Tucker Carlson exposed the dark truth about Joe Biden’s shockingly bad debate performance

Joe Biden crashed and burned on the debate stage against Donald Trump.

The debate fallout has thrown the Democrat Party into flux.

And Tucker Carlson exposed the dark truth about Biden’s shockingly bad debate performance.

Biden collapses

The bar was low for Joe Biden’s debate performance against Donald Trump.

All he had to do was look and sound competent for 90 minutes, and he failed miserably.

Biden was so bad that Democrat Party elites have openly discussed removing him from the top of the ticket.

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson made one of the most astute observations about the reaction to Biden’s debate.

He essentially argued that Democrats are hypocrites for supposedly fighting on behalf of democracy while trying to force out a democratically elected president.

Carlson, who’s currently on a speaking tour, told an audience in Sydney, Australia, “[W]hat was especially amazing was after they went to the panel of assembled democratic operatives posing as journalists [on CNN], and all of them are, like, shocked to discover that Joe Biden has dementia. Like, they couldn’t believe it. What? Oh my gosh, he’s non compos mentis. No way. Are you serious?”

He also recounted a story he broke at Fox News that Biden’s sister told Carlson’s neighbor that Biden has dementia.

Carlson continued, “It was 2019 that I heard from a friend of mine who’s friends with his sister Val, that the family was very upset because Joe has dementia and he’s running for president.”

Despite Biden’s condition, the Democrats had nobody better to run against Trump because the rest of the field was either too outwardly radical or too obscure.

“So they had to go to Joe Biden and he actually became the nominee and then somehow became the president,” Carlson said. “And. . .it was obvious the whole time that he had no idea where he was and that it was cruel and that his grasping, horrible wife who, like, poses as a doctor was pushing this so she could go to state dinners. And everyone knew this. . .”

The Democrat Media Complex has known this, but tried to bury it.

Carlson added, “So remember that our media are not just observers of reality or describers of reality. . .they’re the gatekeepers to reality. You don’t know what the world looks like, except through them. Like, they are the pipeline through which all information flows. In the United States, their political actors. They work for a political party, in effect—if not officially—they all work for the Democratic Party. And the Democratic Party. . .has one mission this season, which is to save democracy. . .”

The Democrat oligarchs

Carlson said that a handful of elites are effectively running the party.

He explained, “[Y]ou can try to convince people of things. . .But you can’t ignore them, or else it’s not a democracy. It’s an oligarchy.”

Carlson exposed the fact that the leadership class is essentially an oligarchy.

“And all of a sudden today, these defenders of democracy are, like, ‘Well, I mean, obviously, Joe Biden’s got Alzheimer’s, and he’s super unpopular. He can’t win, therefore, we need to replace him.’ And it’s, like, wait a second. He was already elected in the biggest landslide ever. I don’t know if you knew that. Like, he got over a billion votes,” gibed Carlson.

He next pointed out that Biden just won the primary.

“Democratic primary voters just. . .cast a ballot for him. But because he might not win against the Orange Man, we need to take his job away from him by force, and let the donors put someone in there who can beat the Orange Man. Because that’s democracy.”

What’s even more amazing is that all of this is playing out in the open.

Axios ran a headline that said the “Biden oligarchy will decide fate.”

They are openly using words like oligarchy.

Everybody can see what’s going on, and the American people are just supposed to accept it.

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