entire supply of antibiotics, not to mention countless other goods your family literally could not live without.

And here’s the worst news: The Chinese hate us and have threatened to withhold life-saving medicine from us. Our most powerful enemy in the world has the power of life and death over our country.”

Carlson closed with a cold reality and encouraging his audience that we should fix this.

For many Americans the coronavirus outbreak has stirred up a storm.

Maybe we were not as prepared as we could have been, but the good news is that we don’t have to panic and go into a tailspin.

We will fix this and moving forward it’s important to remember who our leaders are and the decisions they make that can either protect us, or destroy us.

The Democrats have been pushing for open borders and “playing ball” with China.

Now look at where that has got us.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any further developments.

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  1. JanD

    March 13, 2020 at 8:02 pm

    and all this plain, obvious logic is exactly why the left hates Tucker Carlson so much. Calling a spade, a spade – and that is a referral to the deck of cards, so don’t go looking for some racial slur!

  2. Nancy Alexander

    March 14, 2020 at 2:49 am

    That has to be one of the most stupid articles I have ever read. It is full of half-truths and some outright lies. Really Tucker, you must have your eyes closed to the whole world now!!!

  3. Auntcon

    March 14, 2020 at 10:15 pm

    Cannot be shared to Facebook because “Your message couldn’t be sent because it includes content that other people on Facebook have reported as abusive.” They are censoring!

  4. George Rowe

    March 14, 2020 at 10:18 pm

    Our American society has become largely un-civilized.
    For that we can thank the dem and rino left-wing fake-libs.

  5. Richard

    March 14, 2020 at 10:57 pm


  6. Phil F

    March 14, 2020 at 10:59 pm

    I believe President Trump made mention of the fact that we needed bring drug making back to America when he ran for President but of course the dims down played that. We cannot depend on any one country for anything, we proved that with oil and Saudi Arabia.

  7. Norman Stillwell

    March 14, 2020 at 11:53 pm

    Our government cannot make medicine and they cannot force USA companies to make it.
    But tariffs on the medicines can make it profitable to be made in the USA.

  8. Benjamin Blumberg, PhD

    March 15, 2020 at 12:31 am

    Somebody tell Tucker-

    On the basis of 30 years bench experience with VSV, Sendai virus, measles virus, HIV-1/AIDS and HHV-6, I offer this simple home remedy to ease the disease course in people already seriously infected with the new Coronavirus COVID-19

    Take one teaspoonful of CsCl (cesium chloride) mixed in a glass of water (or better, in a glass of orange juice or tomato juice to hide the saltiness), wait 4-6 hours, then take a half-teaspoonful of KCl (potassium chloride) in juice, or eat a banana. The CsCl “bends” the viral polymerase and slows the viral rate of replication allowing the immune system to catch up. CsCl is currently FDA approved for clinical use (to reduce cachexia in late stage cancer patients), but has a serious side effect: it causes hypokalemia (low blood potassium, with attendant cardiac problems) when taken on a chronic basis. Therefore, patients should not take more than 3 doses of CsCl. The KCl and the banana (which is full of potassium) are taken to rebalance the electrolytes. CsCl and KCL are not prescription items, but are hard to find in pharmacies. They can be ordered online from e.g. One teaspoonful of CsCl weighs about 19 grams; a half-teaspoonful of KCl weighs about 8 grams. To further boost the immune system, take multiple doses of AirBorne, which can be found in most pharmacies.

    This recipe won’t prevent catching COVID-19, it won’t kill the virus, but it might save your life.

  9. Cecelia Henderson

    March 15, 2020 at 12:46 am

    Hell, they own us. Past and current leadership has sold us to the enemy so that they could play “Big Dog” and send money to all those foreign nations and pay illegals and refugees more welfare than they ever gave to American citizens – free housing, food, medicare and even “cash”. Our elected Representatives have taken advantage of us and haven’t even bothered to kill us.

  10. Paul Otts

    March 15, 2020 at 2:56 am

    Let me pose THIS shocking reality.
    Test or no test…won’t stop people from catching this. Having a clean test might just give the misguided notion they won’t catch it. If you are able to stay away from others, in particular those for whom the disease would likely be serious or fatal, do that. That is the sum total of all you can do. Personally, if I were not one of the group who seriously hopes not to get the disease, I’d get it and go on. Symptoms are mild for healthy people. And it’s not any more serious than the flu…..except for people like me (72, COPD, on oxygen).

  11. Tony Cuesta

    March 15, 2020 at 1:52 pm

    For a long, long time we are dealing with our main enemy, thanks to our politicians
    and their plan for the globalization. In the past many good american leaders
    and patriotic public figures are warning us about this to happen
    but nobody pay attention and laughed of them.
    Now every body is concern and in panic. This is a proof and the moment for
    our leaders to take care of our the destiny. God protects us all and
    God protects America

  12. Carmen

    March 15, 2020 at 4:45 pm

    Sorry Tucker, but for someone with just a high school education you are truly stupidest guy on the news today. No one in the DEM has gone against Trump. He has done that to himself by first taking six months to inform the people of virus. Yes six months, then he tried to blame Obama for not doing any with the H1 flu. Which was began on April 24 and by April 26 Obama was on TV informing the public. Another thing that Trump did is tell the public that when the come April and it go warmer the virus would be gone. How stupid can Trump be to make such a statement. That and much more on live TV.

  13. DonRS

    March 15, 2020 at 5:36 pm

    “Going forward, our leaders ought to be certain we have enough medicine and tests and hospital beds, at least in case something awful happens unexpectedly – because it will.”

    How does Carlson propose such a thing might happen. Turn out produce and distribute more doctors, hospitals, hospital beds, millions of tests, and respirators, OVERNIGHT! Demanding the IMPOSSIBLE is simply HYSTERICAL. Carlson has been among the worst at creating panic!


    March 15, 2020 at 10:43 pm

    @Carmen and Nancy! Your stupidity is very apparent. You should try running for a N.Y. political office like a certain bartender. You’d be shoo-ins.

  15. William

    March 17, 2020 at 3:00 pm

    In response to Dr. Blumberg, there is a much simpler was to deal with any virus or other potential infections. A teaspoon of ordinary Baking Soda in an 8 to 10 oz glass of water teo to three times a day will adjust you body’s pH above 7.0. Ideally you want it to be 7.25 to 7.35. Virus’ cannot live in an alkaline environment. Additionally; take large doses of vitamin C (2000 – 3000mg and Echinacea (3 or 4 caplets) two or three times per day for a few days. Even if you are already feeling flu like symptoms, they will quickly fade. The Vitamin C and Echinacea will greatly increase your immune response.

  16. robert barrientos

    March 18, 2020 at 10:46 pm

    Call a Spade a Spade x Where did this Virus Originate and Who is Responsible – Sim Question that needs a Simple Answer

  17. Jay

    March 19, 2020 at 12:52 am

    Hey Carmen, Why don’t you have a wild discovery and actually find FACTS before you start spewing highly misinformed BS. NO ONE knew about this virus until the Doctor who was trying to warn people about it became sick with it. Then it was discovered that Chinese leadership had admonished the doctor and accused him of false reports. After the doctor became sick and the communist leadership could not hide it anymore, it was released to the west, as a NEW virus. Actually by that time it had been an active virus in China for weeks. The doctor died though so no one will get the truth from China. Now the fools on the left in America are doing everything they can think of to put the blame on President Trump. Anyone with eyes can clearly see that.

  18. Janice

    March 19, 2020 at 4:53 pm

    Hey Jay, Yes the doctor in China died but before he died there were many people in this country who knew about the virus and knew that viruses can travel. This president and his administration had at least three months to prepare but they did nothing. The clueless president told one of his hate rallies in South Carolina that the virus was a Democratic hoax. Later he told people that they should go to work and go shopping.
    In the time that he and his administration wasted we could have had enough testing kits to test everyone who needed one. We could have had more ventilators. But he didn’T do anything.
    The president lied when he said that if someone needs a test they can get one. Not true. There are many people in this country with the symptoms of the virus who cannot get the test because there aren’t enough tests.
    He lied when he said that the virus will end in April.
    There is only one person in this administration to trust and that is Dr. Anthony Fauci who has often contradicted this clueless president who to my knowledge has not exhibited any sense of compassion or empathy for the people who have contracted the virus, who have died and whose lives have been turned upside down by the virus. However, he hasn’t lost his talent for lying and insulting people. He does have a gift for that.

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Donald Trump

Every Trump supporter will be furious after hearing what Joy Behar accused them of on The View



The left-wing hosts of The View are some of the most vicious anti-Trump voices on television.

They are working overtime to try to destroy the President and his supporters with every airing of their terrible show.

And ever Trump supporter will be furious after hearing about what Joy Behar just accused them of.

The elitists on the Left just don’t understand why so many people support President Donald Trump.

After being dead-wrong about the election in 2016, they have done everything imaginable to shame those who voted for him.

The View has been especially vicious in their attacks, constantly labeling Trump supporters, which make up at least half the country, as racist bigots.

They constantly point to the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, VA to smear both Trump supporters and the President himself.

Following the racist event, President Trump publicly condemned those holding hateful beliefs on both sides of the event, making sure to specifically name Antifa, who was responsible for the violence at the event.

But while making that condemnation, he made sure to point out that not everyone protesting the event were violent, and not everybody attending the event was hateful, as many were simply there to protest the removal of a Robert E. Lee statue.

The left-wing media has completely ignored many of Trump’s comments on the event, and instead boiled everything down to him saying that there were “good people on both sides.”

And that’s exactly what Joy Behar did on The View, before taking things even further.

Not only did Behar push the lie about Trump’s response to Charlottesville, she went on to compare Americans who oppose continuing lockdowns to those racist protesters.

She started off discussing Trump praising lockdown protesters in state’s like Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New York.

“Nothing that he ever does that you know who does, nothing surprises me,” Behar began. “I’m certainly not surprised by this because let’s not forget when he called white supremacists and neo-Nazis in Charlottesville great people, quote/unquote. You know, it’s his M.O. To destroy the press because the press will tell you the truth and the truth hurts him in his re-election plan and, you know, he’s worried.”

Behar then goes on to allege that Trump admires dictators, specifically naming Adolph Hitler:

“He’s very worried that Joe Biden is pulling ahead. Not that this is anything new. He’s always been a denigrator of the truth calling the press the enemy of the people which is right out of Putin’s book and Stalin and Hitler and all the dictators that he admires so much.”

Behar is clearly out of her mind.

Do you think The View should be taken off the air?

Share your thoughts with Pants on Fire News in the comments below.

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Donald Trump

Donald Trump just embarrassed this CBS reporter in the best way possible



One of the things most Americans like about President Donald Trump is his no-nonsense approach to his job and his straight talking.

And they especially like the honestly brutal way he handles the Fake News Media.

And now Donald Trump just embarrassed this CBS reporter in the best way possible, proving he won’t be intimidated by media bullying.

The Fake News Media has had a very rough couple of few years.

First, they were taken completely by surprise in 2016 when Donald Trump beat their hand-picked candidate, Hillary Clinton.

Then, they realized newly elected President Trump was going to treat them as they deserve, as nothing more than the leftist Public Relations firm for Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats.

Though millions of Americans lost trust in the media decades ago, no president was ever willing to take them on.

But, now, the media was faced with a President who was going to tell the truth, something they can’t stand.

Take his latest exchange with one pitiful reporter.

Just 2 1/2 hours before the CBS Evening News experienced catastrophic technical difficulties that kept it from airing, CBS White House correspondent Paula Reid was flat-out embarrassed by President Trump.

The reporter, as part of the media’s never-ending crusade to “get” the President, asked a mind-numbingly stupid and arrogant question.

In her ridiculous inquiry, the intrepid report wondered what the White House will do to get unemployed Americans “back to work.”

“Mr. President,” Reid asked, “why haven’t you announced a plan to get 36 million unemployed Americans back to work? You’re overseeing historic economic despair. What’s the plan? Where’s the plan?”

Not surprisingly, President Trump, without missing a beat, or lifting a finger, snuffed out Reid’s nonsensical question, calling her “a rude person” and then quickly moved on to the next inquisitor, insisting “that’s enough for you.”

This exchange brought to mind other Trump clashes with media mouthpieces like the Washington Post’s Phil Rucker, NBCs self-described “journalist” Peter Alexander, and of course his classic exchanges with the always dimwitted and arrogant CNN reporter Jim Acosta.

President Trump is nothing, if not consistent, in his dealing with a media so out-of-control and leftist that they aren’t even sure how to proceed.

In the past, presidents and politicians would have tried to answer with a polite, respectful non-answer.

But not Trump!

Trump immediately chastised Reid as “just a rude person, you are” after replying that he has “announced a plan” and is “opening up our country.”

Apparently, Trump’s Opening Up America Again guidelines don’t count to this reporter.

“We’re opening up our country. We’re opening it up very fast. The plan is that each state is opening and it is opening up very effectively and you — when you see the numbers I think, even you will be impressed which is pretty hard to impress you,” he added.

Trump then quickly moved on to a question from Canadian journalist Richard Latendresse, but Reid rudely attempted to follow up.

“A lot of these jobs are not coming back,” Reid sneered.

Predictably, Trump wasn’t having it.

“Go ahead,” Trump told Latendresse before turning to Reid, “That’s enough for you.”

Share your thoughts about Trump’s handling of the media with Pants on Fire News in the comments below.

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Kayleigh McEnany had one message for CNN that had all hell breaking loose



The latest Fake News Media feeding frenzy came to an abrupt halt.

None of these so-called “reporters” had any idea what hit them.

That’s because Kayleigh McEnany had one message for CNN that had all hell breaking loose.

Fake news reporters lost their minds when Donald Trump announced that he was taking hydroxychloroquine to prevent coronavirus infection.

So-called “journalists” like Neil Cavuto and Joe Scarborough – as well as all the “experts” on fake news CNN – screamed that Trump was trying to kill people by pushing quack medicine.

Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany shut down this nonsense at the White House press briefing with a series of truths.

McEnany noted that the President was taking hydroxychloroquine in consultation with the White House physician and that the drug had been deemed safe by the FDA dating back decades.

Studies in France, Italy, and China also showed the drug’s promise in treating coronavirus.

In addition, McEnany called out fake news CNN host Chris Cuomo for taking a “less safe” version of hydroxychloroquine called quinine, which the FDA removed from the market back in 2006 due to the risks involved.

The uproar over hydroxychloroquine was another example of how the Fake News Media just opposes whatever Donald Trump says or does.

So-called “reporters” would rather see hydroxychloroquine fail to successfully treat coronavirus than Donald Trump be right about its potential as a therapeutic.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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